Bonus Stage – Donkey Kong Country

worldnet.att.netCredits: Nintendo made a tipbook for this game, and I”d like to thank them. Before I got thetipbook I relied on tips from Chris Stassen and Brother Reed. Thanks guys!***INTRODUCTION***Hello, and welcome! You”ve just bought Donkey Kong Country and need somebody to help youbeat it. Or maybe you”ve had it for a year and still can”t find the last bonus room in Oil DrumAlley. Either way, I”m your man!Donkey Kong Country involves the evil king of lizards, King K Rool, stealing all your bananas.And there are A LOT. The game has six worlds, all consisting of:5-6 normal stages1 Candy”s Save Point, used for saving (duh!)1 Cranky”s Cabin, used for miscellaneous hints (never go there, he won”t tell you anythingimportant)1 Funky”s Flights, used for going to another world already completed1 boss stageTo control either Kong on the map, simply move to the level you want to go to. You can replaylevels too. If you are in a level you”ve already completed, pause the game and press select to exit.You cannot leave the world map you are on unless you beat the boss or visit Funky”s Flights. Theisland map is the same. Remember that uncompleted levels have a Kremling head next to them.To control either Kong in a level, move around with the D-pad, and press B to jump. If you haveboth Kongs press A to switch. Press Y to roll or pick up a barrel. Hold down Y to hold it andrelease Y to throw it. You can also hold Y to run. Hold down when throwing it to set it down.Press start to pause. Also you can jump in midair – roll off of a cliff and before you stop rollingjump. You can jump for a longer distance this way, and get objects in a pit without dying. If youget hit, you will lose the Kong you are playing as, and be forced to switch to the other Kong.Getting hit again will kill you, as will falling off the screen. When underwater, press B to swim,and the D-pad to move. Oh, and if you get hit when riding an animal, he”ll run away, but if hehits something and runs back you can get back on. To grab a rope, jump to it and press up as yougo past it.***ITEMS***KONG letters – four are in each level, and if you can collect them all in the same level you”ll geta bonus life, sort of like dragon coins in Super Mario World.Balloon – red is worth one life, green two, and blue three. There are only three blue balloons inthe game.Bananas – collect 100 for an extra life. Banana bunches are worth 10 bananas.Barrel – pick it up and throw it at enemies. They can also be thrown to bust open doors to bonusrooms.Hidden object – Jump on it from high enough up and something will pop out. Look for blacksquares, weak patches of ground or piles of straw.DK barrel – Just like a regular barrel, only if you throw it and have only one Kong, you”ll yourmissing Kong back. There”s at least two in each level, and one at the beginning of each boss.Tire – jump on it and press B to bounce high, like note blocks in Super Mario 3. You can rollones that aren”t embedded in the ground.Metal barrel – rare, throw it and it will roll, taking out enemies. If you throw it at a wall and itbounces back you can ride on it.Midway barrel – one midway through each level, it saves your place.TNT barrel – just like a normal barrel, only it explodes a few seconds after being put down, andthe explosion can take out several enemies at once.Blast barrel – Jump in and press jump when you want to blast out. Some move, spin, or both,making perfect timing necessary.Autoblast barrel – When you jump in, it automatically blasts. It may take you to a bonus room.Animal token – Grab three of the same and you”ll play an animal bonus game.Animal icon – In an animal bonus game, grab these fast, because you only have 100 seconds.You”ll get an extra life for every 100 you snag.Doubling icon – In an animal bonus game, it doubles your tokens!!!***ANIMALS***To get an animal, jump on its crate and then on it. Press A to dismount.Rambi the Rhino – Wow! Anything he touches will die (except a mincer). He can also bust openbonus room doors. Press Y while on him to buck. Levels: Jungle Hijinxs, Oil Drum Alley, ManicMincers.Enguarde the Swordfish – Found underwater, he can do a stab if you press Y and this is the onlyway to beat some water enemies. Levels: Coral Capers, Clam City, Croctopus Chase, PoisonPond.Expresso the Ostrich – Is super fast, and by press B while in the air he can glide over longdistances. Unfortunately you cannot beat enemies while riding him. Levels: Temple Tempest,Orangutan Gang, Ice Age Alley, Misty Mine.Winky the Frog – Can jump very high and beat zingers. Levels: Winky”s Walkway, BouncyBonanza, Millstone Mayhem, Rope Bridge Rumble.Squawks the Parrot – Can”t be ridden, but holds a flashlight that illuminates dark caves. Levels:Torchlight Trouble.***BADDIES***KremlingsKritter – Coming in many different colors, including blue, green and gray, this guy sometimeswalks, sometimes jumps back and forth, sometimes walks and jumps. Similar to Kaboings inDKC2. Either jump on him or roll through him. Levels: Almost every one.Krash – There”s two varieties of these mine-cart dwellers. The ones in Mine Cart Carnage comesat you and must be jumped over. The ones in Mine Cart Madness are in stationary carts and canbe jumped on. Reminds me of Klank in DKC2. Levels: Mine Cart Carnage, Mine Cart Madness.Klap-trap – This little blue alligator walks back and forth, chomping. You can”t roll into him butcan and should jump on him. Similar to Klampons in DKC2. Levels: First seen in Stop & GoStation, very common after that.Klump – This slow, fat guy walks toward you. Donkey Kong can jump on him, but Diddy has toroll. Similar to Kannon in DKC2. Levels: Jungle Hijinxs, Torchlight Trouble, Trick Track Trek,Platform Perils.Krusha – This musclebound Kremling is invincible to Diddy (unless he uses a barrel) but can bejumped on by Donkey. Reminds me of Krunchas in DKC2. Levels: Millstone Mayhem, SnowBarrel Blast, Torchlight Trouble, Trick Track Trek.Silver Krusha – Can only be killed with a barrel. Levels: Platform Perils.RockKrok – When the barrels say go, they run back and forth. They can”t be killed, but they go tosleep when the barrels say stop. Levels: Stop & Go Station.MiscellaneousGnawty – A little beaver who walks back and forth and can be jumped on or rolled into. Colordoesn”t matter. Levels: Many.Slippa – A snake that slithers back and forth. Jump on it. Levels: Many.Necky – Some of them stand still and throw nuts at you, others fly at you. Others are stationary.All of them can be beaten by jumping. Levels: Many.Mini-necky – Usually stationary, it spits nuts at you horizontally. Levels: Elevator Antics, TankedUp Trouble, Vulture Culture, Ice Age Alley, Trick Track Trek, maybe others.Army -An armadillo that curls up and rolls at you. With Donkey, jump on it once, with Diddy,jump or roll into it once and then jump on it again quickly. Levels: Ropey Rampage, SlipslideRide, Rope Bridge Rumble, Misty Mine, Platform Perils.Zinger – A bee of many colors that is sometimes stationary and sometimes moving. Unless youhave Winky or a barrel, they”re invincible. Levels: Many.Manky Kong – A scruffy monkey that rolls barrels at you. Levels: Orangutan Gang, Oil DrumAlley, Trick Track Trek.Mincer – A blade, totally invincible, some move. Levels: Torchlight Trouble, Poison Pond,Manic Mincers.UnderwaterChomps – A shark that moves back and forth. Only Enguarde can beat him, with a stab. Levels:All underwater except Poison Pond.Chomps Jr – Smaller and faster than Chomps, beat him with a stab only. Levels: All underwater.Bitesize – A little Piranha, swims back and forth, beat it with a stab. Levels: Coral Capers, ClamCity, Poison Pond.Squidge – A squid, I can”t describe its movements. Beat it with Enguarde. Levels: CroctopusChase, Poison Pond.Clambo – Stationary, it fires pearls every few seconds, totally invincible. Levels: Coral Capers,Clam City.Purple Croctopus – Moves in a circle, often around something. Totally invincible. Levels: CoralCapers, Clam City.Blue Croctopus – Chases you, and is quite fast. Levels: Croctopus Chase.