Next, to Attaông chồng Madness và Raid Madness, there is another event that combines both attacking và raiding. More interesting is that in these special events you can complete your missions even faster. If you get three special items, like ice creams or diamonds you get ten times the number of spins you betted. How you can beat this event? There is only one way! I’ll show you how.

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How khổng lồ play special events in Coin Master

In Special events, you have sầu khổng lồ collect items like ice creams, diamonds or other items. A complete tutorial on these events you will find on the Coin Master tư vấn pages. The only thing you have to rethành viên in this event is that the number of items you have to lớn collect lớn complete the missions is raising quickly. But how can you make a profit?

Cheông xã Facebook for winnings in special events


During events people create lists of the rewards in special events. these lists help you decide when to lớn play on or stop. The best way is to lớn stop after getting extra spins. You can use them in next events. An example of a danh sách for the camp event in august 2019 you will find here.

Tip: If you are cthua trận on completing a mission during an sự kiện these không tính tiền daily spins can help you big time! Get them before they expire.

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Follow these tactics

In this event, the fastest way lớn get items is lớn look for the 3 items in a row. These don’t come a lot. You should find the pattern khổng lồ know when these items come. In most cases, there is a pattern in which you get 3 attacks followed by 1 raid, followed by 3 attacks & again 1 or two rsida và then 3 items appear. So just play at low bet during attacks, play maximum bet when rsida are up (so you can stochồng coins fast) và when 3 items are up, raise the bet lớn maximum again.

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What if you play differently on the special events?

It is possible to get coins and spins in other ways too. If you lower và raise your bet at the right moments you can still win at these events, but it will become more difficult.

What are your tactics?

What vì you think is the best way to play special events? Do you have tricks that helped you crachồng this event. Let us know!

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