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Redevelopment of PMCH .rev-conf.org News Letter Issue 2 .rev-conf.org News Letter Issue 1 . Procurement Manual . Stoông xã Details Drug Rate Contract . Reagent Rate Contract . Medical Device / Consumable Rate Contract . Equipment Rate Contract .

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E-Aushadhi has been developed for procurement of drugs, surgical và sutures at the Corporation màn chơi thereby streamlining the procurement process for Essential và Local supplies. It is a website based application which deals with the management of stock of various drugs, sutures and surgical items. Through this application one can ascertain the needs of various hospitals of the state such that all the required materials/ drugs are constantly available khổng lồ be supplied without delay. This includes classification/categorization of items, codification of items, etc.

Currently the E-Aushadhi system is being used for the centralised procurement, management of stoông xã và distribution of drugs till the cấp độ of the medical college và hospitals of the state and the three Warehouses of rev-conf.org situated at Purnea, Muzaffarpur & Fatuha.

The E-Aushadhi system has many quality features lượt thích it generates instant alerts as soon as the minimum stoông chồng cấp độ of any drug gets breached. Reports of drugs which are khổng lồ expire in the next 90 and 180 days can be generated from the system which enables the right action lớn be taken at the right time.

Some of the important features of the E-Aushadhi system are as below:

Budget Allotment

Allotment of Budget by GoB khổng lồ rev-conf.org.Linking of budget with the Supply Order & Payment Module.

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Tender / Bid Processing (For Essential và Local items)

Bid Document preparationCapture Invitation & Advertisement of Bid detailsBid IssuanceBid ReceiptsSingle or Two Bid Evaluation Mechanism (Technical & Financial)Currency Conversion of BidsPrice Negotiation và MatchingSelection of L1 supplierContract Awarding

Supply Order Issuance và Delivery Schedule

Normal / Rate ContractsGeneration of Distribution scheduleOrder Amendment & CancellationDirect linkage with Warehouse Information System for monitoring the Supply statusLinking with the Bill Processing Module for payment releaseMonitoring the Executed và Unexecuted Orders

Inspection và Quality Assurance

Provision for Post Dispatch Quality Assurance.Common Batch Elimination mechanism to avoid duplication of samples being retestedItems, whose samples are drawn at warehouses for testing purpose, will not be available for issuance till the QA thử nghiệm result is successful.Provision to capture Test resultsProvision lớn Freeze / Ređiện thoại tư vấn Items centrallyStoông xã Maintenance of Samples issuedAutomatic linking with the Payment Module

Warehouse Information System

Receipts from Suppliers based on Supply OrdersInter warehouse Transfers of itemsIssue lớn Facilities, QAShortages / DamagesSpecial Issues, Special Receipts, Return from facilities, Return khổng lồ Suppliers, và Return from QAFreeze / Ređiện thoại tư vấn items

Supply monitoring:Facilitates view of information of suppliers pertaining to

Order PlacedOrder ExecutedOrder pending for executionInvoices raised for paymentsInvoices paidInvoices yet khổng lồ be paid

Stoông chồng Monitoring

All Transactions (Inward và Outward) at the Warehouses are captured at the H.O.Details pertaining to lớn Delayed Supply, Discrepancy in Ordered Quantity, Damaged Supply are obtained.Up-to-date Stock positions of all authorities are arrived at.Inter-Warehouses transferConsumption Pattern Study and linkage lớn Forecasting ModuleLinkage with Bill Processing Module for effecting PaymentsCalculation of Stoông chồng availability in months -Warehouses wiseMonitoring Time Expiry ItemsThe system maintains all the details of Utilization such as Item wise utilization, warehouse wise utilization.

Bill Payment Processing

Invoice entry và verification processDirect linkage with the Warehouse Information System và Quality Control Module for verifying the receipts & test results

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Direct linkage with the Order processing module for verifying the SO detailsProvision for holding the amount against each invoiceProvision lớn Add/Deduct taxes against invoicesProvision for adding Advance PaymentsGeneration of Sanction Order for release of paymentsProvision for releasing partial payments

Management Information System

Budget Utilization và Payment Summary ReportsNil Stoông xã ReportCurrent Stochồng ReportSupply Order Summary ReportExpired Item ReportStock Reconciliation ReportReceipt / Issue Detail ReportExpiry By Month Report

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