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DraStic DS Emulator
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February 2, 2021 (3 months ago)

Mod from me based on the lachạy thử version from Google Play.

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What has been done:– Cleaned up resources.– Cleaned và optimized code.– Completely cleaned out everything related lớn Google from the code.– Disabled services that prevented the application from sleeping và thus consumed battery power.– New high-quality virtual gamepad skins.– Many new shaders from the archive sầu from – SDRewenD– Translated into Russian from – • WildWind •

Install cleanly, because digital signature: testkey will not be installed over the original.

As in the original.Processor architectures: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a.

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Nintenvì DS is one of the publisher’s most popular platforms. So far, this console system is no longer popular. If you want lớn play, you have khổng lồ mix it up on an Android smartphone only. To bởi this, the DraStic DS Emulator offers the best experience. It has received a lot of good prices since its launch to the present time.


Play games at top speed

For older games lượt thích this, you need lớn create a simulated environment for it khổng lồ work. A device that does not operate properly with a pre-programmed feature will often not work properly. However, the DraStic DS Emulator minimizes this by moderating unnecessary tasks. As a result, the application has a very light capađô thị & the data does not need to go through too many intermediate steps. Gaming speed has also been significantly increased, even with mid-range smartphones.


Increase the cấp độ of graphics of 3D games

On the Nintenvị DS has displayed old 3D games. These games of course do not have sầu the same AAA graphics quality as the well-invested games these days. However, compared lớn the time when it was released, it was also much better than the names of the same era. With high-kết thúc quad-core devices, players are allowed to enjoy the very best of this gaming machine. They can double the resolution of these 3D games. Thanks to lớn a large number of pixels on the screen & the power system, you can play games without any visual issues.


Easily customize your screen, let you play whatever game you like

Controlling a character in a game is not easy. Basically, a handheld console as Nintenbởi vì DS uses a completely different MFi controller system. Simulating on a điện thoại thông minh makes it more difficult khổng lồ see what’s happening on the screen. In addition, with different smartphones, the ratio screen is also diverse. You have khổng lồ play games on these devices which will sometimes create unpleasant deviations. That is, game display sometimes is not in the center of the screen or the screen does not show all that is happening. Just vì chưng a few taps in the settings, players can make everything fit for themselves & their devices.


Playing games with any kind of add-on controller is okay

As mentioned above sầu, playing games with virtual buttons will be very inconvenient because they take up a part of the game screen display. This makes the gaming feel not intact like when playing on the real Nintenvị DS. If you are a serious bạn, there should be an add-on controller. At the moment, gamepads lượt thích these are quite easy to lớn buy in the market. Just attach it directly lớn your device via the connector to get an external controller. Then you can play the game without getting stuông xã. The “DraStic DS Emulator” takes on the full spectrum of gamepads sold on the market. Even gaming phones lượt thích Nvidia Shield và Xperia Playn are fully supported on their physical controllers.


Save states keeps you playing without interruptions

Really, for a gamer not to lớn continue what’s halfway is a bad experience. “DraStic DS Emulator” doesn’t let that happen thanks lớn the data synchronization system. You can play on your personal Android device and then freely log in to any other device that can continue playing at the checkpoint. This point at first glance looks lượt thích the feature of an online game. Convenience allows your progression in each game much faster. Furthermore, all of your databases can also be uploaded lớn Google Drive space. You can even save for many years and keep playing. Anything that is protected on Google will certainly never be lost.


Are the games too difficult? Cheat codes are help

Cheat codes are a familiar term for gamers. Offline gamers are more and more familiar with them. This is an unnecessary help if you are playing the lachạy thử games at the moment. New games will usually have sầu a connection lớn the main server so they cannot cheat anymore. But, old games on the Nintenbởi DS can. Besides, games lượt thích this often serve sầu those who are looking to relive their good times. At times like that, they just need khổng lồ go through the scenes that they experienced many years ago. Cheat codes will help make their gameplay a few times faster. In addition, actually, sometimes there will be challenges that are so difficult that they have sầu never passed. This is also the time to lớn use tricks.

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The nội dung of the application is unrelated to lớn the Nintenbởi publisher

DraStic DS Emulator is a custom made product, not related lớn Nintenvì chưng at all. Therefore, the game data that you need to lớn tìm kiếm on the internet by yourself. On the contrary, it can read data from all sources so you don’t need to worry. They are all freely available online with a variety of sources. It only takes the patience khổng lồ find a complete & reliable source.

You are now ready to download DraStic DS Emulator for không lấy phí. Here are some notes:

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