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Date Released: June 02, 2008File Size: 456.00 MBOperation Systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac OSLast Updated: January 25, 2020

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Adobe has released an update for Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 for Windows, macOS, and Linux on June 2, 2008. This version supports Adobe extensions PDF 1.7.
Adobe Reader 9 can be downloaded for UNIX, although not all options are available. Review these differences in Reader for UNIX:– Save accessible text for a Braille printer and text reflow are not available. Read Out Loud is available for Linux but not for other versions of UNIX.– Several Internet preferences are not available, including Display PDF In Browser, Connection Speed, and Internet Settings (or Network Settings).– Comment notifications are viewable in all versions of UNIX except Solaris 9 and 10, since the system tray is not visible.


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Features of new version:– Support for PDF version 1.7– Support for Adobe extensions for PDF 1.7– The ability to create Acrobat forms was in Acrobat Standard, which was previously only available with Acrobat Professional 6, 7 and 8– Support for real-time collaboration on PDF files with synchronized document views and chat– Improved Web Capture for copying entire web pages or just some parts into PDF– Integration with to enable storage and sharing of PDF files– Support for comparing and highlighting the differences between two versions of a PDF document– Support for playback of Flash Video or H.264 video in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader– Support for conversion of a variety of video formats to Flash Video for playback inside PDF– Support for creating PDF maps by importing geospatial files that retain metadata and coordinates– Support for Optical character recognition (OCR) on PDF files using ClearScan


Adobe Reader 9 is not supported and no longer available for download from Adobe web site. However, you could find and download the Adobe Reader 9 below on the web page.

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The latest version of Adobe Reader

Windows – 20.013 / December 09, 2020MacOS – 20.013 / December 09, 2020Android – 20.10.1 / December 13, 2020iOS – 20.11.00 / December 03, 2020Linux – 9.5.5 / May 14, 2013Solaris – 9.4.1 / November 30, 2010HP-UX, AIX – 7.0.9 / January 9, 2007DOS – 1.0 / June 15, 1993

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