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Bleem was a promising commercial Playstation emulator which first appeared in 1999. It was a relatively small emulator which could run many games pretty fast. Two versions of Bleem were available, a demo version (available below) and the full version which required a CD key to function. David vs. GoliathBecause Bleem tried to commercially exploit it”s Playstation emulator, it was a prime target for Sony (the creators of the Playstation) to sue. After all in Bleem”s case there was an actual entity to sue (the company) whereas the authors of freeware emulators are much harder to sue because it”s not always clear who “owns” freeware emulators. BleemcastOne of the last products Bleem released was Bleemcast, an emulator for the Dreamcast which allowed owners of Sega”s Dreamcast to play a few popular Playstation games on it. Unfortunately the Dreamcast was abandoned by it”s creator, Sega, which left Bleemcast without a system to run on. Gone the way of the DodoAlthough Bleem won most of the lawsuits launched against it by Sony, Bleem lost a lot of time and money in court due to these lawsuits. Combined with the lack of succes of their Bleemcast product and the fact that many gamers were moving on to newer, better systems eventually lead to Bleem”s demise. As of November 2001, Bleem is no more. What”s leftBelow you can find the Bleem demo, to see what Bleem once was. If you want the full version you might be able find it discounted in some shops or as abandonware on some websites. Additionally if you are one of the owners of a Bleem CD key, you might be able to find the last beta versions and use them (version 1.6a, 1.6b).

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