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Đang xem: Earthbound

a game by Unknown, HAL Laboratory, and Ape, Inc.
Genre: Adventure/RPG




Editor Rating: 6.4/10, based on 9 reviews
User Rating: 8.2/10 – 41 votes
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This is the town of Threex where you will spend a lot of time in the beginning of the game. A lot of places won”t be accessible in the beginning. Don”t get too frustrated because there has got to be a flag somewhere–you just haven”t triggered it yet. Pay attention to what people say (especially people who might be blocking your way), for they might tell you what you need to do next. Keep yourself high on healing items and sell what you don”t need.


The story line in this game is very intense. Some of our editors are saying that the story line is better than FF3″s. While I don”t know about that, I”ll tell you this: The story line is going to make you want to play the game until you beat it. This is yet another RPG that is going to keep you up late on weeknights and all weekend long. This game was originally called Mother 2 in Japan and was a hit over there. The people at Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo of America got together on the translation of this game to make it based more toward our culture. The effort is very evident in the game play.

Who would ever have thought you”d read something like that while playing your Super NES. For that matter, who would have thought you”d see blood from Nintendo. This game is full of sick little human expulsions like that. There are all kinds of disgusting sound effects and such. One of the Bosses belches crud at you and does some hellacious damage. Very unlike Nintendo.

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The humor in this game is unexpected, but clearly evident. The game is actually fun to sit down and play because not only do you get hours of fun from playing it, but you also laugh a lot (a nice surprise). This game has been coming for a long time now. You can tell they really put their all into the game. This may be a Japanese game originally, but you can”t tell by playing it.


When I first got a look at this game, I laughed out loud. It looked like it could have been done on a Nintendo, and that was all the thought I gave it. It wasn”t until I sat down and gave the game more than a onceover that I realized this was no NES game.


The story line is definitely what makes this one a winner. This game wouldn”t be nearly as good without it.


Graphic intensity! The graphics are nothing to get excited about, and I think that could hurt this game. People might look at the back of the box and then put it down, not giving it a fair chance.

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I think so. This is a game that most people young and old (not too old) can enjoy. This definitely isn”t just a kiddie game. If you play this game for more than an hour, you”ll most likely be hooked, which is a rarity with games nowadays.

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