Donkey Kong Country Gameplay Trailer, Donkey Kong Country


Pursue Donkey Kong's missing bananas in wild andcrazy capers across action-packed worlds.

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Will you play it slow and steady,or romp through the game like an animal?



Donkey Kong”s white-bearded, grouchy elder, Cranky Kong

The white-bearded, grouchy elder of the village, Cranky Kong has set up shop in each of the nine worlds to sell handy items like balloons, which give extra lives, and other neat things. He tends to ramble on, but he may provide some helpful tips, so listen to your elder!




Rambi the rambunctious rhinoceros shows up in certain areas, lending Donkey Kong a helpful horn.

Hitch a ride with him to knock pests out of the way, and uncover hidden rooms by busting down shaky walls. With Rambi”s help, tough obstacles become a piece of banana cream pie.




Travelling by mine cart is the best way to head through the many caves on Donkey Kong Island.

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Those tracks have gotten really rickety over the years, so Donkey Kong will find himself leaping from track to track, and cart to cart, as the broken rails tumble away beneath him. Watch out for bottomless pits—they”re everywhere!


Donkey Kong Island is littered with barrels—and it wouldn”t be a Donkey Kong adventure without them!

Some barrels become cannons that launch Donkey Kong in all directions, and others are filled with goodies. A few may turn into Rocket Barrels, which send him flying through the entire stage!


Every level on Donkey Kong Island is filled with bananas, secrets, and all sorts of items.

Collecting puzzle pieces and letters that spell out K-O-N-G are just a few of the challenges that await the adventurous explorer. Look extra hard to find secret levels and special collectibles.

Super guide

Having a bit of trouble with a really tough level?

If you lose enough lives, ask Super Kong to save the day, and he”ll complete the level for you. Just remember to go back and try it yourself sometime, so you can get all the goodies and hidden secrets!

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