Macos Catalina Is The End Of The Road For Indesign Cs6, Photoshop And Catalina

As the saying goes, time waits for no one. Nor does it wait for our favorite software programs. This week, Apple is released macOS Catalina (10.15), which fully ends support for 32-bit apps like InDesign CS6. So if you’re one of the folks holding on to CS6 (or any earlier version of InDesign) to avoid becoming a Creative Cloud subscriber, it’s essential that you do not upgrade to Catalina.

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CS6 is CS sunk

If you need to keep CS6 running on a Mac, you should probably double-check your Software Update settings in System Preferences. Be sure that nothing is set to automatically update the OS. Then cross your fingers that your hardware doesn’t give out any time soon.


Personally, I find it very helpful to keep a copy of CS6 on one of my computers for reference when InDesign is acting strangely to see if the behavior I’m seeing is new or not.You can read this post by Steve Werner for more details on Catalina ending support for 32-bit apps.

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David Blatner says:

Here’s an article I wrote a couple years back on the subject of “Should you upgrade?” It’s a good one to review from time to time.


Candy says:

The problem (besides extreme cost) with the subscription is that it requires near-constant upgrades of system, which then renders other software inoperable. I work with small presses, and their equipment is often many generations behind compatibility with Adobe CC. The frequent upgrades are not a feature for my work, but a bug.I guess I’ll get an older laptop and house my design work there.

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