Jual Applecare Protection Plan For Macbook Air/13Inch Macbook Pro/Macbook

Most Apple products come with a one-year limited warranty that covers hardware failures and manufacturing defects, and up to 90 days of complimentary technical support. To extend your coverage further, Apple offers AppleCare+ or the AppleCare Protection Plan. With added initial cost, deductibles, and varying prices across the Apple product lineup, is AppleCare+ worth it?


Other Coverage Options

If you are considering AppleCare, it may be worth exploring insurance plans offered by other companies for your device. Many banks, cell phone service providers, and renter”s and homeowner”s insurance policies cover devices. Some third-party Apple retailers may also offer an extended service plan with your purchase.

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Other third-party warranty providers and insurance companies may offer device insurance policies that offer equivalent or better coverage than AppleCare, so it is worth exploring what policies are available for your Apple device in your jurisdiction. Many of these are also available via a monthly subscription and may beat the cost of AppleCare.

Is AppleCare Worth It?

Whether or not you should purchase AppleCare depends on how you use your Apple device, and how much risk and expense you are willing to take.

If you are prone to dropping or damaging your device, the argument moves towards adding AppleCare+. Similarly, additional loss and theft coverage will be dependent on how likely you believe you are to lose your device or have it stolen. Ultimately, some users are simply more careless with their devices, and for those people, AppleCare+ is worth it.

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In general, the editors at rev-conf.org feel that AppleCare is worth getting for Apple laptops that you plan on keeping for longer than one year, and ‌iPhone‌, iPads, and Apple Watches due to the accidental damage coverage. For Apple TVs and HomePods, we generally don”t see the need, and for desktop Macs and displays it becomes more of a personal judgement call.

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Overall, AppleCare significantly reduces the stress and cost of accidental damage repairs or replacement devices, and eliminates the cost of repairing hardware failures, but it is a notable extra expense for coverage that still has some deductibles and limitations on claims. AppleCare is certainly not essential, and can be worth the additional peace of mind.

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