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A pig surrounded by a bunch of coins, celebrities, và millions of players…

Of course, I’m talking about Coin Master – one of the world’s top-grossing games in 2021.

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Obviously, Coin Master monetization is the key to lớn its success in revenue.

In this analysis, you will learn all about how the game monetizes, what does it have to lớn bởi vì with the gameplay itself, and much more.

How Successful is Coin Master?

Coin Master is brought khổng lồ us by Moon Active sầu. It was first released in năm ngoái, & it took a few years for it khổng lồ reach worldwide popularity and top-grossing charts.

We all know the game is successful, và here’s just how much.

By 2021, the game managed lớn get 181,23 million worldwide downloads.

In terms of revenue, Coin Master reached a total of $1,28 billion during its lifetime. 

For Coin Master, 20đôi mươi was a groundbreaking year.

The downloads spiked in May 20trăng tròn, during the first coronavi khuẩn lockdown. Revenues peaked at the same time, in April & May 20trăng tròn. Afterwards, the numbers remained fairly high for the rest of 20đôi mươi.

Coin Master’s revenues are driven mainly by the US, which made for more than half (52.61%) of the total revenue. Just lượt thích in terms of downloads, Android users took the lead with a 67.12% revenue tóm tắt.

One of the key factors that drove these numbers is the game’s approach to user acquisition. It is more than obvious that their main focus is the US market, as they got many high protệp tin US celebrities lớn advertise the game.

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The bottom line is – it obviously works. We got this covered as well, so make sure lớn check our Coin Master advertising dissection.

The people just can’t resist playing the same game as Jennifer Lopez or Kris Jenner!

First Impressions

We believe sầu that the best way lớn analyze a game is by putting ourselves in the players’ shoes.

For this reason, I decided to lớn play the game for the first time.

We all know the first-time user experience is extremely important. This is how Coin Master handled first impressions.


It came with better value for money than any other thành phầm in the store, with a price of $1.99. According to the offer, it was 250% more valuable than regular offers.

This is an excellent opportunity khổng lồ convert new players. To give sầu players time lớn decide whether they want khổng lồ purchase it, a small inhỏ & timer appear on the home screen.

In the same session, I was building my village with the coins earned from spinning. After I ran out of coins, a “Not enough coins!” pop up appeared. It comes with an offer khổng lồ purchase +3,5 million coins at $3.99.

Just lượt thích with the spins, this kind of offer appears every time the player uses all the coins. However, it is not always the same. The offer depends on the number of coins needed at that particular stage of the game (each new village is more expensive sầu than the previous one).

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Day 3

This time, the game launch came with an even more generous “First Timer Pack” offer. It came at the same price as the first one, but the number of spins và coins was higher.

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