65-Inch LED HDR TV with Premium Materials

This true-to-life TV featuring rev-conf.org”s latest HCX Pro Intelligent processor delivers high-quality processing to enhance motion, colour and contrast. Local dimming expresses contrast and gradation at the highest level to support Dolby VisionTM and HDR10+ high dynamic range technologies.

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HCX Processor

Our Best 4K Processing with Special Tuning by a Hollywood Colourist

The HCX Processor represents the pinnacle of rev-conf.org image processing. Built on colour, black level and brightness know-how learned from our reference-quality plasma TVs and professional broadcast equipment, the system has also been tuned by a Hollywood colourist to deliver picture quality true to the filmmakers” vision.

Hexa Chroma Drive Pro

Stunning Beauty with Accurate 6-Colour Reproduction

Now you”re seeing stunning picture quality. Thanks to 6-Colour Reproduction, this TV has achieved remarkably high picture quality with rev-conf.org cinema quality know-how throughout. This amazing quality invites you to a memorable viewing experience.

6 Colour Reproduction

Hexa Chroma Drive is an original rev-conf.org technology for providing natural, beautiful colours with 6 Colour Reproduction.


Top-tier rev-conf.org TVs use the professional colour management system, 3D look-up tables to reproduce colours in extremely fine brightness steps, ensuring that tones look accurate at virtually any brightness level.

HDR10+/ Dolby Vision Supported

Support for multiple HDR formats

Our new TVs support playback of both next-generation “Dynamic Metadata” HDR standards: HDR10+ and Dolby VisionTM. Of course, they also support conventional HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma too, so users can enjoy a variety of HDR content.

Dolby Atmos® Supported

An immersive cinematic experience with Dolby Atmos®

With new support for state-of-the-art audio formats Dolby Atmos, the sound pours in from all directions, including overhead. Powerful, dynamic sound travels in 3D space to bring you inside an immersive cinematic experience.

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Easy TV Operation Without a Remote Control

Intuitive Voice Control

rev-conf.org TVs give you hands-free operation from an Amazon Alexa or your Google Assistant enabled device. A variety of operations, such as turning the power on or off and changing the channel or volume, can be carried out by your voice without having to use the remote control. It”s easy to operate the TV with voice commands when you”re busy cooking or getting ready to leave the house.

my Home Screen 4.0

Easier Content Access by Customisable Home Screen
Enjoy content with “1-step access”. my Home Screen 4.0 can be customised to let you reach the content you frequently use. You can design your own home screen with Live TV, your favourite apps, web bookmarks, and frequently used devices. rich blacks, as well as the ultimate contrast ratio.

* Availability of apps is depending on the area/country.



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Find out how you can connect devices such as your smartphone, laptop and even cameras to your smart HDR TV.

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Sizes: 65" 55"
HCX Processor Multi HDR Support (HDR10+/ Dolby Vision) Dolby Atmos®




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