This article is about the recurring object throughout the Mario franchise. For the glider in Mario Kart Tour, see ? Bloông xã (glider).

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? Block
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1985) Lademo appearance Animal Crossing: New Horizons (version 1.8.0) (2021)Super Mario 3 chiều World + Bowser"s Fury (2021, Mario franchise) Effect on player Releases an sản phẩm or coin when hit (can release enemies in the Super Mario Maker series).

A ? Block (alternatively Question Mark Block[1], Question Block[2], Mystery Block[3], Prize Block[4], brown Question Mark Box[5][6], or simply ?[7]) is one of the many blocks found in the Mario universe, & one of the most common. ? Blocks are usually seen floating in midair, often containing coins, Super Mushrooms, or Fire Flowers. They may also be invisible. Beginning in Super Mario Bros. 3, there are different ways to hit the blochồng other than simply jumping inlớn it from below, lượt thích using a tail whip with a Super Leaf or Tanooki Suit, or a cape spin with a Cape Feather, to whaông chồng the ? Block, or kicking a Koopage authority Shell at the Item Blochồng. As of the New Super Mario Bros. series, a Ground Pound may also be used to activate it. Hitting a ? Bloông chồng will turn it into an Empty Block.

The instruction booklet for Super Mario Bros. states that Bowser, using the Turtle Tribe"s famous dark magic, had cursed the Mushroom Kingdom, turning the Mushroom People into a variety of objects, including bricks. Princess Toadstool, being the only person who could reverse the spell on her people, was kidnapped by Bowser.[8] Later, it is mentioned that Mario can receive sầu a Magic Mushroom, Fire Flower or Starman from these cursed bricks.[9] This would appear khổng lồ be the origin of the ? Blocks since the English version also uses the term briông chồng khổng lồ refer to blocks in general,[10] although the Japanese version properly uses the term block.[11] Regardless, blocks have since been established as being a staple of the setting.


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History < edit>

Super Mario series < edit>

Super Mario Bros. < edit>

Super Mario Bros. is the ? Block"s debut appearance in the Mario series, along with a handful of other items. They appear in many levels, first appearing in World 1-1. They appear lớn be flashing và they give sầu Mario either coins or items that can help Mario. They are very common, since they are sometimes needed khổng lồ complete a màn chơi or help Mario in a tough situation. Some blocks are hidden & can be only seen when Mario happens to hit them. Some blocks also release Beanstalks inlớn the air, making it available for climbing.

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels < edit>

These blocks reappear in the sequel Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels with the exact same appearance và function. No changes have sầu been made khổng lồ these blocks, but certain ? Blocks can contain the new tricky non-Power-up, the Poison Mushroom, which were introduced in The Lost Levels as well.

Super Mario Bros. 3 < edit>

Although absent in Super Mario Bros. 2, ? Blocks return in Super Mario Bros. 3, though their thiết kế is slightly different: they bởi vì not flash; instead, the ? marks on the blocks scroll sideways. While they work as they did in Super Mario Bros., the item"s direction depends on the side the bloông chồng was hit on; hitting a block"s right side will now cause a Super or 1-Up Mushroom to go left instead.

Mega ? Blocks also debut in this game; they appear in World 4 (where they contain the usual contents) và in bonus rooms (where they give 3 1-Up Mushrooms or one of the game"s three suit power-ups). The above cống phẩm pathway properties also apply to these blocks.

Super Mario L& < edit>

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Mystery Blocks appear in Super Mario Land, although they are much smaller due lớn the gameplay resolution.

Super Mario World < edit>

The ? Blocks of Super Mario World have sầu eyes identical lớn those of the game"s Rotating Blocks under their question marks, & get an "angry" expression when used up. Otherwise, no function-related changes has been made. There are also winged variants called Flying ? Blocks, which fly left to lớn right while moving up and down. A red ? Bloông xã, only found in the dark final hallway of Bowser"s Castle, activates a spotlight.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins < edit>

? Blocks again have sầu the same purpose in Super Mario Lvà 2: 6 Golden Coins, more closely matching the usual appearance.