***KONG COMPARISON***Speed and Jumping – Diddy can jump higher and farther than Donkey, and is faster too. HoweverDonkey can reach little higher.Barrel Carrying – Diddy has the edge, as he carries barrels in front of himself, meaning he can usethem as a shield and can just walk up to a bonus room door and the barrel does the rest. Donkeyholds barrels above him, and has to throw them at a door. He can throw farther however, and isless likely to touch an enemy with the barrel.Enemies – Some enemies, (Klump, Krusha and Army) are easily beaten by Donkey.***WORLD 1: KONGO JUNGLE***JUNGLE HIJINXSThis level has no less than four balloons, more than any other. To get the first one, climb up thecliff and go back into the treehouse. Then at the cliff with the K, jump up and into the trees withDiddy, get another one, and then roll off the tree and jump to the right. You need roll jumps andDiddy to reach the next tree, with another re balloon. Then roll jump right again, and you”ll findanother tree with a green balloon! Wow!Animal token: Just after the midway barrel, you”ll find an Expresso token in plain sight under anecky.Bonus room 1: After getting Rambi (who is in plain sight) go right and jump over the hole. Walkright into the wall.Inside: Run right and get all the bananas and the red balloon at the end. It floats away quickly, sohurry!Bonus room 2: Just after exiting bonus room 1, drop down and walk into the wall near the hiddenbarrel.Inside: There are three barrels flashing among the four animal tokens. Jump and hit one to freezeit. If all three reveal the same token, you”ll get it. Try jumping when you see the one before theone you want.ROPEY RAMPAGEYou”ll encounter some ropes here. There are no big secrets, except that you should use Donkeyto beat the armys. Also some ropes start swinging when grabbed.Animal token 1: Just after the first DK barrel you”ll find a swinging rope. When it”s on the left,jump and you”ll grab the Rambi token, off the screen above a tree.Animal token 2: This is a little tougher. When you blast out of the first bonus room, you”ll bust atire out of the ground. Roll it right and then bounce off the screen onto the tree. Then jump downonto the weak ground and the token pops out.Bonus room 1: Oh boy, this is tough. After the O, drop down the pit to land in a barrel cannonthat blasts you in. It”s very hard to find without help.Inside: Jump across the ropes and grab the N at the end.Bonus room 2: Another tough one, fall down in the pit before the arrow sign.Inside: A red balloon flashes between four barrels, faster and faster. When it disappears, jumpand hit the barrel it was last on before it disappears. If you”re right, the balloon is yours.REPTILE RUMBLEAgain, pretty easy. There”s some slippas here, and some zingers. There”s also some tires, givingyou some practice on tire bouncing which you will need to be accurate on later. There”s nosecrets here. Oh, and don”t worry – you can crawl through small spaces.Animal token: Couldn”t be easier – bounce off two kritters to reach an Enguarde token near theend.Bonus room 1: Don”t grab any barrels until you reach the K. Be sure to kill all the enemiesthough. When you see it, switch to Diddy, go back and pick up a barrel and walk up to the wallnext to the K and the barrel busts it open. Donkey can do it too, only he has to either throw it orstand next to the wall and set the barrel down.Inside: Crawl through, getting the red balloon.Bonus room 2: After exiting bonus room 1, bounce up to the DK barrel, then jump left to land ina barrel cannon, just sitting there.Inside: Jump in the first barrel and go for a ride, collecting lots of bananas!Bonus room 3: Give me a break. Just after the N, go right and kill the slippas, then bounce upand grab one of the barrels. Go back down and bash it against the right side of where the slippaswere.Inside: Bounce up on the tire on the moving platform for some bananas.CORAL CAPERSThis is an easy stage. Enguarde is here twice, and you can use him to kill all the enemies exceptcroctopuses. Go for all the KONG letters here too. There”s some bananas under the firstcroctopus – go through a fake wall next to the banana. Also, after getting Enguarde, you can get ared balloon if you”re quick, but watch out for the croctopus.Animal token: After the third and last DK barrel, go up to meet a chomps. Go through a fake wallto the right of him to find an Expresso token.BARREL CANNON CANYONThis stage has a much deserved place in the group of Supersecret stages, three stages I think withthe most secret stuff. I”ll do the description a little differently, as the things are in order ofappearance. If you use the shortcuts, you”ll need to do little or no barrel blasting at all.Animal token 1: After the K, go right with Diddy, and roll off the cliff under the main ledge.Jump before you stop rolling and if you jump far enough, you”ll land near a barrel cannon thatblasts you to a Winky token.Shortcut 1: Go back to the start and jump above the cave you enter the stage from with Diddy.Get into the barrel cannon above it. Then jump into the next barrel cannon for some bananas.You”ll stop on a DK barrel.Animal token 2: Drop down from the DK barrel. There will be three kritters ahead. Before theyjump, jump yourself and if you hit the min midair, you”ll bounce up to an off screen tree. Jumpright to the Rambi token.Shortcut 2: Above the Rambi token. It gives you many more bananas and sends you on or nearthe midway barrel.Bonus room 1: Go back left from the midway barrel and jump over the autoblast barrel. Jump farenough left to land in another autoblast barrel. Now it seems you should time your blast so youland in another autoblast barrel. Deliberately miss it and you”ll blast through the cliff, into thebonus room! This is another tough one to find.Inside: Jump into the first barrel. Instead of having to time your blasts just right, just keepbanging on B and you”ll blast from barrel to barrel, collecting everything, including a redballoon.Bonus room 2: From the