There are moments when you play Coin Master that something happens that is not how it is supposed to be. For example, if you purchased an công trình and you didn’t get it. Or if you played an event và you didn’t get the sự kiện reward. At those frustrating moments you want lớn talk to the creators of Coin Master & ask them to lớn make things right. In this post I tell you how you can liên hệ Coin Master Support and what you need to lớn vày khổng lồ have the highest chance of getting what you deserve.

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When not to liên hệ Coin Master help

First, there are a lot of moments you should not reach out for Coin Master support. For example if you lost a lot of spins (for new miễn phí spins check our không lấy phí spins page) in an sự kiện because you had bad luck or if you cannot get the rare card you need to complete your mix this is not something they can fix. The same goes for helping you out with game strategies. At these moments you have sầu to reach out for your fellow players in Facebook groups or the nice readers of this trang web. Ask them en they will help.


There are a few good reasons though when you should reach out lớn the nice people of Coin Master. I’ll give sầu you some examples.

When you made a purchase và didn’t get the rewardsAt events when you didn’t get your rewardsWhen there is a bug in the gameAt the moment all your cards are gone (yes it happens)When something is wrong with your account

To summarize, just contact Coin Master Support when something bad happens in the game & it isn’t your own fault.

How to tương tác Coin Master Support

You can reach out to Coin Master tư vấn from within the game. Follow these easy steps.

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Time needed: 2 minutes.

Go khổng lồ the settings page in the Coin Master app

First cliông xã on the thực đơn button & cliông xã on the bottom button. You will get lớn the settings page.

Piông chồng the subject you need support on

Read the questions & answers on the tư vấn page. If your answer is there you are lucky và can continue the game.

Use the Contact us links on the page

If your question is not answered you can clichồng on the tương tác us liên kết. A size opens.

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Fill out the support form

Fill out the tư vấn khung. Be as detailed as you can, and make sure khổng lồ skết thúc in screenshots as proof. If you have sầu them of course. If you ar ready, sover in the khung.

Be patient

A lot of contact requests are made every day. Be sure khổng lồ be patient. It can take days or even weeks before you get an answer. Don’t reskết thúc lớn soon. It won’t help.

Have sầu you reached out to Coin Master already?

Did you liên hệ the support team already? How long did you have sầu lớn wait? Did you get an answer? Did you get compensated for the lost spins or coins? Please let me know. You might help someone out!

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