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The Windows 8 operating system comes along with many small programs, known as Windows accessories, already installed and completely ready to go. Found in earlier editions of Microsoft Windows,accessories are useful tools to have around for performing easy tasks, such as calculating with Calculator, or creating a word processing document with WordPad. You can view all the Windows accessories using the Apps screen. Arranged under the heading Windows Accessories, you can find 14 different programs to choose from, every with a specific function. When you open a program from the Windows Accessories group, the program starts onto the desktop.

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CalculatorYou can use the Calculator application to do basic calculations – such as adding,subtracting, multiplying, and dividing – as well as statistical, programming, andscientific calculations. Resembling an actual calculator in appearance, theCalculator opens as a little window on the computer’s desktop. You can click or touch buttons on the calculator, or use the keyboard to enter data. You can change modes with the View menu.WordPadYou can use WordPad to make simple word processing documents on your laptop computer, such as letters, memos, or other word-based files. Included in just about each version of Microsoft Windows, WordPad now features the Ribbon interfaceintroduced with Windows 7. Although WordPad does not offer the wide range of functions found in a full-blown word processing program, it does allow you to create professional,refined documents in various file formats.NotepadNotepad is a basic text editor program, enabling you to make text-only files with no graphics or special formatting.As opposed to a word processing software which lets you save files in a variety of formats, Notepad is generally used to view oredit text (TXT) data files. Notepad is also useful for creating website pages, allowing users to enter HTML coding. Although Notepad normally saves files as TXT files, you can add the.htm extension yourself to develop a web page file.

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PaintPaint is a drawing, or graphics, program you can use to create all forms of illustrations and save them to use in other applications. Paint is also convenient for viewing and performing easy edits on photos and picture files. You can then save Paint files in other graphicsformats, such as BMP, JPEG, PNG, or GIF. Just like WordPad, Paint was released inearlier versions of the Windows operating system,and now sports the same Ribboninterface as the latest Microsoft applications.Sticky NotesYou can use the Sticky Notes application to create digital sticky notes to put on your desktop screen. Much like the yellow adhesive notes you can stick aroundyour desk or office, you can use Sticky Notes to post a reminder about a task, jot down a phone number, or make just about any type of note you want to keep around. You can drag notes around the screen, and resize,delete, and re-color them to go well with yourneeds.Snipping ToolYou can use the Windows 8 Snipping tool to get a snapshot of your computer’s display screen. Launched with Windows 7, the tool is known as a captureprogram. For instance, you may want to take a snapshot of a news story or a recipe to save for later reading. The Snipping tool takes a picture of anything on your pc screen. Youcan snip a whole window, or only a specific segment. You can then save the image toannotate it or e-mail it to a colleague.

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Windows Media PlayerWindows Media Player is a player program you can use to play video and audio data files, arrange music and video libraries, and view images. You can use Windows Media Player to listen to music CDs,rip music from a CD to your personalized library, streammusic from the Web, and much more.

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