midway barrel go right, killing all the kritters before picking up theTNT barrel. Then pick it up, jump over the last hill and slam the barrel into the left side of it.Inside: You”ll have the choice of blasting up from the moving barrel in three spots. If you wantan Enguarde token, blast up on the left. If you want a red balloon, blast up in the center. Eitherway, you”ll fall past the barrel cannon and leave the room.Shortcut 3: This is tough to get into. When you find a barrel cannon between two kritters, get inand blast up so you do not land in the autoblast barrel above. Instead, bounce and land on the leftkritter. You must time it so you hit the kritter when he is jumping and you do not land in theautoblast barrel (but if you do you can go left and try again). If you make it, bounce left and ontoa treetop. Jump into the barrel above it for even more bananas. You”ll stop blasting at the end ofthe level.KONGO JUNGLE BOSS: Very GnawtyThis boss is PATHETIC. Very Gnawty will make small hops at you. Jump on him and he”llcough, then start hopping again, this time faster. Jump on him again and he”ll start hopping evenfaster. Keep this up until he”s been jumped on five times. Then he”s dead and you”ll have beatenthis world.***WORLD 2: MONKEY MINES***WINKY”S WALKWAYThis is another very easy stage. You”ll find some black barrels that emit gnawtys and can”t bedestroyed, and a lot of stationary neckys. Bounce off them to reach the Winky crate and K. Justdon”t fall off the scaffolding.Animal token: You need Winky to reach this. Time your jump to the Expresso token so thezinger doesn”t hit you.Bonus room 1: The only bonus, and all you have to do is jump up to it with Winky or bounce offthe necky.Inside: There”s 91 bananas here, but you can only get 21 without Winky. The N is here too.MINE CART CARNAGEFinally, a challenge. If you want to skip the entire level, you can by simply jumping over the blastbarrel and falling next to the cliff and you”ll land in a blast barrel that sends you all the way to theend! If you opt not too, you”ll have to ride one mine cart. Hold Y the entire time, as it makes itmuch easier to jump over breaks in the track. It”s pretty easy until the midway barrel. Then, youmust deal with krash carts coming the other way that you must jump over, and wrecked carts thatyou also must jump over. Both of these will cost you a Kong. Also there”s a red balloon, but youmust time your jump just right to reach it. Once you hit the midway barrel you can”t go back, soonly do so if you”re confident that you can finish the stage.Animal token: You can”t miss this Enguarde token, just before the midway barrel.BOUNCY BONANZAThis level is one of the hardest yet. It has a lot of tires, and is pretty long. Near the end you”llhave to time your bounces just right to avoid zingers. Also, you can roll some tires, and you mustto reach the midway barrel. You need to be accurate with tire bouncing, but if you can masterthat, this is a piece of cake. Roll the same tire you used for the midway barrel onto the tire, thenbounce up and right through a fake wall to the N.Animal token: Roll the first tire you see back to the start (careful of the zinger!) and bounce up toa Rambi token.Bonus room 1: Pick up the second barrel (you must use Diddy) and carry it right past a DK barrelin the air to two zingers. Drop between them (if you use Donkey, the barrel will shatter on the topone) and ram it against the right side of their area. Easier said than done.Inside: Jump and touch barrels to freeze them, and if they all freeze on the same thing, you”ll getit. Try jumping when you see the thing before the one you want. You should go for either theWinky token or the red balloon.Bonus room 2: This is the second easiest bonus room to find in the game (Manic Mincers has theeasiest). After the second DK barrel, either bounce up or drop down (depending on the route youtook) and go through the door.Inside: Get Winky (there”s not much else to do).Bonus room 3: Above the last moving platform of the level, either roll a tire (be careful not toroll it into the pit) or use Winky (who can also help take out the zingers)Inside: There”s a spinning barrel here. Time your blast so you shoo straight up, and collect somebananas.STOP & GO STATIONThe main feature of this stage are the Stop & Go barrels, which you must periodically hit toavoid being nailed by Rockkroks. Also you can skip most of the level by walking through thestarting door. There”s klap-traps here too, but they aren”t much of a problem.Animal token: When you find the second DK barrel, go back left and get on the platform with aRockkrok. Then jump left when the platform is at its highest for an Expresso token.Bonus room 1: Grab the barrel just after the midway barrel and take it right to a wall… bash it in!Inside: Blast between the spinning barrels, getting bananas. There”s a big bunch in the center.Bonus room 2: When you see the first DK barrel after bonus room 1, roll the tire (which youneed to reach a barrel) loeft to the column of bananas. Bounce up and you”ll land in an off-screenbarrel cannon.Inside: Blast up on the right for a Winky token!MILLSTONE MAYHEMTons of giant millstone driven by gnawtys here – they move back and forth, and you can run bywhen they move away from you. Oh, and you can get Winky here – after the midway barrel, jumpand hit the panel in the ground and a tire pops up. Roll it right, bounce up to the higher platformsand get on top of the ceiling.Bonus room 1: At the very start, bounce up to the entrance door via a tire, and then jump to thebarrel cannon off-screen.Inside: Blast up on the right for the K.Bonus room 2: when you see the first pit, jump in and a barrel cannon blasts you up. Land on thepanel to reveal a tire. Push it right past the O and when you some to a millstone, bounce up(don”t roll the tire into the pit!) to land in the cannon above the stone.Inside: Jump and hit the flashing letter to spell RARE. If you touch a kremling head the lettersspin the other way. Don”t touch any letters other than the flashing one! If you do it right, anEnguarde token will be under your belt.Bonus room 3: Take the third TNT barrel right and when you see a millstone over a hole, drop inand blow open the right side of it.Inside: Follow the green balloon closely and when it stops flashing, hit the barrel it was last on. Ifyou”re right, you”ll be two lives richer.MONKEY MINES BOSS: Master NeckyThis is another pushover. Master Necky”s head appears and he spits a nut at you. He can appearon either side. Jump over the nut and then bounce up on the tire and hit him on the head beforehe can retract it. He”s a goner after five hits.