So everyone is on the same page > ...... Hãng Asus Tuf Gaming X570 with Wifi. 3700X , Ripjaws Series V > Hãng Asus QVL approved. Installed in slots 2 và 4. Ok....... we flash the bgame ios. Unplug PSU, Clear CMOS, Perhaps even a few times for good measure.....Plug in PSU, power baông xã up. I go inlớn AI Tweaker. I enable DOCPhường. và boom......there is my Ram XMP, you load it, beautiful. It works. At rated speeds immediately. Flawless...... with me so far???? EVERYTHING ELSE LEFT TO AUTO....... Windows shows it running 3600 (correct) ..... Now, forget everything I just said, Go bachồng và re-flash bgame ios, clear cmos, load defaults, reboot, re-enter bios .............. WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CAN I NOT MANUALLY ENTER MY DRAM TIMINGS và get the damn thing lớn boot inlớn windows? I don"t mean all 4,000 tiny options of the ram. No, I mean the main ones. 3600 mzh, 18000 mhz FLCK (you know what I mean) ------ it"s all phối right. Just basic, no brainer settings that SHOULD WORK........ WITHOUT DOCP being enabled - at all......... I ought to lớn be able to bởi vì it manually without DOCP. Period. So far the best I have been able lớn vày is to get it lớn boot into lớn windows using my manual settings, BUT...... windows only reporting the bare basic speed of 2133........ WHY? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY? >>>>> Dram voltage? Nope. Manually increased lớn 1.35 which works FLAWLESSLY when Docp is enabled. Same voltage. That"s what it calls for at 3600mhz. I don"t get it. It"s driving me mad........... I"m missing a step somewhere. YES, I have sầu been lớn the "advanced" tab and all the way down at the bottom it says AMD OVERCLOCK. Cool........ a peek around inside there I find an option to "Enable" Dram Overcloông chồng....... which is technically correct. Anything over 2133 is technically overclocked. ----- SO even that feature should tell all the hardwared > HEY, RUN THIS BITCH AT 3600mhz. ----- It"s not happening. Reward: You very may well save sầu someones soul tonight.

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hmmilimet, all I know is when I upgraded my memory from 32gb lớn 64gb all the settings on both kits are the same but it would not boot until I rephối the bios maybe that is what you have lớn bởi vì. good luck

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Did you remember your SoC voltage? Vdram isn"t the only voltage being phối when you clichồng DOCP.. Seeing as you described timings as the "4000 tiny options of the RAM", making sure that the average user such as yourself is able khổng lồ load a stable overcloông xã at the touch of a button is precisely the idea behind XMP & DOCP. When XMP/DOCP.. is enabled, it sets freq, timings, Vdram (usually 1.2, 1.3, or 1.5V) & VSoC for you. Stock Asus tự động hóa SoC is 1.025V và generally might not be enough for pushing stable 3600/3733/3800. DOCP/XMP. auto SoC is almost always 1.1V on any board, và generally falls around 1.08-1.11V actual voltage on the SVI2 bus. Hãng Asus also seems to lớn be dictating an abnormally high Aukhổng lồ procODT on their new BIOSes. Out of the box mine was 53ohms, really high for Matisse, which should only need roughly 30-40ohms at the most. If you have sầu trouble booting, you can also play around with procODT lớn see if it helps. Also, what you refer lớn as the "main timings" aren"t main timings. 3600 is the RAM tốc độ, 1800 is the IF tốc độ. The main timings are tCL, tRCD(RD/WR), tRPhường, tRAS, tRC. If you haven"t set those at the very least, then chances are the board is trying to lớn run the tốc độ that you"ve sầu set (3600) at the timings of the JEDEC 2133 profile (15-15-15), which is something that only the best kits out there can actually achieve. You vày realize that DOCP.. is literally only making your life easier? On Asus & Gigabyte boards, it"s perfectly acceptable to first load XMP/DOCPhường lớn ensure that the board is using obscure secondary/tertiary timings from the XMPhường profile, before proceeding to overclock khổng lồ an even higher RAM speed with custom timings, all while leaving XMP/DOCP. on.

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