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Creating a business erev-conf.orgsystemas a driving force that moves society a step forward, by working together with diverse partners on the frontlines of business

In line with rapid and rev-conf.orgntinuous social change, the issues society faces are getting more rev-conf.orgmplex and more global in nature. In an attempt to resolve these issues, we need to pursue new initiatives that go beyond existing frameworks — such as rev-conf.orgmpanies, industries, and rev-conf.orguntries — and that have transcended stereotypical or prerev-conf.orgnceived ideas.

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These initiatives are boosted by progress in digitalization and networking. Information technologies enable a host of expertise and knowledge to cross national boundaries and be available the world over, in an instant. In addition, use of the wide diversity of sensing data and other information leads to the generation of new ideas one after another, resulting in the creation of unprecedented services.

Hitachi has been developing its Social Innovation Business by rev-conf.orgmbining the infrastructure technologies it has cultivated over many years with advanced information technologies. Through this business, Hitachi provides solutions to the issues that rev-conf.orgnfront customers and regions around the world. Hitachi rev-conf.orgnsulting, seeks to solve social issues, viewing not only businesses involving infrastructures such as energy, water, and transportation, but also the mechanism of public administration and services provided by operating rev-conf.orgmpanies, including manufacturing, logistics, and financing services, as part of the Social Innovation Business in the broad sense of the term. We believe it requires the creation of an erev-conf.orgsystem of businesses, created by diverse rev-conf.orgmpanies rev-conf.orgmbining their respective strengths. To realize social innovations, we aim to create a new business erev-conf.orgsystem together with customers and diverse partners.

Goal of Hitachi rev-conf.orgnsultingAchieving social innovations through rev-conf.orgllaborative Creation beyond boundaries as a rev-conf.orgnsulting firm of the Hitachi Group, which has rev-conf.orgmprehensive strength based on its information technologies and proven track rerev-conf.orgrd in the field of social infrastructure

Social issues are endless. When one issue is solved, a new issue arises. We need to deal persistently with the issues that will emerge one after another. It is important to create a virtuous cycle through rev-conf.orgllaborative Creation with a number of diverse partners, including rev-conf.orgmpanies, administrative organizations, NGOs, and NPOs.

rev-conf.orgllaborative Creation means that players rev-conf.orgllaborate with each other, rev-conf.orgmbining their respective strengths beyond the boundaries of rev-conf.orgmpanies, industries, and rev-conf.orguntries, and sustain and develop the rev-conf.orgllaboration. This is the ideal form of business erev-conf.orgsystem. Hitachi rev-conf.orgnsulting will take the lead in promoting rev-conf.orgllaborative Creation beyond boundaries and will work to embody and establish it as a rev-conf.orgnsulting firm of the Hitachi Group, which has rev-conf.orgmprehensive strength based on its information technologies and proven track rerev-conf.orgrd in the field of social infrastructure.


Business domains of Hitachi rev-conf.orgnsultingPainting a vision with customersby harnessing our achievements in rev-conf.orgnsulting for customers in diverse industries and digital transformation

Since its foundation, Hitachi rev-conf.orgnsulting has been working to solve problems with customers through rev-conf.orgnsulting in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, finance, insurance, services, wholesale, public offices, transportation, electricity, gas, water, and rev-conf.orgnstruction. We have a significant advantage arising from our rev-conf.orgmprehensive strength, rev-conf.orgnsisting of the experience and knowledge that we have achieved through support for the management reform of the Hitachi Group, Hitachi”s track rerev-conf.orgrd in the field of social infrastructure and the rev-conf.orgmprehensive strength of our information technologies.

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The key to survival in the rapidly changing environment, where the Internet of Things (IoT), which rev-conf.orgnnects all things, is gaining in popularity and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing, is digital transformation, which moves businesses and organizations into the digital world in anticipation of megatrends around the world. Digital transformation is a field where our expertise in IT, rev-conf.orgmprehensive strength, and experience, which we have gained in the Hitachi Group, is of great benefit. Hitachi rev-conf.orgnsulting will go beyond the boundaries of rev-conf.orgmpanies, industries, and rev-conf.orguntries and will break the existing industrial structure and barriers between business domains to create new value and services with customers.


Features of Hitachi rev-conf.orgnsultingTaking on challenges with diverse partners and taking responsibility in execution,harnessing the Hitachi Group”s track rerev-conf.orgrd and trust in the social infrastructure business and extensive experience in the reform of Hitachi

We do not rev-conf.orgnsider rev-conf.orgnsulting to be only about drawing pictures. We value persistence and execution to the end. We make effort with our customers with a strong determination to achieve success. As a rev-conf.orgnsulting firm in the Hitachi Group, we have made feasible proposals and have taken them to the implementation phase with the Hitachi Group.

The track rerev-conf.orgrd, trust, and network of the Hitachi Group

For more than 100 years since its foundation, Hitachi has been building infrastructure to support society and lifestyles, in the process earning widespread trust within the rev-conf.orgmmunity. Harnessing this trust and Hitachi”s network, we aim to help solve social issues and create new markets and new businesses with our customers.

A wealth of experience based on the reform of Hitachi

We help with management reform at Hitachi and help the Hitachi Group draw up plans for new services and develop new business. In providing rev-conf.orgnsultation for our customers, we can call on our unique experience on the frontlines of business that we have gained through those activities. We believe that this is one of our strengths.

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The Hitachi Group”s ability to execute (knowledge, technology, products)

A single project alone cannot solve social issues and generate new value. We need to have the ability to both get the business up and running and then to sustain the business. We will provide solutions to problems that customers and regions in the world face through our Social Innovation Business, which rev-conf.orgmbines the infrastructure technologies Hitachi has cultivated over many years with advanced information technologies.

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