***WORLD 3: VINE VALLEY***VULTURE CULTUREThis stage involves a lot of neckys and barrel blasting. Most of the barrels here can only blast youin three directions. If necessary, bounce off neckys to reach each piece of land. It isn”t too hard.Animal token: NoneBonus room 1: When you find the first necky that throws nuts, kill him and jump down tounearth the hidden K. Then roll the tire right, to the column of bananas. Be careful not to roll itinto the pit. Then bounce up to an off-screen barrel cannon.Inside: Jump and spell out the worn KONG, being careful not to touch kremling heads or wrongletters. If you succeed, you”ll have an Expresso token.Bonus room 2: Before the continue barrel, bounce off two moving neckys and then hold right toland on a mini-necky and then a hidden barrel. Bust open the left wall.Inside: There”s two klap-traps here. Jump on one and it spits a banana bunch out. Pick it up. Theklap-traps go faster with each hit. If you can collect ten bunches quickly without being hit, you”llget a red balloon.Bonus room 3: Really easy. When you find a necky raining nuts, beat him, jump down to thehidden item and you”ll bust a barrel out. Then, bust it against the wall below the necky”s perch.Inside: Jump and bang on B to blast through the barrels fast and get a red balloon.TREE TOP TOWNThis level”s got not much except barrels, barrels and more barrels. Just time your blasts just right.After the midway barrel you”ll tangle with autoblast barrels – blast when the next two barrels arealmost aligned. It”s pretty hard.Animal token: At the end, use a roll jump to pick up the Expresso token without getting hit.Bonus room 1: At the very start, lure the first gnawty right, then bounce on him and bounce up tothe barrel cannon behind the start.Inside: Jump on the barrels to freeze them. Try to spell KONG for a red balloon.Bonus room 2: In the second barrel sequence past the midway barrel, you”ll see a single bananaunder a ledge. From the last barrel, blast when the barrel is at its lowest to blast to bonus land.Inside: Blast up to the N in the center.FOREST FRENZYThis level is all about ropes. Many of them move only when touched, and move you throughminefields of zingers, moving zingers and neckys. All the KONG letters are very hard to get.Also, there”s a red balloon guarded by a zinger in plain sight… you decide for yourself whetherit”s worth it.Animal token: NoneBonus room 1: This room earns itself a much-deserved place in the Superhard Five, the sixtoughest bonus rooms in the game. Stay on the bottom of the rope when the neckys appear. Goup to avoid the first low necky, then go back down. When you”re about to hit the second lownecky, slide down of the rope to land in a barrel cannon. If you don”t time it right, you”re history.Inside: Choose the barrel the Rambi token was last on and it”s yours.Bonus room 2: After bonus room 1 you”ll bust a barrel out of the ground. Don”t pick it up yet.Instead kill the kritter, take the barrel up a step, set it down and kill the next kritter, take it upagain… keep doing that until you reach the exit. Instead, turn around and smash the barrel againstthe last wall.Inside: Jump on rope that automatically moves and get the bananas, then jump down and right tothe exit platform which has an Enguarde token.TEMPLE TEMPESTIn this stage millstones will chase you after you pass them, so hurry! Also at the end, slide downon the last rope for the G.Animal token: You must have Diddy again. Bounce off the first gnawty to the top of theentrance, and from there, jump off the screen to grab a Rambi token.Bonus room 1: Take the first DK barrel and carry it right with DK (he”s less likely to hit agnawty) and when you see a wall, throw it in.Inside: You can gain three lives here by bouncing off each necky. For every one you hit after theseventh you”ll get a life. This is a very rare feat, possible only here and in one other place later inthe game. At the other side, get Expresso and leave.Bonus room 2: There”s an arrow of bananas pointing down, just drop straight down from the ropeand you”ll be off.Inside: Jump on the klap-trap and grab the banana bunches he spits out. Just don”t get hit andgrab ten banana bunches and a Rambi token is all yours.ORANGUTAN GANGThis stage is in the Supersecret bunch for good reason, with FIVE bonus areas (more than anyother stage) and FIVE animal tokens (more than any other stage)!!! The stage itself involvestraveling on treetops and vines, avoiding klap-traps and manky kongs. There”s tons of the latter.Again my walkthrough is in order of stuff.Bonus room 1: Go through the stage killing all the kritters until you find Expresso, who is crucialin this stage. Take him back to the first piece of land where a DK barrel was, remembering thathe can”t jump on enemies. When you get there, jump and glide left and under the start. There”san open door there.Inside: This place is one of the Superthree, the three best bonus rooms in the game. Spell thenames of each animal to earn a token. As long as you don”t play any of the animal games, youcan get four more tokens!!! Better yet, get all four, leave the stage and come back, and get themagain!Animal token: The rewards never stop! When you exit from the first bonus room you”ll bealmost at the end of the stage!!! Get off Expresso, bounce off the tire and bust an Enguarde tokenout of the ground on the left (and a DK barrel on the right).Bonus room 2: Complete the stage and return (or kill yourself). Then get Expresso and then hitthe midway barrel. Now you”ve got to get Expresso ALL THE WAY TO THE N without losinghim to a manky. If you lose him, press start-select and try again. If you reach the N (dismountExpresso to kill enemies) fly right and land on a platform. Go right until you see a barrel.Dismount, switch to Donkey, throw the barrel at the wall, get back on Expresso and go in.Inside: Dismount Expresso and bounce on the floating tire and bust out of the ground a DK barreland two banana bunches.Bonus room 3: You don”t need Expresso anymore. Go to the last manky in the level (the one whothrows the superfast barrels). Then take the barrel and drop down. Instead of dying, you”ll be in asecret area. Go right, drop down again, and smash the barrel against the left wall.Inside: Use the tire to bust two banana bunches out of the floor.Bonus room 4: Take the barrel used for bonus room 3, and drop down between the trees, andjump over the hole. Go right, and bust the barrel against the wall (not the tall one, the lower one).Inside: Bust the G out of the floor with the tire.Bonus room 5: Take out the last manky, then go back and pick up the barrel (don”t pick it upuntil you kill manky!) Then go right, whamming the barrel against the wall just before the arrowsign.Inside: Finally something different. Get Expresso and fly right. If you jump as for as you can andfly at the apex of your jump, you”ll make it to the other side, where a red balloon awaits you.CLAM CITYAnother underwater level, this one with tons of clambos. It”s gonna be pretty hard here. Usetiming to get past the pearls, and take care of the other enemies with Enguarde. The question is,where the heck is Enguarde? Well, in the first vertical shaft, go left through a fake wall to findhim and the K. Use stabs a lot, and keep Enguarde with you! At the end you”ll have to go pastthree nasty croctopuses. Also, thin carefully before getting the banana bunches next to clambos.Got to the exit? Whew, I feel MUCH better.Animal token: About the only easy thing in this stage, after the N (at the upper left corner of thechomps shaft) get a Winky token by slipping by the clambo”s pearls.VINE VALLEY BOSS: Queen.

