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Arcade machines are a significant part of gaming history that interest in them remains high. This interest is mostly attributed to the experience and thrill of playing the classics in their intended form and setting. However, amid the pandemic more and more entertainment exists in the cloud, including virtual arcades and quarter arcades that bring coin-operated history home.

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The Nintendo Switch has become increasingly more difficult to get due to constraints in supply-chains and the economy. It does not help that demand for the portable console has also skyrocketed because people want to entertain themselves during the lockdown around the world. However, there are still retailers with stock for the cheaper Nintendo Switch Lite.


The Mario Movie is scheduled to be in theatres by 2022. Nintendo president has said work on the movie is moving along at a reasonable pace and plans to be in theatres on time. The film is an attempt by Nintendo to offer a new form of entertainment with its characters. The Mario games are some of the most iconic in gaming history so Nintendo hopes it would have a similar effect in the movie industry.


Under the hood, the Nintendo Switch console is essentially a gaming device made of smartphone components. The only difference between the Switch and a high-end smartphone are its slide on controllers and its association with a gaming giant. Switchroot is a group that got a build of Android running on Nintendo”s console, which gives access to the Play Store and millions of apps.

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Tate Multimedia is developing Urban Trial Tricky which is an exclusive game for Nintendo”s console in super-smooth 60fps. This new game brings familiar tricks and racing as the Urban Trial Freestyle game on the 3DS. The game is expected to be released this summer and is based in a cartoon themed city with three modes, multiple levels, and with optional modifications.


Nintendo”s console sales increase because of the hit title, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game is a life simulation which lets players escape to a deserted island and create their own world. Nintendo expects to sell around 20 million Switch consoles and 150 million Switch games this year. The large portion of these sales can be attributed to hit titles that appeal to a wide audience of gamers.

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