Dragon Ball: Every Member of Team Universe 9, Ranked According To Strength Although they are all eliminated over the course of just one episode, the Universe 9 team in Dragon Ball Super includes a few fairly decent fighters.

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Lavender, Bergamo and Roselle from the Universe 9 team in Dragon Ball Super
The Universe 9 fighters are first introduced to viewers during the Zeno Expo arc of Dragon Ball Super, where they are drawn against Universe 7 in the tournament"s preliminary stages. While at the time the two universes seemed fairly well matched though, the Tournament of Power nguồn shows that there is actually a pretty huge gulf in class.

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Not only is Universe 9 the first universe khổng lồ be erased, but all ten members of its team are eliminated over the course of just a single episode. Given that Dragon Ball regularly drags a single fight out over the course of multiple installments, this perhaps serves as a pretty telling sign that the Universe 9 fighters just aren"t up lớn the same standards of some of the tournament"s other participants.

10 Hop

Despite all of her talk about scratching up Vegeta"s "handsome" face, Hop really doesn"t st& a chance against the Saiyan Prince. In her defense, very few fighters in the 12 universes bởi vì, but she barely even puts up a fight before being eliminated.

So drastic is the difference in power levels between the two fighters that Vegeta is able to knoông xã her out of the arena while still in his base size. Given that he only had access to a fraction of his true power at the time, it seems safe khổng lồ say that Hop never really stood a chance.

9 Roselle

Roselle from the Universe 9 Team in Dragon Ball Super
Roselle has a pretty intimidating design, yet there"s very little evidence to suggest that he has the kind of power needed to lớn match it. He"s also not the sharpest tool in the box, as evidenced by his foolish decision khổng lồ try and get the drop on Frieza.

Even without looking, Frieza is able khổng lồ knoông xã the winged creature clean out of the air và then sets to lớn work on taking hlặng apart. Thankfully, however, Roselle is at least smart enough khổng lồ know when he"s outmatched và opts lớn eliminate himself from the tournament in order to avoid anymore torture at the hands of the villainous Frieza.

8 Sorrel

Sorrel from the Universe 9 Team in Dragon Ball Super
Sorrel may not be the strongest fighter in Universe 9, but she just might be one of the bravest. She shows no fear whatsoever even when faced with powerful fighters lượt thích Goku và Vegeta, although, like many of her teammates, she doesn"t get much of an opportunity khổng lồ show what she"s really made of.

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Rather than one of the two Saiyans though, it"s actually Android 18 who disposes of Sorrel; with Gero"s former creation sneaking up behind her while she and some of her team are apprehending Goku và Vegeta. Sorrel remains fairly positive sầu even after her elimination, although her confidence quickly begins to fade as her teammates begin dropping like flies around her.

7 Oregano

Oregano from the Universe 9 Team in Dragon Ball Super
Much like his teammate Roselle, Oregano definitely looks the part và has access to some fairly quality abilities. Ultimately, however, he proves lớn be pretty ineffective sầu once the tournament gets going and is defeated fairly easily by Vegeta despite the Saiyan being outnumbered two to lớn one.

To his credit, Oregano at least forces Vegeta to transform inlớn a Super Saiyan và there is a time where it seems like his web-lượt thích thread technique could cause some real problems. As soon as he"s up against any real power though, it becomes apparent that he just doesn"t have sầu the strength needed to lớn compete at this màn chơi.

6 Hyssop

Hyssop looks kind of like a cross between Drax and Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Unfortunately for hyên ổn though, he fights a lot more lượt thích the latter than the former. Granted, his ability lớn freeze his foes is pretty cool, but it can"t quite stand up lớn the heat of the moment.

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Unlượt thích his teammate Hop, Hyssop shows himself to be more than a match for Vegeta"s base size, but as soon as the Saiyan Prince transforms it"s pretty much game over. Even with the help of Oregano, Hyssop never looks like troubling Super Saiyan Vegeta and is easily disposed of following a barrage of punches and a simple Ki blast.

5 Comfrey

Comfrey is able to lớn hold his own against the Universe 4 fighter Shosa at the beginning of the tournament and has no problems dealing with an early onslaught from several members of the Universe 7 team including both Gohan và Piccolo. Things change pretty quickly, however, when he comes up against Super Saiyan Goku.

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Knowing that Goku still has many more gears to lớn go through if he needs to lớn only serves lớn demonstrate the huge gulf in power; not only between the two fighters themselves, but also their respective universes. It"s so drastic, in fact, that all it really takes khổng lồ skết thúc Comfrey crashing out of the tournament is a quick Ki blast from Earth"s protector.

4 Chappil

Chappil"s tough và rugged exterior allows him lớn withstand some heavy blows during the early stages of the tournament, some of which come directly from Goku. Granted, the Saiyan is still in his base size at the time, but it"s fairly impressive sầu nonetheless; more so as Chappil doesn"t even flinch.

As soon as Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, however, the fight is as good as over. A lunge and a Ki blast skết thúc Chappil baông chồng khổng lồ the spectator"s stand. From there, it is only a matter of minutes until he & the rest of his universe are erased from existence.

3 Lavender

Unlượt thích the majority of his team, Lavender at least gets the opportunity to show what he is made of; albeit at the Zeno Expo instead. There, he squares off against Gohan & is able lớn cause the young Saiyan plenty of problems thanks lớn his poison attacks.

Even despite Lavender"s unfair advantage, however, Gohan is still able to lớn knoông chồng hlặng out cold & it"s a similar story at the Tournament of Power. This time though, Lavender primarily battles Goku and Vegeta; who, unsurprisingly, perhaps, are able to lớn withst& Lavender"s attacks with very little effort.

2 Basil

Like his brother Lavender, Basil also takes part in the Zeno Expo, where he goes up against the returning Buu. In his base form, he is barely able to leave sầu a mark on the pink puffball, although his transformation does even the odds a little; if only for a short while.

Ultimately, his inability lớn maintain this more powerful khung proves to be his downfall và a powerful Majin Kamehameha soon brings the duel lớn an over. He does put up more of a fight at the Tournament of Power and is able to lớn hold his own against numerous powerful fighters. Sadly though, like his siblings, he is no match for Frieza.

1 Bergamo

The leader of the Universe 9 team & the most powerful thành viên of the so called "Trio of Danger," Bergamo is a skilled và honorable fighter, although is perhaps a little too cocky for his own good at times. His ability to lớn absorb his enemys" attacks allows him lớn hold his own against Goku at the Zeno Expo; for a while, at least. Both he và viewers soon discover though that there is a limit lớn how much power he can safely absorb.

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When the Tournament of Power finally roles around, Bergamo again finds himself up against Goku & the results are very much the same. Just as before, he shows himself khổng lồ be a decent match for Goku"s base khung, although, as the Saiyan starts khổng lồ cycle through the gears, things quickly become incredibly one-sided yet again.

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