Super Dragon Ball Z Vs Dragon Ball Super: Which Series Is Better? ?

Dragon Ball Z VS Dragon Ball Super: Which Series Is Better? Dragon Ball Super has inevitably been compared to Dragon Ball Z several times by fans but which is the superior series?

It would be hard to imagine anime being so popular in the modern era without the existence of a legendary series by the name of Dragon Ball Z. While the story of Goku and his friends had been established in Dragon Ball — a show of quality but not all that popular in the West at that time — it was Dragon Ball Z that propelled the tales of the Z Fighters into the mainstream and turned them into household names that are somehow still relevant to this very day. Dragon Ball Z was so popular that fans were still clamoring for a sequel almost two decades after the anime had ended its run. Toei Animation finally caved in to this widespread pressure and released a show by the name of Dragon Ball Super. The much-awaited sequel was an instant hit, with fans lapping up anything even remotely continuing the rich and historied legacy of the Dragon Ball series.

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Of course, as is the case with any sequel, Dragon Ball Super has inevitably been compared to Dragon Ball Z several times by fans, with both sides of the argument being particularly heated. To put this into context, here are five points each detailing the positives of each show when compared to its counterpart.

For the most part, Dragon Ball was mainly an action-adventure anime that focused more on the adventure side of things as opposed to the action, save for the final few arcs.

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This wasn”t the case in Dragon Ball Z at all, with the series leaning heavily towards massive fights and huge power levels — two aspects that have pretty much become staples of the Dragon Ball franchise.

There”s only so many times one can show massive power scaling and raw strength overcoming everything before the state of affairs becomes somewhat boring and predictable.

This is what Dragon Ball Super aimed to fix, and it seemed that they”ve been quite successful in this regard. While some battles can certainly feel gimmicky, the addition of other factors that govern the final outcome of the fight makes the series feel like a breath of fresh air, compared to its predecessor.

Most of the arcs in Dragon Ball Z put the Earth in a state of peril more often than not. This meant that the Z Fighters had to risk life and limb to protect the planet they loved — sometimes literally so.

Watching Dragon Ball evolve from a relatively small-scale story into something like this is always amazing to witness, no matter what.

Dragon Ball Z might”ve already opened the floodgates for the franchise, but Dragon Ball Super decided to take this a notch further.

No longer were battles just limited to Earth and its surroundings — fights had ramifications that stretched to different universes and made the world of Dragon Ball feel all the more fleshed out as a result.

It”s impossible to talk about Dragon Ball Z“s biggest strengths without mentioning a classic hallmark of the series that was introduced in this anime — Super Saiyan transformations.

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Watching the Saiyans transform into their iconic blonde-haired super-charged forms is always a treat to witness in every sense of the word, and makes it abundantly clear as to why Dragon Ball Z achieved such an iconic status.

5 DRAGON BALL SUPER: Expanded Upon Existing Transformations And Introduced New Forms

The advent of a new chapter in the Dragon Ball franchise was bound to bring with it a new level of power and a whole host of transformations.. and Dragon Ball Super has definitely not disappointed in that regard.

With Dragon Ball Super introducing a whole host of new forms and transformations in the franchise, it goes without saying that the power ceiling in the franchise has never been higher.

There are a number of new characters introduced throughout the series that have become absolute stalwarts of Dragon Ball Z.

The best name one can give to illustrate this point is Vegeta. The Prince of all Saiyans is easily one of the greatest anime characters of all time, and the fact that he initially started off as an antagonist goes to show the strong writing associated with him.

3 DRAGON BALL SUPER: Introduced Characters With A Ton Of Potential

Dragon Ball Super might not have had too much time for its original characters to gain some breathing room, but there”s no denying the fact that these new characters definitely have a ton of potential.

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Beerus and Whis are just a few of the many examples, who show how far the series has come… and how far it can still go.

The legend of Dragon Ball Z is something that most people are pretty familiar with, and this greatness definitely needs to be addressed when talking about this esteemed series.

The fact of the matter is that Dragon Ball Z had a major influence on pop culture as a whole, to the point where this series has almost become a mandatory watch at this point.

1 DRAGON BALL SUPER: Did Justice To Its Predecessor While Coming Into Its Own As Well

For all the flak that people might give Dragon Ball Super, there”s no denying the fact that Dragon Ball Super definitely paid respects to its predecessor in major ways.

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That being said, the series never shied away from carving its own unique identity as well, and they”ve been fairly successful in that regard too.

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