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BThis won”t be too hard if you know what you”re doing. Use Diddy and pick up a barrel thatappears and stand facing Queen. B and she”ll fly right into it. If you use Donkey, throw it. Aftergetting hit she”ll turn red and fly up and down. You can”t hurt her now, just run under her whenshe goes up. Each time she does this it”s faster. Five barrels and she”s out.***GORILLA GLACIER***SNOW BARREL BLASTThis is one of the longest stages in the game. It also has a lot of blast barrels. The enemies hereare mainly neckys, and you won”t have much of a problem until the end with the many blastbarrels. After picking up the animal token, blast straight down in the third barrel for a TON ofbananas and skip right to the exit! I”ve never beaten it the normal way, (and lost about 25 livestrying before discovering this by accident) but if you can you will get a blue balloon. The groundhere is slippery, so be careful not to slide off a cliff. Also, use the metal barrel to take out somegnawtys just after it. Also, near the beginning, bounce off three neckys in succession to reach arelatively easy red balloon.Animal token: Only go for this if you have both Kongs. Get in the fast spinning barrel and blastout at just the right time to snag the Rambi token. If you time it wrong, you”ll hit a zinger.Bonus room 1: get on the igloo at the very start and hold left to avoid sliding off. When the slowflying necky gets close enough, bounce off him to reach the off-screen barrel.Inside: Select the barrel the Winky token was last on and it”s all yours.Bonus room 2: This is much easier with Donkey. After busting the midway barrel go left, kill thekrusha (if you can) and drop down into the pit following the bananas and you”re off!Inside: Blast straight up from the 3-direction barrel cannon in the center to get the O. If you landback in the barrel, you can get more bananas.Bonus room 3: Just before the Rambi token, you”ll find a zinger that”s down/right from the barrelcannon you”re in. Blast straight down and you”ll land on a ice platform. Jump right a fewplatforms to the barrel cannon. This almost is in the Superhard Five.Inside: Blast between he spinning barrels collecting bananas.SLIPSLIDE RIDEMy gosh, this level”s hard. All of the ropes here are blue or purple. Blue automatically takes youup and purple takes you down. Most of this level consists of you going on ropes either having totime your jumps between ropes just right and do them very fast, or jumping up to ropes at just theright time. If you fail, you”ll get a stinger from a zinger, or maybe fall into a pit. The worst part isat the end, where you must climb up two purple ropes by jumping between them like Mothra”safter you (in case you”re interested, there”s zingers at the bottom). There”s one saving point: WithDonkey jump up from the first bonus room”s location and you”ll land in a barrel cannon thatsends you 3/4 through the level. Also in this level are a few armys to make your life evenhappier.Animal token: After the continue barrel (you have to skip the shortcut) bounce off a kritter to therope above (leading to the O and two banana bunches). Jump down from the rope on the weakground and Voila! Enguarde token!Bonus room 1: Bounce off one of the first two kritters to reach the rope at the start. Oops – nodoor. Oh well, I guess we have to go home. Hmmm… I wonder what that barrel”s doing there…Inside: Jump and spell out KONG by freezing the barrels for a red balloon.Bonus room 2: You must have Diddy. Go through the level until the first purple rope, then jumpright between the zingers. Pick up the barrel and jump back out (IOW, don”t hit a zinger on theway out) and slam the barrel against the left wall.Inside: Jump and hit the letters to spell NINTENDO for a red balloon. It”s hard.Bonus room 3: Take the shortcut, go right, and drop down. Then go left, past a purple rope, tosome blue ropes with zingers at the top of each one. Jump to the nearest one, then quickly jumpleft above the zinger to reach the barrel cannon. You should definitely have both Kongs here.Inside: First jump across the ropes and get an Expresso token. Then slide down them, jumpingoff just in time to get the banana bunches at the bottom.ICE AGE ALLEYThis stage is all about Expresso. To put it bluntly, you either use him to fly over the big pits(which you otherwise have to swing over) or do something that makes miracles look likeeveryday things. Remember to dismount and kill enemies, but don”t go too far away from him orhe”ll disappear. What”s that? Shut your stupid mouth and tell me where he is before I have agame over? Okay, he (and the K) are behind the start. Also, if you start the stage with one Kong,you can set a record for the shortest life – just jump immediately at the start (not that anybodywho”s not in a mental hospital would do that, but…)Animal token: NoneBonus room 1: This is easy. When you see two neckys ahead, dismount Expresso, and bounce offthem to reach the barrel cannon.Inside: Blast from barrel to barrel, collecting bananas and an Expresso token in the center. Thenget Expresso on the exit ledge.Bonus room 2: Uhhh… this isn”t in the Superhard Five for nothing. You”ve got to get Expresso tothe metal barrel. One hit and it”s over. There”s no way you could get him back here, andremember to dismount before jumping on enemies and fly over pits well. You must hit themidway barrel and if you lose him after that, you”re out of luck… go to another stage, beat it, andcome back. Once you get to the metal barrel jump back up to the ledge (fly assisted) and fly rightto a floating ledge with the barrel cannon and N.Inside: Ladies and gents, your work just paid off. Just jump and freeze the barrels on what theyare and if they”re all the same thing, you”ll get it. Thing is, they flash between RED, GREEN &BLUE BALLOONS!!!CROCTOPUS CHASEThis stage narrowly beats Slipslide Ride for a place in the Terrible Three – the three tougheststages in the game. You”ll deal with some squidges at the beginning and end and some chompswhich can be really hard to avoid. Mostly it”s just croctopuses – the blue kind that chases you.Use Diddy – he can swim faster. When you pass a croctopus, he”ll start chasing you and will keepchasing you until it reaches an alcove in the wall, where it stays (I DARE you to grab the objectswhere croctopuses stop).Secrets:O: This description is a little different from other stages. To get the O, swim through the wall tothe right of the first barrel cannons.Animal token 1: Easy. When you see a place where you can go up, down or right, go up andwhen the croctopus goes by, chase IT through this area and grab a Winky token.Animal token 2: Definitely the toughest token in the game. When the first croctopus after thesecond barrel cannons stops, go back left and through the wall