Coin Master Provides many không lấy phí rewards lớn their users lượt thích daily like free spin, miễn phí pet food, Coins, cards, & so on. So, if you are looking for “How to lớn get Coin Master Rare và the golden thẻ,” then you landed in the right place.

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To keep winning in the Coin Master, you need khổng lồ collect golden and rare cards khổng lồ get a big bonus. Here your guide for Coin Master cards & how to get miễn phí Rare & Golden cards in the Coin Master. Let’s first start with what is golden cards và why they are so important.

Rare & Golden Card in Coin Master, and why are they important?

Rare and golden are the cards you need to lớn collect to lớn finish card collection in the coin master. When you complete the cards collection in the coin master, you will receive sầu không tính phí spins & coins.

Rare cards help you lớn finish thẻ collection, & on top of that, they will give many bonuses lượt thích coin master không tính phí spin, không lấy phí pet food, and coin master boom level as well.

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You didn’t mention winning a tournament. Lately each tournament usually offers a gold thẻ that will finish your lowest open mix often. Or sometimes a middle open set. This means it is a rarest gold thẻ. Or you missed it in a lower màn chơi not buying enough chests & playing long enough khổng lồ get raid chests. I’ve sầu gotten rare gold cards in wooden chests in rsida. In boom levels.

Also màn chơi 5 of viking quest is offering a normal gold card not usually rare but often helpful. And winning viking quest is giving a rare that usually completes a set. I have sầu found my thẻ in the middle of a tournament & had the tournament change to lớn a new one making it still worth going after

Play one tournament hard as you can! Complete it và get the thẻ.

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Place top 3 và get a special chest with usually about a 1 in 40-50 chance of having a joker, & 1-trăng tròn of having a good new gold thẻ in it. Plus way bigger spin bonus & more xp… You don’t have to place top 3 to lớn get the gr& prize & often won’t . Usually need lớn keep playing for the sự kiện to get the top 3


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