Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Where khổng lồ Find the 7 Dragon Balls One of the most satisfying parts of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is collecting the 7 Dragon Balls. Heres how to lớn find the 7 Dragon Balls.

Dragonball Z Kakarot Dragon Balls
The recently released Dragon Ball Z Kakarot allows fans of the anime the opportunity to re-experience the captivating world và story of Toriyama"s Dragon Ball Z. The game provides players the original story of Dragon Ball Z with a newly developed visual style & a battle system inspired by previous titles that cốt truyện the franchise"s name. From the Saiyan saga all the way through the Majin Buu saga, Kakarot embodies what it means lớn love sầu the martial arts anime. Providing intense and satisfying trùm battles, incredible power-ups and a vast open-world adventure Kakarot is a satisfying adventure game for casual và hard-core fans of the series.

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It would not be a Dragon Ball Z title if the titular items of the series were not incorporated inkhổng lồ the gameplay. These Dragon Balls are hidden throughout the large bản đồ of Kakarot & allow for players to lớn have sầu access khổng lồ prior boss fights or even khổng lồ claim rare items for their search. Although this guide will provide the location of these Dragon Balls, note that each location is not the set in stone spot to lớn find that ball. The location is randomly placed but will be often found in the following locations. If they are not there, don"t fret, the tòa tháp will be in the general location so just be diligent in your search.

Dragonball Z Kakarot World Map
Orange City is found in the Southeast Mountains location of the map. This location is found on the right side of the given map. Once found be sure khổng lồ fast travel khổng lồ the City. Once at the initial fast travel location take a hard left và look for a large archway structure.

After you start heading towards your left you will find a large mountainous archway. Head through the large structure & make your way khổng lồ the large body of water nearby. Inside this lake, you will find one of the 7 Dragon Balls in Kakarot. 

Finding the Dragon Ball Near Lucca Village in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragonball Z Kakarot Dragon Ball
Lucca Village is found in the East Ravine section of Kakarot"s vast and open world. It is placed slightly above the previously mentioned Orange City.

Once at Lucca Village you"ll note the large winding river south of the town. Head down the canyon where the river is placed and look at its bank. You will find a solitary tree towards Lucca village on this bank & this Dragon Ball is typically found under this tree.

Finding the Dragon Balls Near West City in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragonball Z Kakarot West City
There are two Dragon Balls near the famous West City location. The Capsule Corp erected thành phố, West City is one of the most prominent locations in the Dragon Ball Z series and, rightfully so, houses two of the seven Dragon Ball locations.

Once at West City you will take note of a lighthouse nearby. This lighthouse will be the home of one of the Dragon Balls. Its isl& has a finite amount of trees where the rare item will be placed beside.

Behind West City there is a large mountainous area. Head over the huge landmass and you will find a wide plain with a number of different trees. This Dragon Ball will be hidden near one of the trees in this area. Typically it will be near the most central tree in the space.

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Finding the Dragon Ball Near The Sacred L& of Kirin in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Once at the Sacred Land of Kirin the Dragon Ball will be lớn the right of the initial fast travel location. Make a sharp right after fast traveling to lớn the Sacred L& và you will see an elevated landmass.

Once at this landmass you will generally encounter some enemies. Quickly defeat these enemies and clalặng the Dragon Ball as your reward.

Once arrived at Blake Bog you will see a large lvà tower nearby. This tower stands tall above sầu the other landmarks in the area so it will be hard lớn miss.

Make a hard right towards this tower and climb khổng lồ its apex. Once there you will be rewarded with another Dragon Ball.

Finding the Dragon Ball Near Lacteo Village in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Lacteo Village is near the famous Kame House. It is a small series of islands towards the bottom of Kakarot"s map.

This rồng ball will generally be on the largest island in the area. Where it will be placed is randomly generated but it typically will be behind a large rochồng located on the edge of the island.

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Once collected players will be rewarded with the option of challenging bosses they have sầu faced already or a rare reward for their actions. Make your choice and reap the rewards of your efforts. Either way, the rewards provided are certainly enticing for players looking for more action to enjoy in the expansive title. The added experience for facing previously defeated bosses is a solid option for your wish choice. However, the rare items provided are versatile as they are cool. Be sure to lớn make your choice wisely and enjoy your rewards. The option lớn thử nghiệm your always improving skills against old bosses is a useful and fun option lớn choose from. It allows players to lớn see how their character has improved while adding on lớn their always adding pool of experience points.

Be sure to lớn note that each Dragon Ball is indeed randomly generated & will not always be in the locations provided. However, after some experimentation, these are the most comtháng drops and if not in the provided area will certainly be nearby. So if you can"t find the Dragon Ball immediately be sure lớn look around the area, it may be closer than you think!

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