to find it and 40 bananas.Enguarde and red balloon: When being chased y the first croctopus after the N, when the pathgoes right swim left through a narrow passageway. Enguarde and the balloon are in there.TORCHLIGHT TROUBLEFairly simple. Squawks is here to help you, but if you want a big challenge you can not use him.The first part involves you jumping over flaming oil drums and beating klumps – lots of them.Use Donkey because he can beat them more easily. When you reach the midway barrel, you”llhave to deal with krushas and mincers – DEFINITELY use Donkey here. All in all, it isn”t toobad – just jump over all the mincers and you”ll be done in no time.Animal token: NoneBonus room 1: Use the barrel right after the midway barrel to smash the wall below it (yawn).Inside: Another one where you try to freeze the barrels on the same thing. Go for the red balloon.Bonus room 2: Take the last barrel, jump the mincer, and slam it into the wall (give me a break!)Inside: Jump on the klap-trap and collect the banana bunches. A Rambi token will be yours if youcan grab ten without getting hit. The G is there too, but you need Diddy to get it.ROPE BRIDGE RUMBLETires, tires, got to get over my mires! Oops, I”m drunk, sorry. Nothing good, and pretty easy.Animal token: NoneBonus room 1: There”s absolutely nothing at all that would tip you off that a barrel cannon is inthe middle of the second pit, so this is in the Superhard Five. Thank heaven for tips.Inside: Bounce across the tires and get Winky. He”s a great buddy here when you”re talking aboutthe zillions of zingers.Bonus room 2: After the arrow sign you”ll see a single banana in the air – bounce up there.Inside: Jump and freeze the barrels on the same animal token, and one will be yours.GORILLA GLACIER BOSS: Really GnawtyJump on Very Gnawty”s bother once and he”ll make a high jump – run under him. Then he”ll starthopping again, faster and farther. Jar his brain again and he”ll make two high jumps. Keep hittinghim until he”s taken five blows and is down for the count.***KREMKROC INDUSTRIES INC***OIL DRUM ALLEYThis place can net you seven lives, which is why it”s in the Supersecret group. Anyway, there”snot much here except a lot of old enemies and oil drums (bounce off a kritter to get the O). Theones before the midway barrel are always flaming, the ones after it turn on and off. It gets prettyhairy near the end, with barrels and floating tires over (surprise!) pits. Time your bounces and bepatient. Oh, there are seven hidden items here!!! Look for black squares in the ground. Use ajump off an oil drum to get the G. Oh yeah, Rambi”s here, but you”ll be much better off withouthim – rhinos don”t like getting their butts burned, and he”s very difficult to maneuver. In case youuse him, he”s in one of the pits (it”s not a real pit, of course).Bonus room 1: Jump on the first black thing, then onto a barely visible rope at the top of thescreen. You”ll be carried over to the start. Then jump down and bust a TNT barrel out of theblack square. Take it to the first oil drum and blow it up, then drop down.Inside: Blast up in the center for a red balloon.Bonus room 2: Shortly after the K you”ll jump down from a ledge. Bust a barrel out of the blacksquare. Bust it against the left wall. Darn it, I need a challenge! Wait, I shouldn”t have said that…Inside: Jump and hit the barrels to freeze them, but…Bonus room 3: Believe it or not it”s accessed from bonus room 2! You only have one chance todo this IN THE WHOLE GAME, so if you mess up, reset and come back. Try to get a singlebanana on all three barrels (no, I”m not nuts) and you”ll get not a banana but a barrel. You musthave Diddy – pick it up, jump and then jump against the left wall. You can”t just slam the barrelin because the bonus room will immediately be exited. Instead, jump against the wall and holdright, and you”ll be in bonus room 3. This is in both the Supertough group and the Supersweetgroup.Inside: As long as you”re not blind or in a mental hospital you won”t have any trouble spellingDONKEY, KONG, & COUNTRY here. DONKEY is worth a red balloon, KONG a greenballoon, and COUNTRY a blue balloon! SIX LIVES!!!!!!!Bonus room 4: Use the barrel behind manky kong to turn the next wall on the right into a bonusroom.Inside: Bang on B like crazy for some bananas and the N.TRICK TRACK TREKThis stage involves you riding on a moving platform along a rail. Enemies of all kinds will dropdown on you from scaffolding, and you”ve got to get out alive. This stage almost made it into theSupersecret bunch. The level itself is so simple I will shut up and save myself a lot ofaggravation right now.Animal token: A Winky token is right next to bonus room 3.Bonus room 1: When the first moving platform stops, roll off it and jump right with Diddy. Ifyou roll far enough before jumping, you”ll make it.Inside: Ride the platform around and jump for bananas.Bonus room 2: After the second zinger in the second section jump right to some scaffolding withtwo gnawtys, and from there, jump to the barrel cannon.Inside: Jump on the klap-trap and collect ten banana bunches that he coughs up without gettinghit. If you do it right, you”ll have a red balloon.Bonus room 3: At the very end, roll through manky kong when he stops throwing barrels andyou”ll land on some lower scaffolding where it is.Inside: The last one of the Supersweet bunch, hit the barrels to freeze them on red, green or blueballoons!ELEVATOR ANTICSThis level is in the Terrible Three, because all the elevators… well, play it and you”ll agree withme. Really simple.Animal token: None!Bonus room 1: At the start, jump to the rope with Diddy, climb up and enter the open door.Inside: Spell KONG by freezing the barrels for a red balloon.Bonus room 2: When you find three ropes with yellow zingers patrolling each one, get on thefirst one, then jump to the second one when the zinger goes down, then quickly climb to the topto avoid getting stung. Then when the zinger on the third rope goes down, jump to the rope abovethe zinger and quickly jump right on top of the ceiling. Go right to the barrel cannon.Inside: Another wanna be for the Supersweet and Superhard categories, this one has a series ofbarrels. Thing is, it”s got the O, an Expresso token and a green balloon!Bonus room 3: On the last elevator before the exit, ride a platform down all the way to a doorwaythat”s easily missed.Inside: Blast up for a pile of bananas.POISON PONDThis stage is not recommended for environmentalists. Anyway this place has mainly mincers, butsome chomps jrs, squidges and bitesizes. A few hints: Watch mincers to learn their movementpattern and swim by quickly and at the right time, and remember that squidges move diagonallyupward, so stay near the bottom. You should be able to get all the KONG letters here (the K isabove the start). Also Enguarde is here twice! The first time go behind the start through a fakewall to find him, and you can also get him after the midway barrel. Decide for yourself whetherto get objects like banana bunches guarded by mincers and