Dragon Ball Super, Chapter 55 English, Dragon Ball Super, Chapter 55

For a while, it seemed that the Galactic Prisoner Arc would not involve Beerus or Whis, the two newcomers to Super that have had the most impact. But now Whis has shown that he is well aware of what is going on in the galaxy. Chapter 55 begins with Whis visiting the Grand Priest, and their conversation would have a strong impact on the current story being told.

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Continuing where Chapter 54 left off, Whis advises that an angel is acting out against the laws that govern Angels. That Angel is Merus, the Galactic Patrolman currently training Goku to master Ultra Instinct. The Grand Priest reveals that he sent Merus, an Angel in Training, to Universe 7 to further his development, but he has become biased; a cardinal sin for angels. Normally this would mean eradication, but Whis speaks on his behalf saying that he has not yet acted too far out of line. Whis is sent to go retrieve his brother.

Meanwhile Vegeta continues his training on Yardrat. His mentor is now ready to begin teaching him advanced techniques such as healing, but their session is interrupted by members of Moro’s gang, led by an alien apparently of Zarbon’s species. The two fight, but Vegeta is able to overpower his foe. Due to his training he has better control, due to having his body and spirit being brought into balance.

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Meanwhile Merus and Goku continue training. Right as they’re about to spar, they’re ripped from the Room of Space and Time and brought before Whis. Whis explains that Merus has come dangerously close to being erased, and his time in the Mortal World is over. Merus apologies for not being able to further assist Goku before being spirited away by his brother.

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It is interesting that Dragon Ball Super is now trying to differentiate Goku and Vegeta’s powers. What sort of techniques will Vegeta learn from the Yardrats? The manga made it clear that Vegeta’s training will not consist of attack abilities, so it would be interesting to see him become more of technical fighter. As for Goku, has he finally mastered Ultra Instinct? Unfortunately Whis intervened before we could find out.

And what of Whis? What will be his role in this arc? While the manga made states that angels need to be impartial, Whis has involved himself in Goku’s affairs on his behalf several times already. It was only after he saw Merus teaching Goku how to control Ultra Instinct that he invoked that law. Perhaps he didn’t want to see Goku become stronger than he already is?

New chapters of Dragon Ball Super are released on the 20th of every month. Fans can read the three most recent chapters for free on Shonen Jump‘s official website.

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