All The Aladdin Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Arabian nights, like Arabian daysssss more often than not have Easter Eggs in a lot of good ways. No? Okay, well I”m no Alan Menken, but I am an expert Easter Egg spotter and all around Disney expert. Especially if we are talking Renaissance Disney. Aladdin has flown on his magic carpet into theaters everywhere and along with him a lot of fun hidden gems and callbacks.

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Aladdin Easter Eggs

Lyric Change: In Arabian Nights, “its barbaric but hey its home”changed to “its chaotic but hey its home.”

The Cave Of Wondersisvoiced by Frank Weller. Frank Weller also voiced them in the original animated film.

One of Jafar”s picks to go into the Cave of Wonders is swallowed whole.


Rajah attacks the Prince

A Whole New World music is heard playing when Aladdin stares at Jasmine.

Abu goes after the red jewel signaling the Cave of Wonders to attack.

Carpet saves Aladdin.

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Genie Hand with Puppet Strings

Genie dresses as Flight Attendant.

Magic Carpet doesThe Carlton, made famous in The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

Outside the Cave

The images on the scrollof Genie, Sultan, andAladdin, resemble their animated counterparts. I like to think of this as their homage to Robin Williams.


Inside the Palace

Genie”s servant outfit is a nod to the Broadway Aladdin Genie.


Jasmine sees through the Prince Ali disguise when he says Do You Trust Me? She also uses a statement about Abu to get Aladdin to fess up.

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During A Whole New World, they fly over the The Pridelands of the upcoming The Lion King movie. The live action remakes all have Easter Eggs of the other live action remakes. Kinda like an Easter Egg inside of an Easter Egg.


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