chomps jrs. Also at the end, swimnear the top to get through a school of bitesizes. Good luck. Are you ever gonna need it.Animal token 1: Just before the N you”ll find three mincers going around a room. Swim througha fake wall at the top to find a Rambi token.Animal token 2: After the Rambi token go right through a shaft lined with holes where you canavoid the mincer. Then you”ll find another room with three mincers. Go through another fakewall on the left to find an Expresso token and small shortcut.MINE CART MADNESSWHOA!!! In this level everything comes really fast, so you”ve got to think fast. Also you cannow jump out of your cart, which means you”ll have to jump from cart to cart a lot. After thecontinue barrel DON”T JUMP, your cart just lands on some lower tracks. Also you”ve got tojump over enemies like neckys. At the end, some carts will have krashes in them – stomp on themand then get in their carts. Uhhh… don”t go for all the KONG letters here.Animal token: Just after the O don”t jump into the next cart. Instead let yourself drop apparentlyoff the screen. When you see another cart on some lower tracks, jump into it. An Enguarde tokenis yours for the rest of the game (great, I sound like Pat Sajak now!)Bonus room 1: After the K jump up and onto the hanging rope, preferably with Diddy. Climb upand get in another cart. When you see a break in the bananas, jump and you”ll be there.Inside: Blast through the spinning barrels to get a Rambi token and a red balloon.Bonus room 2: After the N, jump up to the floating tire, then to the barrel cannon with Diddy.Inside: Freeze the barrels on animal tokens and match up three of the same token to get one!Bonus room 3: At the end of the stage jump back left from the scaffolding to a floating tire.Bounce up on several to reach the barrel cannon.Inside: Bounce up on the tire fro a pack of bananas.BLACKOUT BASEMENTThe lights turn off every second, making everything invisible. Try to jump on enemies when thelights are on, and also make your jumps when they are on. The worst part of this stage are themoving platforms. Don”t sweat it.Animal token: Get this Enguarde token with a rolling jump. It”s in plain sight but hard to get.Bonus room 1: When you find four dropping platforms, there”s a banana under the last one. Verysuspicious… drop down there!Inside: Blast from barrel to barrel, collecting bananas and the N in the center.Bonus room 2: You need bonus room 1 for this. When you come back you”ll bash a metal barrelout of the floor. Carry it right, then turn around and throw it at the wall. For the first and onlytime, it doesn”t break. Instead the barrel bounces back. Jump and ride on it (if you miss, you”rescrewed) right, bowling over enemies, ignoring the G, until the barrel goes back and hits a wall.Inside: Jump and hit the barrel the red balloon was last on and it”s yours… the lights will be on.KREMKROK INDUSTRIES INC BOSS: Dumb DrumAs always, the boss is pathetic. Dumb Drum tries to slam down on you. When he appears aboveyou, get out of the way and he”ll drop two kritters. Kill them and he”ll try to slam down on youtwice, this time faster. Run away both times and he”ll drop two slippas. Kill both and he”ll try toslam down three times even faster… you get the idea. The third time he spews klap-traps, thefourth klumps, and the fifth, armys. Use Donkey for the latter two. After that, he”ll explode.***CHIMP CAVERNS***TANKED UP TROUBLEThis level is simple: either ride the moving platform and collect all the fuel cans, or die. Thenumber of lights on each can shows how many fuel lights it restores. You can”t miss any andsurvive. Also avoid enemies (duh!). If the platform runs out of fuel it falls off the track… if youhappen to be standing on scaffolding at the time, you”ll see either Donkey shaking his head atyou or Diddy stomping on his baseball cap, like when you lose a bonus round. Then you”ll lose alife. The N and G may be hard to get.Animal token: I see the Enguarde token above the scaffolding at midway but don”t know how toget it.Bonus room 1: The last of the Superhard group, when the platform goes up the first time, jumpoff and fall parallel with the track and you”ll blast off.Inside: Choose the barrel the red balloon was last on.MANIC MINCERSMincers, more mincers, Rambi, mincers.Animal token: From the exit of bonus room 2, get on the ledge, and jump up and left to find aWinky token in the air.Bonus room 1: After the second TNT barrel is a hole with a krusha. Kill him with Donkey andblow the right wall to kingdom come (or with Rambi)Inside: Keep jumping on the three klap-traps. Grab ten banana bunches for a red balloon.Bonus room 2: I”ll let you find it. If you can”t go to the nearest mental hospital, it”ll save you alot of aggravation.Inside: Run under the mincers and pick up the G. If you get hit you”ll exit but won”t lose a Kong.Bonus room 3: After getting the animal token go through bonus room 2 again, pick up a barrel,make a big jump right to avoid landing on a gnawty and smash the wall right of the arrow sign.Inside: Choose the right barrel for a red balloon.MISTY MINEMore enemies than any other level! The main feature of this stage are the MANY things that looklike mini-Dumb Drums that spew enemies like klap-traps, gnawtys, slippas and armys. You canblow them up with a TNT barrel, otherwise, just move on. There”s a lot of ropes too, and if youcan, bounce off eight or more enemies in succession for big lives!Animal token 1: Pick up the fourth TNT barrel with Donkey and jump over the enemies andcanisters. If you make it to the one with the Rambi token under it, quickly get to the side andthrow that barrel at it!Animal token 2: An Expresso token is in the air, fly off the left ledge with Expresso to get it.Bonus room 1: After the continue barrel get on the first rope and when it stops, slide all the waydown to find the open door.Inside: ALL THE KONG LETTERS ARE HERE!!! Ride the rope to get them and Expresso atthe end.Bonus room 2: After the Expresso token, use Donkey and pick up the TNT barrel. Jump over theenemies and canisters and when you reach a hole, drop in, stand next to the right wall, and set thebarrel down and in you go. It”s easier to jump over enemies with Donkey.Inside: Freeze the barrels by hitting them and collect any animal token if they all are the same.LOOPY LIGHTSAll the klap-traps here jump when you do, so make high jumps to beat them. Also, be sure to hitthe On & Off barrels. They switch to off quickly, so hurry. If they go off, you just might walkinto a pit… how humiliating.Animal token: NoneBonus room 1: Drop into the first pit.Inside: Blast from barrel to barrel for the K and some bananas.Bonus room 2: This is a bit hard. When you find a necky guarding a light barrel, kill him butdon”t use the barrel! You may get hit doing so. Then take the barrel right down some steps andjump over a pit. Turn on the lights, set the barrel down, kill the klap-trap, pick the barrel up andram in into the right wall (what a mouthful!)PLATFORM PERILSThe very last stage of the game is