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Loveis Wise: How Self-Work and Personal Memories Nourish Creativity

The illustrator with a distinctive, joyful style reflects on how they developed a creative philosophy of care. Their work is informed by nostalgia, resisting pressure to design like others, and the value of setting healthy boundaries.

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5 New Routines to Create Work From Home Boundaries

Veteran and new work-from-homers share self-care practices, rituals, and boundaries to make working remotely successful for creatives.

By Tina Essmaker


How to Be More Confident


Anne Helen Petersen: Rethinking Productivity Culture


A Primer for Online Creative Workshops

A how-to guide for planning and facilitating online workshops and events, with reflections and resources from Priya Parker, CreativeMornings, and others.

By Anne Ditmeyer

Creative Collaboration and Brainstorming from a Distance

Six creative leaders share how they set the scene for creative exchanges in the age of remote work and distributed teams. 

By Mia Pinjuh

How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Start Creating

We are living code, social psychologist Patrycja Slawuta tells us, and you have the agency to reprogram your brain. Follow these simple steps to get out of your own way and back to creating.

By Aileen Kwun


Is Imposter Syndrome Masking Your Creative Potential?

“Fake it until you make it” is the worst advice. Here’s how to regain confidence and clarity in your career instead.

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Jason Fried on Remote Work

The co-founder of Basecamp reflects on two decades of remote collaboration, giving advice on how to manage expectations during transition.

By Chrysanthe Tenentes

How to Lead Your Team Remotely 

Managers across creative teams share their best practices to thoughtfully lead from afar.

By Tina Essmaker

Cultivating a Sense of Creative Purpose 

We asked six creatives to reflect on what shapes their ambitions and determination.

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By Mia Pinjuh

Finding a Creative Spark Within Solitude

With nods to Olivia Laing and Edward Hopper, here's how solitude can turn us into keen observers and fuel creativity.

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