Super Mario 64 DS < edit>

In New Super Mario Bros., ? Blocks return, used as they were in previous 2 chiều Mario games. Red Flying ? Blocks similar khổng lồ the ones from Super Mario World fly around the world maps, moving lớn different levels every time Mario or Luigi chiến bại a life, complete a màn chơi, enter a Toad House, etc. Five items can be inside: a Fire Flower, 1-Up Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, Mega Mushroom, or a Blue Shell. Normal Flying ? Blocks from Super Mario World also appear, but while some of them fly left to right, others only move sầu up và down. In two Ghost Houses, ? Blocks that contain Boos appear. The game also features rare Spiked ? Blocks in World 6-3, which only appear in this game. Mario must be careful lớn hit the bloông xã only on a spikeless side.

Unlượt thích in prior games, where ? Blocks can only be hit from below, by using power-ups, or by throwing something at them, ? Blocks in this game can also be ground pounded.

? Blocks vary in color depending on the theme of the cấp độ, with this trover recurring in New Super Mario Bros. Wii và New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Super Mario Galaxy < edit>

In Super Mario Galaxy, ? Blocks, making their 3D Mario debut, contain Star Bits and coins, và can usually be hit multiple times before vanishing. Most ? Blocks with Star Bits release a multitude of Star Bits when hit, rather than acting lượt thích Coin Blocks. Unlượt thích in New Super Mario Bros., ? Blocks in this game cannot be ground pounded, the holes in the sides have sầu nails in them, and the "?" flashes (lượt thích the blochồng itself did in Super Mario Bros.), rather than scrolling sideways.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii < edit>

The ? Blocks make a return in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Here, they have sầu the exact function and appearance as in New Super Mario Bros. but some behave sầu differently from the average stationary ? Bloông xã. In some levels, for example, some blocks tkết thúc lớn sway left và right along with other objects such as Brick Blocks và coins. Also, in multiplayer mode, power-up-holding ? Blocks spew out their contents upon being hit (depending of the number of active sầu players và their forms). Mega ? Blocks lay in the water in some levels, where it is easier khổng lồ ground pound them. Flying ? Blocks also appear, acting the same way as in the previous game, but the red ones on the map screen vị not return. There is also a haunted version that launches itself towards the player if they get near. In single player mode, a Toad can be found trapped in a ? Bloông chồng in certain levels; if Mario brings the Toad khổng lồ the kết thúc of the level, he is awarded with a Toad House, with the variation depending on the timer.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 < edit>

? Blocks reappear in Super Mario Galaxy 2, looking and acting as they did in the first Super Mario Galaxy. In this game, ? Blocks that release a bunch of Star Bits when hit & Coin Blocks reappear. ? Blocks that release one Star Bit at a time when hit repeatedly do not return.

Flying ? Blocks from Super Mario World also appear, và they act the same; however, they vị not move sầu up & down while flying, and they act just lượt thích normal ? Blocks otherwise. They make chirping noises while flying, lượt thích birds.

Super Mario 3D Lvà < edit>

? Blocks appear in the Nintenbởi vì 3DS game, Super Mario 3D L&, looking & acting as they vì chưng in the 2 chiều Super Mario games, though they are not animated. A rare wearable version called the ? Box is introduced, which gives infinite coins lớn the player as they move or jump. Like the Propeller Box, if the player finishes a level with a ? Box, they are awarded an extra life & the box is removed. Long ? Blocks are also introduced, which give the player three coins (two if they contain items) in one hit. Blokkabloks, which also debut in this game, have some of their toàn thân segments as spiked ? Blocks; these blocks break when hit, unlike normal ? Blocks.

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New Super Mario Bros. 2 < edit>

The ? Blocks reappear in New Super Mario Bros. 2. Long ? Blocks from Super Mario 3 chiều Land also reappear, with the same function as before; they are also used as the platforms Reznors stand on.

New Super Mario Bros. U < edit>

The ? Blocks also reappear in New Super Mario Bros. U, acting as in the previous games. Mega ? Blocks và Obake Blocks also return in this game.