also in the Terrible Three. It”s got a lot of dropping platforms,many with enemies on them. Some of the enemies are beaten quicker with Donkey, so use him.It”s pretty simple until the arrow sign. Then you”ve got to get across a lot of platforms by killingthe silver krusha on each one. In twelve words or less, either take each barrel and kill the nextkrusha with it, or die. (Actually that”s thirteen words). Use Donkey because he can throw barrelsfarther.Animal token: When you find a platform with a necky to the right and two bananas above it, dropwith it until you see another platform to the right. Jump onto it and jump right from platform toplatform, picking up the Winky token.Bonus room 1: When you get on the very first platform, jump off it and fall directly below it andyou”ll land on an invisible platform that takes you over to the barrel cannon.Inside: Jump and freeze the barrels to spell KONG for a red balloon.Bonus room 2: One”s at the beginning, the other at the end!. On the very last dropping platform(with a gnawty) drop with it and then jump with to some scaffolding under the main scaffoldingthat leads to the barrel cannon.Inside: Jump and hit the barrel the Enguarde token was last on to get it.CHIMP CAVERNS BOSS: Master Necky. SrHe”ll spit a nut, jump over it and bounce up to him via the tire. Only difference between him andhis son is that he spits one additional nut for each time you hit him, but he”s still a pushover.***GANGPLANK GALLEON***There are no stages here, just the final battle.Phase 1: Finally, at the very end of the game, an enemy who I can”t beat in 30 seconds or less.King. K Rool takes nine hits, unlike all the other bosses which took five. You actually mighthave a challenge here! First run right to meet the obese king of reptiles. He”ll throw his crown atyou – jump over it and hit him on the head. He”ll make a groaning noise like when you beat akrusha. Now he”ll run across the ship – jump over him. Then he throws his crown again, faster.Jump over it and hit him on the head. Now he”ll run across twice (considering how fat he is, I”mquite surprised he can run that fast) the second time faster than the first. Jump over him bothtimes and hit him on the head when he throws his crown.Now he”ll make one huge leap to the other side of the ship and use his massive butt to shakesome cannonballs out of the rigging. They fall one by one, bouncing off the deck once beforefalling off the screen. You can”t hide between them – instead just after one falls off the screen,roll onto where it was so the next one won”t hit you. After this he”ll throw his crown, jump it andhit him on the head. Now he”ll jump to the other side of the ship, this time a little harder. Ballswill fall across the screen TWICE, so roll between them twice. Then hit him on the noggin whenhe throws his crown. He”ll jump again, this time with balls falling thrice. I don”t need to tell youwhat to do next. After the sixth hit, it”s time for the fat monkey to sing… or is it?***THE END?***No, it”s NOT the end! You”ll see some kredits, except they all kredit kremlings! Hmmm… that”sa little suspicious. Then King. K Rool gets up. Stand near him but not too close, as he”ll jumptoward the center of the ship – roll! He”ll throw his crown – him on the head (honestly, I”ve saidthat so much in this file I sound like a robot). Now he”ll jump again, but this time jump backtoward the side he started on, making smaller jumps. It”s tougher to roll under him now. Do soand he”ll THC, HHOTH! He”ll now jump across the ship threefold, making smaller jumps eachtime. After this he”ll throw his crown… jump over it, hit him on the feet (just kidding) and watchthe ending dude – you”ve earned it.***THE REAL END***Cranky will give you a little lecture and tell you that there are some bonus rooms you still haven”tfound, unless you got into them all. You don”t have to “win” them or collect anything, just visitevery one and. To see if you have, after beating Platform Perils go to Candy Kong and save yourgame. If it says 100%, you”ve got them all! If it doesn”t the number of percents below 100 is thenumber of bonus rooms you haven”t found, as you get 1% for each completed level and 1% foreach bonus room. You”ll get the final percent for beating King. K Rool, giving you 101%completion! Cranky says that you”re almost as good as he used to be (and me too, but they madethis game when I was three and I didn”t exactly get to complain). CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!You”ll see your banana hoard, filled with bananas (notice how you can see bananas in thebackground of each boss arena, so many in fact the ones you see are only a fraction of your realhorde). Don”t as me how King. K Rool got all those bananas out of there without getting bustedby the monkey police… never mind. Then you”ll see all the heroes, enemies, helpers and animalsin Donkey Kong”s treehouse. Speaking of which…***TOKEN BONUS GAMES***ENGUARDEThis place has little hallways in an area of red water (!) filled with icons. You can also go directlyright, up or left from the start through walls to find rooms filled with tons of icons. I”drecommend first going through each corner, never backtracking and collecting icons. Aftervisiting each corner or when time runs low, go back to the start and go straight down through thewall to find the giant doubler icon to double your tokens!RAMBIIt”s impossible to get the doubler and make it worthwhile, so I suggest charging right, getting allthe icons on the ground. Then on the right side climb up the platforms and then go back left,jumping from platform to platform, collecting icons. If you really want the doubler you have toclimb on top of the start door, then jump up on some higher platforms where you can”t seeyourself. You must cross all the way to the right side and jump over the right wall to get it, andyou might fall off and can”t get any icons on the way.EXPRESSOFirst, jump and fly to get a little extra height so you can get above the start door. Go left and dropdown. Climb back up collecting icons. Then go back over the wall and go right, flying througheach of the three icon filled areas. Fly right, then fly back left from the cliff, and then go alongthe ground collecting icons. Climb up the cliff on the right and proceed to the next area. Whentime runs low, go to the third area of icons. Then climb the right cliff, and at the top jump and flyto go higher to get over the wall to the doubler.WINKYGo left, bounce up on the tire, and climb up the platforms getting icons. At the top, go right andgo down through the second area, getting even more tokens. Then in the third area, climb up,getting more tokens. At the top, go up and left over the wall (unlike the Expresso area, the path isvisible) and go through this path to the doubler. Then go back and collect as many more tokensas you can before time runs out.So that”s Donkey Kong Country. If you liked it, try Donkey Kong Country 2 – it”s pretty nifty. Ohyeah, good luck!!!

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