List Of Pokémon By National Pokédex Number, List Of Generation Vi Pokémon

Bug T W Dark T W Dragon T W Electric T W Fairy T W Fighting T W Fire T W Flying T W Ghost T W Grass T W Ground T W Ice T W Normal T W Poison T W Psychic T W Rock T W Steel T W Water T W
All Adaptability Aerilate Aftermath Air Lock Analytic Anger Point Anticipation Arena Trap Aroma Veil As One Aura Break Bad Dreams Ball Fetch Battery Battle Armor Battle Bond Beast Boost Berserk Big Pecks Blaze Bulletproof Cheek Pouch Chilling Neigh Chlorophyll Clear Body Cloud Nine Color Change Comatose Competitive Compound Eyes Contrary Corrosion Cotton Down Curious Medicine Cursed Body Cute Charm Damp Dancer Dark Aura Dauntless Shield Dazzling Defeatist Defiant Delta Stream Desolate Land Disguise Download Dragon's Maw Drizzle Drought Dry Skin Early Bird Effect Spore Electric Surge Emergency Exit Fairy Aura Filter Flame Body Flare Boost Flash Fire Flower Gift Flower Veil Fluffy Forecast Forewarn Friend Guard Frisk Full Metal Body Fur Coat Gale Wings Galvanize Gluttony Gooey Gorilla Tactics Grass Pelt Grassy Surge Grim Neigh Gulp Missile Guts Harvest Healer Heatproof Heavy Metal Honey Gather Huge Power Hunger Switch Hustle Hydration Hyper Cutter Ice Body Ice Face Ice Scales Illuminate Illusion Immunity Imposter Infiltrator Innards Out Inner Focus Insomnia Intimidate Intrepid Sword Iron Barbs Iron Fist Justified Keen Eye Klutz Leaf Guard Levitate Libero Light Metal Lightning Rod Limber Liquid Ooze Liquid Voice Long Reach Magic Bounce Magic Guard Magician Magma Armor Magnet Pull Marvel Scale Mega Launcher Merciless Mimicry Minus Mirror Armor Misty Surge Mold Breaker Moody Motor Drive Moxie Multiscale Multitype Mummy Natural Cure Neuroforce Neutralizing Gas No Guard Normalize Oblivious Overcoat Overgrow Own Tempo Parental Bond Pastel Veil Perish Body Pickpocket Pickup Pixilate Plus Poison Heal Poison Point Poison Touch Power Construct Power Spot Power of Alchemy Prankster Pressure Primordial Sea Prism Armor Propeller Tail Protean Psychic Surge Punk Rock Pure Power Queenly Majesty Quick Draw Quick Feet RKS System Rain Dish Rattled Receiver Reckless Refrigerate Regenerator Ripen Rivalry Rock Head Rough Skin Run Away Sand Force Sand Rush Sand Spit Sand Stream Sand Veil Sap Sipper Schooling Scrappy Screen Cleaner Serene Grace Shadow Shield Shadow Tag Shed Skin Sheer Force Shell Armor Shield Dust Shields Down Simple Skill Link Slow Start Slush Rush Sniper Snow Cloak Snow Warning Solar Power Solid Rock Soul-Heart Soundproof Speed Boost Stakeout Stall Stalwart Stamina Stance Change Static Steadfast Steam Engine Steelworker Steely Spirit Stench Sticky Hold Storm Drain Strong Jaw Sturdy Suction Cups Super Luck Surge Surfer Swarm Sweet Veil Swift Swim Symbiosis Synchronize Tangled Feet Tangling Hair Technician Telepathy Teravolt Thick Fat Tinted Lens Torrent Tough Claws Toxic Boost Trace Transistor Triage Truant Turboblaze Unaware Unburden Unnerve Unseen Fist Victory Star Vital Spirit Volt Absorb Wandering Spirit Water Absorb Water Bubble Water Compaction Water Veil Weak Armor White Smoke Wimp Out Wonder Guard Wonder Skin Zen Mode

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