Hey!This is a topic that has been going back and forth in my head for a while now, without any solid conclusion. So I thought why not get some season Adobe user"s input! Haha I recently read an article that posted this picture:
It explained khổng lồ me the basic difference between these softwares. But I started thinking about magazines that had special blends or pholớn designs or some sort of "wow" effect element, & I wondered which software is used now?For example, if design something in Photosiêu thị & then add it lớn InDesign by placing the image or PSD file there, would it still retain the high quality or is there some other method I have"t learned yet?Or if I am designing an invitation like for a wedding in Illustrator và want khổng lồ work with some special effects in Photocửa hàng, would I then copy the vector elements from Illustrator to lớn Photoshop, or place my Photosiêu thị work into lớn Illustrator? What becomes my final file? Jungling between softwares is still relatively new for me to lớn be honest.My main question is, what is really the best software for ____ design?"I made an invitation thẻ the other day, that needed Photocửa hàng because I was placing various photo elements together (almost like a scrapbook) but a whole debate started on whether to lớn print it directly from a Photocửa hàng PDF or insert the whole tệp tin first in InDesign & print from there.

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On one h& I think A might be the solution, but then B looks promising too và then comes a C solution & truthfully I just get really confused. Help? HahaI realise that different people result to lớn different work methods, và google can give me a general "Do"s and Don"t" menu, but I would lượt thích lớn hear some person POV"s just lớn understvà it a little more if that is okay!
Side question: (I hope this is on topic...) If I work on Illustrator, does it really matter if I save sầu it as an AI file or an EPS? Because I normally save it as both for bachồng up, since that"s how all the vector elements that I download come as. Most articles online talk about how it may not really matter which you work with, but I can"t find one as of right now that explains it without getting way khổng lồ techical.

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