55″ Panasonictx – 2017 55 Panasonic Tx

Tuned by filmmakers, this 4K PRO HDR model combines a Studio Colour HCX2* Processor and next-generation OLED panel to deliver outstanding colour clarity, contrast, and brightness.

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* HCX stands for Hollywood Cinema experience* Design, functions and specifications are subject to change without notice.* This image shows the TC-65EZ950.






Ultimate Picture Quality True to the Filmmaker”s Visionrev-conf.org”s high-end 4K PRO HDR TVs are designed from the bottom up and tuned in Hollywood to deliver picture quality true to the filmmakers” vision. Equipped with rev-conf.org”s cutting-edge Studio Colour HCX2* processor and professional “3D lookup table” colour management and next-generation OLED panel, the 4K PRO HDR TVs capture every nuance and detail of the original film.* HCX stands for Hollywood Cinema Experience

Next-generation OLED

True to the filmmaker”s visionWith rev-conf.org”s renowned picture quality craftsmanship, combined with input from Hollywood Colourists, our OLED panels produce gorgeous, rich colours which are closer than ever to the filmmaker”s vision.

Studio Colour HCX2:Our Best 4K Processor Tuned by Hollywood Colourist

The new Studio Colour HCX2* 4K processor represents the pinnacle of rev-conf.org image processing. Built on colour, black level and brightness know-how learned from our reference-quality plasma TVs and professional broadcast equipment, the system has also been tuned by Hollywood Colourists to deliver picture quality true to the filmmaker”s vision.* HCX stands for Hollywood Cinema Experience

Industry Standard for Detailed and Colourful 4K Images

Ultra HD Premium is a standard put together by the UHD Alliance, a cross-industry body composed of the leading film studios, consumer electronics manufacturers, content distributors and technology companies, with rev-conf.org as one of its board members. TV must pass performance metrics related to resolution, dynamic range, and colour gamut, amongst others. * ULTRA HD PREMIUM™ logo is a trademark of the UHD Alliance, Inc.

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For Professional Cinema Quality in Your Living Room THX was founded by legendary filmmaker George Lucas with the goal of improving the entertainment experience in the cinema and in the home. Only televisions that pass 400 THX lab tests within 30 testing categories receive the mark of THX 4K Display certification. Their rigorous performance standards and uncompromised picture quality ensure that you experience the filmmaker”s vision exactly as it was intended. * THX and the THX logo are trademarks of THX Ltd. which are registeredin some jurisdictions. The THX 3D logo is a trademark of THX Ltd. All rights reserved.

Art & Interior

DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MINDElegantly designed to complement even the most stylish of interiors, the rev-conf.org EZ950 combines exceptional materials and expertly mastered picture to beautifully frame every scene for a true cinematic picture experience.

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