Windows Password Recovery Tool 7, Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate 7

What”s Windows password recovery tool 3.0? Most people are confused about this issue, well it”s the perfect version of Windows password recovery tool. Many of products have this verison. Today, I will tell you guys how to download the full version for free. Please follow the tutorial below to check more.

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Part 1. Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 Free Download Full Version 4WinKey is unarguably one of the best tools for removing or resetting Windows password. This amazing program can download tool 3.0 for free. The download package below is 100% safe. 4WinKey is fully compatible with Windows and Mac, just choose the one for your OS.

Detailed Steps on Removing Windows Password

Step 1. Download and install 4WinKey on a computer that is available and not locked, then select CD/DVD or USB Flash drive, whichever you are comfortable with, to burn the software.


Step 2. Eject the removable drive once burning is complete. Insert in your locked computer and restart it with constantly pressing F12 to enter BIOS mode. Then, find your disk name ans use arrow key to select it. Then, save and exit.

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Step 3. Now, you will see 4WinKey interface. Select version of your Windows computer from the list and click Next.


Step 4. Now, choose Remove Account Password. If multiple people use the computer, select your username. Hit Next.


Step 5. In the Process section, password removal process will automatically begin. It will take around three minutes for the entire process to complete.

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Once over, you”ll receive a notification. To access your account directly, you will have to reboot the computer without disk instered. After restarting, you can choose to not create a new password for your user id. The id will still be visible in the list.

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