Super Mario 3D World < edit>

Both regular ? Blocks & Long ? Blocks reappear in Super Mario 3 chiều World with a metallic kiến thiết, working as they did in Super Mario 3 chiều Land. In multiplayer, power-up-holding ? Blocks work like they do in the New Super Mario Bros. games, but rather than spewing items out, they act like normal Coin Blocks (depending on the number of active sầu players; this applies only for power-ups in the case of Long ? Blocks). The Coin Boxes from Super Mario 3 chiều Land also appear; however, they work more like the Gold Blocks of New Super Mario Bros. 2, and are also shinier than a regular ? Bloông chồng.

Occasionally, hitting a ? Bloông chồng would make an 8-bit sprite of Luigi pop out of the blochồng.

Super Mario Maker / Super Mario Maker for Nintenvày 3DS / Super Mario Maker 2 < edit>

? Blocks reappear in Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Maker for Nintenvày 3DS, và Super Mario Maker 2 as objects that can be placed inlớn levels. Power-ups, Trampolines, Phường Switches, Vines, Yoshi"s Eggs, Goomba"s Shoes, and enemies can be placed in these blocks.

Super Mario Run < edit>

? Blocks serve the same function in Super Mario Run as in previous games, although this time, they can be affected in Toad Rally while in "Coin Rush" mode và in Reset 10 after collecting a Super Star, during which they start flashing & can be hit lớn produce large amounts of coins or three power-ups at a time. Additionally, they can contain a Pink Coin, Purple Coin, or Blaông chồng Coin inside of it, depending on the stage/màn chơi.

A special type of ? Bloông chồng also appears in the Bonus trò chơi in Rephối 10, which grants the player a random object that can be used in Kingdom Builder. The rarity of the reward the player receives from the ? Block is determined by how many times they hit it, although the number of times they are able to lớn bởi so is random (although if the block is shiny, it guarantees a reward of 3★ or higher). If the player hits the ? Blochồng once và it becomes empty, they receive a 1★ reward; otherwise, a coin pops out, the ? Bloông chồng increases in kích thước, và the rarity of the reward goes up by one star, allowing the player to lớn hit the blochồng again until they receive a reward. The maximum number of hits the ? Bloông chồng can take is five sầu, in which case the player receives a 5★ reward, the highest possible star rating for the Bonus trò chơi.

The danh mục below are the 1★ và 2★ rewards obtained from a ? Blochồng. The rewards that are 3★ or higher are shown here.

1★ 2★ Blue Hill Green Hill Red Hill Purple Hill Yellow Hill Blue Hill Pair Green Hill Pair Red Hill Pair Purple Hill Pair Yellow Hill Pair Blue Flower Patch Green Flower Patch Red Flower Patch Purple Flower Patch Yellow Flower Patch White Flower Patch Blue Mushroom Green Mushroom Red Mushroom Purple Mushroom Yellow Mushroom Little Blue Mushrooms Little Green Mushrooms Little Red Mushrooms Little Purple Mushrooms Little Yellow Mushrooms Round Tree Pair Round Tree Trio Fruit Bush Red Flowering Bush Acorn Tree Palm Tree Grass Clump Fir Tree Poinsettia Dandelion Banamãng cầu Statue Blue Toad House Green Toad House Red Toad House Purple Toad House Yellow Toad House Blue Pipe A Green Pipe A Red Pipe A Purple Pipe A Yellow Pipe A Blue Pipe B Green Pipe B Red Pipe B Purple Pipe B Yellow Pipe B Blue Pipe C Green Pipe C Red Pipe C Purple Pipe C Yellow Pipe C Posh Blue Toad House Posh Green Toad House Posh Red Toad House Posh Purple Toad House Posh Yellow Toad House Bloông xã A Block B Bloông chồng C Blochồng D Bloông xã E Mario Goal Pole Luigi Goal Pole Peach Goal Pole Yoshi Goal Pole Toad Goal Pole Toadette Goal Pole

A Super Bonus Game holding a Bonus ? Blochồng, however, also appears, which not only guarantees a reward of 3★ rarity or higher, but also has a possibility of yielding a rare 6★ reward.

Super Mario Odyssey < edit>

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