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a game by Capcom
Genre: Fighting Games


Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 reviews
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The popular Final Fight series now has a new addition, Final Fight 3. Capcom definitely kept the lo.ok and feel of the original side-scroller while making some distinct changes to the game. Retained from the older versions are the street debris.

Punching items like oil drums and garbage cans will reward players with health, points and weapons. In addition, the stages in Final Fight 3 are all side-scrolling and maintain the same look and feel of the previous Final Fight games in which contestants must fight through streets, alleys and busses.

On the improved side, Capcom added two new fighters. Dean and Lucia, to the Final Fight roster and removed Cody. Both Dean and Lucia have two Special Moves as opposed to Haggar and Guy. Lucia”s fighting technique is similar to Chun Li, using her strong legs and helicopter kick. Dean is a cross between Haggar and Guy, having the strength of Haggar and agility similar to Guy”s.

Unlike its three predeces sors. Final Fight 3 gives the player a choice of four characters to choose from: Haggar, Guy, Dean and Lucia. Each of the characters” special moves are done by a certain button and pad movement similar to the Street Fighter series. The command moves vary greatly from character to character and can be used to finish a deadly combo. Another addition to Final Fight 3 that was not in the previous games is the Super Meter. Just like the Street Fighter series, The Super Meter is charged up by hitting the enemy. Once charged and blinking, you can use your Super Special Move.

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Each of the characters has a wide variety of moves that can be pulled off. depending on the situation. Using the dash and hitting the punch button is a good quick attack to knock the enemy down. From a grab, the character can throw him on the ground and punch him in the gut, pull off a backbreaker smash the enemy on your knee and more. It”s important to learn each character”s combo for maximum effectiveness.

Strategy plays a key element in this game, believe it or not. The most effective way to take off as much energy as possible is to use a combo. Start with a punch or two and finish with your special move. When grabbing ana inrowing the enemies, kill birds with one stone and throw them at other enemies on the screen. Use your Super Special Move wisely and attack an enemy with a decent amount of life. Lastly, before attempting a combo, make sure no enemies are behind you waiting to take a cheap shot. The game is a good balance of new and old. The new characters, special moves. Super Meter and levels combined with the control and look of the original make this game a winner.


Final Fight has a new option that we haven”t seen before, Auto 2 Play. Now, for the first time, a person can team up with the computer to go against the baddies. This allows you to have a two-player simultaneous game with just one player. You have the ability to choose your character, the character the computer controls and the strength of the computer”s character. Finally, all those who have no one else to game with can now play a two-player game with the computer. Very cool!


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Fighting the Bosses can be a serious pain, so here are some general tips that can help you take “em down. When you know you”re near the end of the stage, save your Super Special for the Boss. Use the enemies around the Boss to your advantage: beat them up to build up your Super Meter and throw them into the Boss.

Lastly, remember Bosses can be grabbed just like any other enemy, so grab them and build a combo by throwing a couple punches and using your Special Move or a throw. Using these strategies can give you the edge over any Mid-Boss or Boss. Good luck!

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