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Pokémon: 5 Characters From The Games That Should Appear In The Anime (& Vice Versa) The Pokémon games have many characters that”d be awesome to see in the anime, and likewise, several of the anime”s characters should appear in-game.

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In the world of Pokémon, there are several characters that have played prominent roles in both the anime and the games. Misty and Brock are two examples that come to mind — they were Ash”s travel companions in the original series, but they”re also the first two gym leaders in Red, Blue, and Green (and their subsequent remakes and sequels).

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But, some characters are locked to just the anime or the games. It would be cool to see some of them in the opposite media, in whatever capacity. Here are some examples of anime-exclusive or game-only characters that would be cool to see in each others” worlds.

One of the newest main protagonists introduced in the series, Gou is a traveling companion of Ash”s and one of the main protagonists of the new series. He plans to one day catch Mew and has a goal of catching every existing Pokémon (don”t we all?). He”s originally from the Kanto region, specifically Vermilion City, and he once witnessed a Lugia fly over his hometown, meeting Ash shortly after.

Gou is a cool kid who wears streetwear and is very stylish. He travels with his loyal Raboot, but has actually caught a ton of Pokémon, second only to Ash for the most Pokémon caught across the series.

9 Game: Leaf

A fan-favorite character and a really cool lady, Leaf is the player character from FireRed and LeafGreen. Since the player could only be male in the original Red and Blue, she was introduced as the female avatar for the remakes. She has been used in other media since, often to the joy of fans, including Masters, Smash Bros., Colosseum, and Gale of Darkness.

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Although Green (appearing in Let”s Go) is technically a different character, many people consider them spiritually the same person. It would be great to see Leaf/Green make an appearance in the anime.

Ah, the main man himself. Ash Ketchum is one of the most recognizable fictional characters in anime history, if not the entire world. This perpetual 10-year-old from Pallet Town and his loyal Pikachu are the main protagonists of both the anime series and the Pokémon manga.

Somehow, rather amazingly, young Ash has never made an appearance in any of the Pokémon games, save for brief cameos in niche side-games. Of course, Red, the player character of the Generation I games and frequent reoccurring character, is based on Ash. But they”re not the same person.

7 Game: Youngster Joey

Is there any more memetic character than the beloved Youngster Joey? This young boy is known for his “top percentage Rattata,” about which he frequently tells the character after calling them.

In the Generation II games, Youngster Joey is the first trainer that you”ll battle on your adventure (save for the rival battle, of course). After defeating him, he”ll give you his PokéGear number in order to rematch him. However, he”ll call you frequently to tell you how great his Rattata is (it isn”t). The young boy has become famous in the fanbase since, and it would be amazing to see him get a cameo in the anime.

Always better than Ash, always putting him down — it”s the original rival himself, Gary Oak. This snide, boastful, sneering bully is the main antagonist of the original anime seasons. He frequently shows off how much better than Ash is, complete with cheering fans around him.

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Like Ash being based on Red from the games, Gary is loosely based on Blue. However, like Ash, Gary has never made an appearance in any of the games. To match with his personality, he could at least appear in a battle facility or be a secret boss somewhere.

5 Game: Benga

Benga is a more relatively unknown character, only making a couple of brief appearances in the games. He”s the grandson of former Unova Champion Alder and appears as the final boss of the Black Tower (in Pokémon Black 2) or the White Treehollow (in Pokémon White 2). And, what a final boss he is, with one of the most insanely overpowered teams in game history.

All of his Pokémon are level 80 and are legendaries and pseudo-legendaries This trainer is no joke, and he”ll reward you with a shiny Pokémon for your effort. He”d be super cool to see in the anime up against Ash or anyone else who thinks they could best him.

One of Ash”s traveling companions for a rather short time, Tracy once replaced Brock in the anime. He accompanied Ash, Pikachu, and Misty mainly throughout the Orange Islands arc and appeared in a couple of movies as well.

As a Pokémon Watcher, Tracy is basically a researcher who studies both wild and owned Pokémon. He now works as an assistant to Professor Oak. Since the games focus so heavily on battling and catching Pokémon, it would be cool to see a more scientific side of the Pokémon world. Tracy could represent this, joining others in-game who study Pokémon.

3 Game: Wes

One of the most interesting playable characters comes in the form of Wes, the player character from Pokémon Colosseum. He”s shrouded in a bit of mystery, without a distinct backstory or past, having been a member of the evil Team Snagem before leaving.

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He plants an explosive to destroy Snagem”s headquarters before the events of Colosseum, where he spends the game working against them. The entire Snagem arc is absent from any version of the anime, but it would make for great television. Wes is ripe for the trope character of being a mysterious shady character who came to the light.

Is there anyone from the anime so widely-beloved than the goofy members of Team Rocket? The true anti-heroes of the Pokémon series, these three have become icons in their own right and the favorites of many fans.

Of course, Team Rocket features prominently in the games, as do the Jessie, James, and Meowth trio. However, this version of them is nothing like the anime trio, basically only having their appearance and names. Meowth can”t even talk in the games. The world would be a much better place if we could have the loveable and clumsy trio from the anime that we all know and love.

1 Game: Elite 4 Members

Despite being the most powerful trainers in their region, the Elite 4 members are severely underutilized by the makers of both the anime and the games. They have some roles in the games, often helping direct the player certain places, but rarely. The only one to truly feature prominently is probably Lance in Gold and Silver and some of the members of the Alola league.

With such interesting character design, immense power and influence, and such an important role in their respective leagues, it would be great to see a bit more of the various Elite 4 members in the anime. They haven”t even all appeared in each region.

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