Cameron Jibril Thomaz, better known by the stage name Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His stage name is derived from khalifa, an Arabic word meaning "successor", & wisdom, which was shortened lớn Wiz when Khalifa was fifteen.

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In 2007, Khalifa signed to lớn Warner Bros. Records & released two albums through Rostrum Records. His techno-influenced single, "Say Yeah," received urban radio airplay, charting in the Hot Rap tracks Top 40. Khalifa parted with Warner Bros. & released the mixtape, Kush and Orange Juice as a không tính phí download in April 2010. Thanks to Khalifa"s devoted grassroots fan base, the mixtape became the #1 trending topic on Twitter with the hash tag #kushandorangejuice, and "Kush and Orange Juice download" ranked #1 on Google"s hot tìm kiếm trends. Shortly afterwards the Pittsburgh rapper signed with Atlantic Records. This is his first single released with the American label.

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You will not be surprised to read that as a Pittsburgh native, Khalifa is a die-hard Steelers fan and this tuy vậy is titled after the football team"s blachồng and canary scheme. Also the music video shows the MC performing the traông xã wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the Steelers" Super Bowl championship ring waving the team"s famous Terrible Towel.

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Khalifa was named MTV"s Hotdemo Breakthrough MC of 2010, winning with nearly 70,000 votes, và beating out other new rappers on the scene such as Nicki Minaj & J. Cole.
The tuy nhiên was produced by the Norwegian production team Stargate, who are best known for their work with R&B/Pop stars such as Ne-Yo, Beyoncé and Chris Brown. "It was just a good mixture," Khalifa told MTV News about working with the beatmeisters. "When we got in the studio, I think the first day in the studio with them I did two songs và a hook. They kept throwing me beats và I kept knocking out hooks & verses over them. So I think just the vibe was there. The music that we were making is real potent. It was like, "We got khổng lồ bởi it .""
The song reached #1 on the Hot 100 after an 18-week climb, and Khalifa told Billboard magazine he was taken baông chồng at the song"s success as it was supposed to be a set-up single before the rapper"s debut album, Rolling Papers. "It was a complete surprise," he said. "It being a tuy vậy about Pittsburgh, I thought it would just be a great introduction. I never imagined this."
"That"s our first serious rap record," Tor Erik Hermansen, half of the Stargate duo, told Entertainment Weekly. "We"ve sầu always loved hip-hop, but because some of our early stuff was more melodic, we were never given the chance. When Wiz came to the studio, we gave sầu hlặng another tuy vậy first - a harder, darker hip-hop record that he loved - & then we played hlặng this track. He started saying "black & yellow" right away when he heard that synth line. We didn"t really know how significant the colors black and yellow are for someone from Pittsburgh."

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