Final Fight 3 Snes Cheats, Codes, And Secrets For Super Nintendo

Debug mode: Press Select + Start at the Capcom screen before the logo disappears. Note: For the PAL version of the game, hold Select and power on the SNES. The “Debug Mode” screen will appear after the Capcom logo. Some options require the following steps to be activated.

L+R Recovery (refill energy): Press L + R during game play. Opening Select (view animations): Press Select during the introduction sequence. Stage Select Hold L while selecting any character. X Enemy Clash (kill all enemies): Press X during game play.

Carlos: Start a game with only one player, then press Start exactly it signals you to start playing. Then, press Y(3), Up, Down, L, R, A, B, Y(2), X, Select. The sound of a punch will confirm correct code entry. Carlos will jump in.

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Easy Stage 3: In stage 3, break all the windows in the first screen.

Hint: Finding hidden rooms: A closed door could indicate a hidden room. Throw someone at the door to break it open. It could contain items or be a shortcut.

Hint: Take the bus: At the last part of round 3, there is a bus sign. A bus symbol is on the sign.

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Below it is M25, and below that is a route on the sign. Do not break this sign. After you complete the round, a bus will appear pick you up.

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Hint: Super moves: When your “Super” meter is full and the word “SUPER” is displayed at the bottom of the screen, you can do one of the corresponding button combos for the indicated character. Note: To “glide” on the controller, use the following as an example. To glide from Forward to Down, press Foward and while holding in that direction, smoothly and quickly move you thumb to Down.

Guy: Super Gut Blows First, grab your opponent from the front. Glide the controller Forward to Down, then press Attack (Y). This is a powerful move, usable only when bar is flashing “SUPER”. Guy punches the enemy multiple times then throws a fire blast. The punches only hit one person, but the fire blast can hit them multiple times. Dean: Super Thunder Slam Glide the controller Down to Up, then press Attack (Y). Dean grabs the enemy and his hand glows. He then does an electric choke slam, and leaps into the air with the enemy and slams them again, damaging everyone on the screen with the downstroke. Haggar: Super The Slamfest Glide the controller Forward to Down + Attack (Y) when you have grabbed enemy from the front. Haggar tosses them into the air, does an inverted suplex, jumps back up, then does a Super SPD. Lucia: SuperSuper Kick Outside grapple; You may have to glide control and not Down(2), Forward + Attack Super Kick. You must do this move outside a grapple, so it is hard to connect . She does a combo, a rising bird kick, then a flame kick.

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