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All about FAU-G (Fauji) Game Download | Android (apk,playstore), iOS | Indian PUBG by Akshay Kumar

UPDATE : After a long wait, the nCORE games has finally launched the Fauji Game grandly on the eve of the Republic Day.

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Akshay Kumar with ncore games has launched FAUG Game on the eve of Independence day. Besides the entertainment in the game, the gamers can also know about the accomplishments of Indian Soldiers. The developers also announced that 20% of the revenue to the Brave Indian Soldiers for Bharatke Veer Trust, the government initiative for the fundraising for the army and other security forces.

FAU G – Fearless and United: Guards

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FAU-G (Fauji) Game Download | Android (apk,playstore), iOS | Indian PUBG by Akshay Kumar

In this article, we explain to you about the FAU-G Game, the Procedure to Download the game in Android ( apk, playstore) and iOS and Indian PUBG by Akshay Kumar. Before few days from the official launch, the developer of the game i.e. ncore games made the preregistration available for all android mobiles with version 8 or above. Here is the tweet :

Indian PUBG by Akshay Kumar

In response to the government’s initiation, Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar has promoted, which is said to the Indian version of PUBG. He took a step forward and shared a promotional tweet about the Indian PUBG Game on Twitter.

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You can get both of these files easily from any friend or relative of yours, who are already playing this game on their Android phones. They need to install any “app to apk” backup app and file manager. Once they backup the game file on their device, you can get it from them and then finally you need to get the “OBB Data” for the game from them too. Then, you can start playing Faug on your android phone

How to Download FAU-G ( Fauji) Game on iOS Mobile

Update : The developer of FAUG game, “Studio n Core Pvt. Limited” didn’t share details regarding availability of FAUG game on iOS. Once made available, the process to download & install will be :

Visit the Apple Store on your iOS Mobile Device.It opens up the Home Page of the Apple Store on your device.In the Search Box, enter the Fauji App Download.It then displays the Fauji App on the iOS mobile screen.Click the Install Button on the Fauji App.Now the Fauji App is installed successfully on your mobile.

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FAUJI Game Download Links

FAU-G (Fauji) Game Download FAQ

The government’s objective, the launch of the FAU-G ( Fauji) Game, is to make the citizens aware of brave Indian soldiers’ accomplishments.

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