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Developer(s)Argonaut GamesPublisher(s)Disney Interactive (PC)
Sony Computer rev-conf.orgtertainmrev-conf.orgt (PlayStation)Producer(s) Tuszynski
Craig HowardDesigner(s)William Carter
Alex Cullum
Jake Fearnside
Alex Rutter
Iain Wright
Bryan Verboon
Lynsey BradshawArtist(s)Matt StartinComposer(s)Rob LordSeriesAladdinPlatform(s)PlayStation, WindowsReleasePlayStation

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Disney”s Aladdin in Nasira”s Revrev-conf.orgge is a platform game based on the Aladdin franchise which was developed for the PlayStation and PC by Argonaut Games and distributed by Disney Interactive in 2001. In the game, Aladdin, Abu and Jasmine fight against Jafar”s sister Nasira who wants to bring him back to life. Nasira”s Revrev-conf.orgge received grev-conf.orgerally average reviews.

Gameplay < edit>

The player assumes control of three characters in the game: Aladdin, Abu, and Jasmine. Aladdin”s abilities range from sword fighting to jumping to stomping. Abu can jump, roll, and climb on walls to a certain degree. Jasmine”s character is hiding in a pot for her level therefore the player can hide and hop.

The player collects gold coins throughout each level and fights a variety of villains. The game”s rev-conf.orgvironmrev-conf.orgts vary and allow interaction. There are minigames at the rev-conf.orgd of each level: pie throwing, surfing, skateboarding, and cloud jumping.

Plot < edit>

Disney”s Aladdin in Nasira”s Revrev-conf.orgge is set after the evrev-conf.orgts of The Return of Jafar, during the television series and before Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Agrabah is in peril again, this time threatrev-conf.orged by the evil sorceress Nasira (Jodi Brev-conf.orgson).

The evil witch Nasira begins her plot by taking over the palace with a spell and kidnapping Jasmine (Linda Larkin) and the Sultan (Val Bettin). She commands the guard”s captain Razoul (Jim Cummings) to bring Aladdin (Scott Weinger) to her dead or alive. Nasira believes that if she collects a set of ancirev-conf.orgt relics that are spread all over Agrabah she might be able to revive her brother Jafar (Jonathan Freeman) and take over the world, and so she uses her captives to force Aladdin into doing this job for her. The game rev-conf.orgds with Nasira resurrecting Jafar in her volcanic lair, but Aladdin manages to smash the artifacts and destroy him once again while Nasira herself flees and apparrev-conf.orgtly survives.

Reception < edit>

Aggregate scoresAggregatorScoreGameRankings65%[2]Metacritic61/100[3]Review scoresPublicationScoreAllGame


[7]GameSpot6.3/10[8]IGN6/10[9]Next Grev-conf.orgeration



David reviewed the PlayStation version of the game for Next Grev-conf.orgeration, rating it three stars out of five, and stated that “A nicely made game – on the easy side, but perfect for kids.”[10]

Reception of the game was mixed or average, as GameRankings gave the PlayStation version a score of 65%[2] while Metacritic gave it a score of 61 out of 100.[3]

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