Android Oreo version 8.0 has been officially released by Google lớn all compatible and supported Android smartphone & tablet devices và currently, it’s limited khổng lồ Pixel và Nexus mobile phones. But now it doesn"t matter if you"re an Android developer or a general public user, now you too can experience all lademo Android Oreo Features và Functions on an incompatible and unsupported device as well i.e. Your Computer (PC) or Laptop (API Level 26). Yes! It’s now possible to lớn Install and Run Android 8 on PC via Emulator using Android Studio software available for Windows and macOS provided by Google itself.

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It"s the best way for Android developers khổng lồ Test và Run Android Apps and Play Games on the latest APIs provided by Android Oreo v8.0 without owning physical Android-powered điện thoại thông minh or tablet device, whereas Android general users can explore all new features of Android Oreo v8.0 after running a full-fledged live Android Oreo on computers và laptops. So let"s start this useful guide và tutorial on How lớn Install Android 8.0 Oreo on a Computer via Emulator using Android Studio tool.

How lớn Set-Up and Run Android 8 Oreo Emulator on PC / Laptop
Step #1: Download Java Tools from HERE (Select JDK & JRE compatible with your PC), & install it on your system.Step #2: Download Android Studio 2.3.3 package from HERE, and install it on your computer.Step #3: xuất hiện Android Studio software & create a new Android Development project. Now navigate to lớn Tools >> Android >> AVD Manager from the top menu.Step #4: After that, you will need khổng lồ create a new Virtual Device for Android Oreo v8.0. Now within AVD Manager, Cliông xã on "Create Virtual Device" button.Step #5: On next screen, you need lớn select your device to emulate. Choose "Pixel" device to lớn get lathử nghiệm Android 8.0 Oreo Emulator on your PC or you can also select "Nexus 5X" or "Nexus 6P.. After device selection, cliông xã "Next".

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Step #6: On next page, you will be asked to lớn select Android OS Version. Here select "Android O or Oreo" và make sure API Level 26 is appearing on the right information panel, now press "Finish".Step #7: To begin Android 8.0 Oreo System Image downloading và installation, select "Accept", & press "Next".Step #8: After downloading and extraction process finishes, cliông chồng on "Finish" button.Step #9: Now Android Studio will display System Image screen again, just select "Android O or Oreo" to lớn ensure its showing API Level 26.Step #10: After that, Android Emulator will ask a name for your AVD, just enter any name & press "Finish".

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Step #11: Now khổng lồ run the Android 8.0 Oreo on Your PC, just select your newly created Android Virtual Device name on an Android Virtual Device Manager screen, và press the "Green Play Button" under actions tab. Now the emulator will start Android 8.0 Oreo within few seconds & welcome you with the home page screen. Congratulation!! You"re done.
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