Github – Emulating The Music 500/5000 In B

B-em is an emulator for various models of BBC Microcomputer, produced by Acorn Computers in the 1980s.

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B-em runs under Linux and Windows, but may also work on other systems supported by the Allegro library.

The emulator is released under an open source license.

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Features include:

Emulates Models A, B, B+, Master 128, Master 512, Master Turbo and Master Compact.Also emulates ARM evaluation system on Master 128.Emulates 6502 external, 6502 internal, 65816, 80186, ARM, Z80 and 32016 tubes. Configurable tube speed: 100%, 200%, 400%, 800%, 1600%, 3200%, and 6400%.Cycle-accurate video emulation.Configurable speed including full speed.All documented and undocumented 6502 instructions.8271 Floppy Disc Controller emulated (double drive, double sided, 80 track, read/write).1770-based Floppy Disc Controllers from various manufacturers emulated including Acorn, Opus, Solidisk, Watford Electronics (double drive, double sided, 80 track, read/write).Supports following disc formats – .ssd, .dsd, .adf, .adl, .img, .fdi and variants for the non-Acorn DFSes.Supports tape formats: .uef and .csw.Can run many protected disc and tape games.SCSI and IDE hard disc emulation.Sound emulation, including sample playback.BeebSID emulation.Hybrid Music System emulating including Music 500o (synth), Music 4000 (keyboard, emulated via MIDI) and Music 2000 (MIDI).Full screen option.Lots of video tricks, such as overscan, raster splitting, rupture, interlace, mid-line palette and mode splits, etc.Video NuLA extended pallete ULA emulation.Sideways RAM emulation.Joystick emulation.AMX Mouse emulation.Screenshot functionality.


B-em is written in C. Learn C with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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