Free Fire has grown from strength lớn strength in the last few years, và updates have been a contributing factor to lớn this immense success.

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The Free Fire OB27 update is just around the corner, & Garemãng cầu has released the patch notes for the same.

The update is undoubtedly one of the most significant ones as it will bring in multiple new features & alterations lớn the game.

This article sheds light on all the changes that will be added in the upcoming update.

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Free Fire OB27 update patch notes

Following are the patch notes for the Free Fire OB27 update:

Clash Squad

Rank Season 6Clash Squad Season 6 starts April 15, 2:30 PM IST (+5:30 GMT)Players will be receiving ‘The Golden M500’ for reaching Gold III và aboveDynamic Store

There will be multiple sets of stores in Clash Squad, one of which will be chosen for both teams for the entiree match. The following stores will be available in Clash Squad:

Store AlphaStore BetaStore CharlieStore DeltaStore Mysterious (Casual Only)New MapBermuda Remastered now available in Clash Squad (Casual và Rank).Weapon AttachmentsWeapons & attachments are now permanently attached together in Clash Squad.Dynamic PlayzoneFinal Playzone Adjustment for Clash Squad. Garena will be making each circle slightly different each round.

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Battle Royale (Classic)

Vending MachineThe Vending Machine’s location will now be visible on the map. Playzone damage will no longer interrupt them.The Vending Machine will be available on all the maps.Revival PointThe Revival Point is now available on all maps.Revive sầu mechanism now available in Battle Royale - Casual.

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Training Grounds

Boxing RingBoxing Ring now available in the Training Grounds.OptimizationsAdded rankings for the Target Arcade.Players can now add each other as friends in the Social Zone.Lowered weapon sound for the Social Zone.Added battle stats in the Combat Zone.

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Weapon and Balances

New Weapon: Kord (New Weapon Available in Battle Royale & Clash Squad_Base Damage: 35Rate of Fire: 0.21Magazine: 80Attachment Slot: ScopeCan crouch khổng lồ activate Machinegun Mode.FAMAS - Weapon Stats AdjustmentBase Damage: 28 -> 30Minimum Damage: 11-> 12Burst Speed: +11%Recoil Build Up: +20%UMP.. - Weapon Stats AdjustmentBase Damage: 24->25Rate of Fire: -5%Precise Shots: +1Accuracy: +25%Moving Accuracy: +13%Movement Speed While Shooting: +21%FF Knife - Weapon Stats AdjustmentDamage lớn downed enemies +80.MAG-7 - Weapon Stats AdjustmentAccuracy: +8%Accuracy While Moving: +4%Max Recoil: -14%Vector - Weapon Stats AdjustmentHeadshot Multiplier: 550%->400%Effective range in Akimbo: -10%Recoil in Akimbo: +10%Max Recoil in Akimbo: +50%Reload Speed: -25%Removed the muzzle attachment slot.Magazine Size: 30->25M82B - Weapon Stats AdjustmentBallistic Rounds: Extra damage to Vehicles, barrels, and Gloo Walls: 1->0.6Damage multiplier to players behind Gloo Walls: 0.8 -> 0.6M14 - Weapon Stats AdjustmentMinimum Damage: 25->30Flashbang - Stats AdjustmentPlayers can now cook the Flashbang.Flash Duration: 8->2.2Smoke Grenade - Stats AdjustmentIncrease the tốc độ of smoke blooming.Throw distance increased.Now available in the Battle Royale Mode via airdrops.Machine Gun Mode - Available for All Machine Guns

Machine Gun Mode can be activated while crouching và proning.

Machine Gun Mode: M60: Rate of Fire: +28%M249: Damage +5Kord: Rate of Fire: +5%, 3 shots will be shot at once.

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Loadout MenuNew loadout menu now available.Heroic Emblem
Heroic Emblem now available.

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Players can now see others’ active skill while spectating.Attempt khổng lồ fix a bug where no damages are dealternative text on hit.Optimized the in-game HUD menu.Rank interface now supported in team lobby.Players can now report inappropriate behavior in world chat.The Emote, Pet Emote, Prone, Ping, và Legendary Costume button can now be hidden on the HUD thực đơn.


Apart from that, there are several other optimizations that have sầu been made khổng lồ Garemãng cầu Free Fire with the patch. Players can cliông chồng here lớn read the complete patch notes of the Free Fire OB27 update.

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Also, players will receive sầu rewards for simply downloading the update & opening Free Fire.

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