The 14-inch Apple MacBook phiên bản Pro 2021 is both one of the longest rumored and most anticipated Apple laptops in years. The MacBook Air & Apple MacBook phiên bản Pro 13-inch have been incredibly well-received along with the entire transition lớn the custom ARM-based Apple M1 CPUs.

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Naturally, the next question was could Apple do the same for the more powerful laptops in its lineup, enter the 14-inch MacBook Pro, và its larger sibling, the 16-inch Apple MacBook phiên bản Pro 2021. The powerful internals might be enough for some, but it doesn"t stop there, a number of leaks sound like a rundown of a MacBook fan"s wish danh sách, but all signs are pointing lớn most of them being true.

Here’s everything we know so far about the 14-inch Apple MacBook Pro 2021, from pricing và availability khổng lồ internal & external kiến thiết changes that could make this the MacBook longtime fans have been waiting for.

14-inch MacBook Pro 2021 price và availability

The release date for the 14-inch Apple MacBook Pro 2021 is expected to be sometime in the middle of the year. This is based on the claims of two of the most reliable sources in the Apple realm: the TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo và Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

Ming-Chi Kuo has placed the release date as sometime in the third quarter of 2021. For Apple, this would be July, August or September. Given past history, the earlier side of that seems more likely, but with Covid-19 still affecting supply chain timetables, it’s hard khổng lồ put too much stoông chồng in the timing of previous releases.

While Gurman opted for a less defined timeframe, his projection of a “middle of the year” release offers some overlap with Kuo’s claim and adds further credence to a beginning of Q.3 time frame. Additional support came from a Nikkei Asia report that indicated the processors for these laptops had already entered mass production in April with a possible shipping date as early as July.

Rumors have sầu steered clear of pricing speculation for the 14-inch Táo MacBook Pro 2021 so far. Given that this is an entirely new Model, it is a bit difficult to project. The closest current model we have is the Intel-based Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with four USB-Type C ports, if this replaces that it would presumably take over its $1,799 price point.

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14-inch Táo MacBook Pro 2021 thiết kế và features

Other than the obvious resizing needed for the 14-inch display, the 14-inch MacBook phiên bản Pro 2021 is allegedly going khổng lồ receive sầu a serious redesign, which would be the first significant departure to the basic Apple máy vi tính kiến thiết since 2010.

Once again, we are turning khổng lồ Ming-Chi Kuo, who stated that the new Táo MacBook Pro design is going lớn adopt some of the flat-edged kiến thiết of the iPhone 12, Máy tính bảng iPad Pro và ipad Air (2020). There have been no actual hardware leaks to lớn show us what that will look lượt thích, but it certainly makes sense for Apple to continue to lớn consolidate around a single kiến thiết language across its hàng hóa lineups.

The visual overhaul is just part of the changes though; Apple is also rumored lớn be walking baông chồng a number of features introduced in the last five years. The Touch Bar is apparently on the chopping bloông xã as well, và while it has its defenders, few would argue that it has the utility Apple promised or hoped. So Apple will bring bachồng physical function buttons.

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MagSafe has also been tapped for a return lớn the Apple MacBook phiên bản Pro, which is not shocking with the release of MagSafe for iPhone 12, however, it"s a feature many had given up on. The recent schematics leak indicates that it will look quite similar to the old MagSafe on pre-năm nhâm thìn MacBook Pros.

In keeping with the throwbaông chồng theme, Apple is also said lớn be bringing baông chồng some of the additional ports that have been gone since at least the 2015 Apple MacBook Pro. That same schematic leak offered the full rundown with an HDXiaoMi MI port, USB Type-C/Thunderbolt and an SD thẻ reader on the right side. On the left, are two more USB Type-C/Thunderbolt ports & the MagSafe charging slot. It may not cover everything, but if you turned to lớn a USB Type-C hub for just an HDMI port or an SD thẻ reader, you can return to a dongle-không tính phí life with the 14-inch MacBook phiên bản Pro 2021.

14-inch Táo MacBook Pro 2021 display

The display won’t be left out of the redesign fun either with Apple finally mix to reduce the bezels on the Apple MacBook phiên bản Pro as it moves lớn br& new mini-LED backlit displays. The technology allows for significant improvements when it comes lớn brightness, contrast, blachồng levels và power efficiency.

The announcement of the máy tính bảng ipad Pro 2021 with the mini LED panel in the 12.9-inch mã sản phẩm gave sầu us a first look at what we should potentially expect. The tablet received the same "XDR" branding as Apple"s Pro Display XDR, suggesting that we could see the same on these new MacBook Pros. The one-million-to-one contrast ratio & a high peak brightness (1,600 nits for the máy tính bảng iPad Pro 12.9) appear to lớn be two of the key factors.

While mini-LED displays aren’t quite as impressive sầu as OLED or microLED, they are certainly a welcome nâng cấp from Apple’s existing lineup. Interestingly, a recent rumor from DigiTimes suggests that Apple will move to OLED displays in the MacBook Pro in 2022, making this potentially a single-year solution, but it’s possible that move is further down the road than DigiTimes projects.

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14-inch Apple MacBook phiên bản Pro 2021 specs

This should mark the next step in Apple’s transition khổng lồ its own Apple Silinhỏ, with rumors indicating the ARM-based CPU in the 14-inch MacBook Pro 2021 will be known as either the Apple M1X or the M2.

Benchmark leaks have sầu shown that the Apple M1X features 12 CPU cores và 16 GPU cores, a significant bump up from the already impressive Apple M1’s 8 core/8 thread configurations. With the original Apple M1 holding its own against the Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch in some regards, it seems a given that with this performance boost it will have sầu no problem matching, if not surpassing, its Intel-based predecessor.

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14-inch Apple MacBook phiên bản Pro 2021 outlook

The 14-inch MacBook phiên bản Pro 2021 has quite a lot khổng lồ live up to given the reception of last year’s Apple M1-based laptops but, based on all of the rumors, it certainly looks equal khổng lồ the task. While we should see more details come through as we get closer lớn the launch, we already know a considerable amount about this máy vi tính.

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If the leaks we have seen to lớn date prove lớn be true, the 14-inch model will be virtually everything longtime MacBook Pro fans have been asking for since the năm nhâm thìn redesign. That’s going khổng lồ make for an amazing presentation as Apple explains its decision khổng lồ reverse course on a number of choices it made five sầu years ago. It also could make for some serious wait times once they are available as pent-up demand hits the supply problems that continue to lớn plague much of the industry. In the meantime, we’ll continue lớn keep you updated here on all of the lachạy thử regarding the 14-inch MacBook phiên bản Pro 2021.

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