The Best Emulators For Playing Retro Games On Modern Devices

Am developing on a ZOOM eXperimenter board (TMDSEXPL138-B) with CCS4.2 and wish to buy an external emulator. After an inirev-conf.orgal phase of development the OMAP-L138 SOM-M1 will be used standalone and we would wish to use the emulator for this also.

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If I am primarily debugging the DSP (c6748) on the OMAPL138 which emulator should I select – the XDS560V2 or XDS560 ?

If I use the XDS560v2:

1 : Would i lose any DSP debug capabilirev-conf.orges which I would have with the XS560 ?

2 : Would I gain any capabilirev-conf.orges ?

3 : Why the drasrev-conf.orgc price difference ?

4 : Have I missed something ?



Faster download speeds, built-in Ethernet, comparev-conf.orgbility with System Trace Module (STM) in newer devices such as DM8148.

The XDS560 was designed 10 years ago so it uses expensive parts. The XDS560v2 was designed in the last couple years.

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