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Electrolux Professional W565H

Electrolux sets high standards in the laundry industry with its top-quality professional machines, including Electrolux Professional W565H. The unit is designed to suit all customer needs easily.

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The company focuses on designing flexible and effective solutions with excellence in mind. Use this unit to improve the productivity, ergonomics, and functionality of your laundry operations.

Electrolux W565H features

Find out more about potential W565H benefits:

Door with strong hinged and gaskets to withstand all heavy-duty operations;Automatic Savings when the unit isn’t fully loaded;Galvanized and stainless steel in all parts for efficient rust protection;Very low energy and water consumption;Power Balance to maximize the extraction force;Effective dewatering and increased savings in drying;Wash program packages to optimize time, performance, and economy;Reduced stress on machines for trouble-free operations;Low vibrations for installing the unit in all locations;4-compartment detergent box to dose detergents manually;Increased lifetime and high hygiene;Creating a more convenient laundry environment;Compass Pro microprocessor;Weighing the linen to adjust the amount of energy and water based on a particular load;Supplied with a drain pump;Improved ergonomics and efficiency;Heavy-duty stainless steel front panel;One control knob and a large display to choose programs with ease;Automated liquid detergent supply;Increased savings on regular utility bills;Language selection for extra user convenience;Connection to payment or booking systems and a coin meter;Fast option and selection buttons for the most popular washing programs and settings;Sturdy stainless steel construction for added durability;Compliance with the highest industry standards and requirements.

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Electrolux W565H price

Are you shopping for a reasonable price? Maran Projekt GmbH is your best choice because it offers great savings, thanks to affordable prices on Electrolux Professional W565H. They can suit any customer budget with ease.

It’s an authorized distributor with a solid reputation and vast expertise in this field. The company specializes in shipping high-quality appliances to different countries. Customers are guaranteed to get such benefits as fast delivery and high performance.

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