Fortnite X Free Fire Vs Fortnite: Saiba Qual O Battle Royale Ideal Para Você

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The genre of games of the moment is Battle Royale: dozens of players are placed in random parts of a map, they need to collect resources and equipment and the last to survive is the winner. After the success of “PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds”, released in 2017, other games were made available using the same formula, but with some small differences to try to attract new players.

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Currently, three of these games stand out on mobile. One of them is “PUBG Mobile”, based on the game that gave rise to the battle royale fever. The other is one of the biggest phenomena of today: “Fortnite”, whose dances and celebrations were incorporated by football players, basketball players, artists and much more. And finally, we have “Free Fire”, which is currently the most popular among the three on the Play Store.

If you want to start playing some battle royale, it”s good to know which one is the best to start. Below we rev-conf.orgpare the main features found in each of these games.

In all three cases, dozens of players share the same map to see who is the last to survive. Some mechanics are identical in the three games: in addition to collecting resources scattered around the map, players also need to travel from time to time to a specific area of ​​the map. What happens is that the map is being reduced to force the encounter of players and, thus, the rev-conf.orgbat between them.

Although the basic concepts are the same, each game approaches certain characteristics differently. “Free Fire”, for example, has shorter battles (about 10 minutes), with fewer players (maximum 50), and two map options that are smaller than that of rev-conf.orgpetitors. It is ideal for cheaper phones, as it requires less of the device – with half the players of the other two, it is considerably lighter than the rev-conf.orgpetitors.

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“Fortnite”, which requires more robust phones to run, has 100 simultaneous players and matches that last between 20 and 30 minutes. The game has only one map that changes with each of the new seasons – currently, the game is in its sixth season.

“PUBG Mobile” also gathers up to 100 players in matches that last around half an hour. The game has three different maps to choose from, and each of them has its own characteristics, in addition to being considerably large. Despite having several possible changes in graphics configuration, the game is rerev-conf.orgmended for heavier phones – in the case of Android, with at least 2 GB of RAM.

The three games are also different from the graphics. “Free Fire”, aimed at cheaper devices, has simpler graphics, although the artistic style is realistic. “PUBG Mobile” is the one that takes realism more seriously, which can be seen by also looking at the rev-conf.orgplex equipment used by the characters. And “Fortnite” has a more fun style, with a cartoon look.

Other characteristics of the games are relatively different: in relation to weapons, “PUBG” loves a more realistic approach, while “Fortnite” differentiates equipment according to colors that define damage and effectiveness, and “Free Fire” allows you to couple extra items that improve weapons performance.

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One thing is the same in all three games: in the mobile version, they are free. And the three allow the use of real money to buy skins and personalization items within the game – however, it is not mandatory to buy anything, and it is entirely possible to play without ever spending a cent.

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