Springy Spores – Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze

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Don’t miss out on all the fruitiest collectibles in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, now on the Nintendo Switch — here’s how to find all the secret exits, KONG letters, and puzzle pieces in World 5: Juicy Jungle. This is where the levels get a whole lot trickier to complete, and some of these hidden collectibles can cause some serious thumb-ache trying to grab.

Like other worlds, there are two secret exits here to find, and a third bonus temple that can only be unlocked after grabbing four KONG coins from every single stage in the world — including the secret levels. The temples are worth completing too, if you finish them all, you’ll unlock a seventh world with three of the toughest levels in the game.

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All Puzzle Pieces, Secret Exits & Kong Letters | World 5: Juicy Jungle

There are four K-O-N-G letters in each stage, and a variable number of puzzle pieces. Finding all the KONG letters will unlock bonus stages in the world.

Puzzle pieces unlock additional concept art in the “Extras” menu. Puzzle pieces are often in secret areas, rewarded for completing bonus areas, or given when collecting certain bunches of bananas.

Secret Exits are special exits to levels that take you to new, completely unique levels. If you’re missing a level in the world, it’s because you need to find a secret exit.

5-1: Harvest Hazards

Puzzle Piece #1: Open the big purple fruit on the platform above the DK buddy barrel.K Letter: High up, above the two bouncy tomatoes, just to the right of the puzzle piece.Puzzle Piece #2: When you reach the row of grabber arms, wait near the last grabber — a mini-game cannon barrel will pop out. Jump inside and get all the bananas.Puzzle Piece #3: Keep moving until you see spinning bananas above a lizard carrying a tomato. Bounce off the tomato and collect all the spinning bananas.O Letter: Past the checkpoint, jump on the second platform you can control. The O Letter is pretty far down — move the platform so it falls off the track, then ride it down and jump off.Puzzle Piece #4: After riding the climbable green grass platform, look to the right. There’s a cannon barrel that will launch you into a mini-game near the top of the level.N Letter: Riding the track / platform, you’ll see this one at the end of a series of platforms that mechanically move into position. Ride all the way to the end.Puzzle Piece #5: At the next checkpoint, use the lizard / tomato enemy to bounce up into the high canopy just slightly to the right of the checkpoint. There’s a hard-to-see puzzle piece up there.Puzzle Piece #6: When you reach the first of the rotating picker machine platforms (with the purple fruit) look up to spot another puzzle piece near the top of the stage. This one is a little easier to spot.G Letter: When you need to jump across the moving platforms, get all the way to the end to find this letter.Puzzle Piece #7: Right after the G Letter, ride the big barrel platform moving in a circle. Collect all the bananas and the piece will appear.

5-2: Reckless Ride

Puzzle Piece #1: Simple. Just roll left from the level starting point.Puzzle Piece #2: When you see single bananas over a big pile of fruit near the start (under a giant peach) — collect all the single bananas!K Letter: Near the bottom of the level ahead, under a bridge. Found right before the harvest robot appears.Puzzle Piece #3: After the harvest robot leaves, three fat owls will appear. Collect all the bananas here to make the puzzle piece spawn.O Letter: When the robot returns, wait for it to attack a pipe with its claws, making it tumble over. Immediately drop down to the purple juicy floor (without touching it) and grab the O letter.Puzzle Piece #4: When you reach the area with the giant blades cutting giant fruit, collect all the banana coins and bananas.N Letter: Just past the first spiked crusher. The first one doesn’t actually crush, so you can stay up high and grab this letter before entering the second crusher.G Letter: When chasing the robot again, it will start wrecking the whole place up. Wait for a tower to topple (right after all the falling fruit) and fly underneath it.Puzzle Piece #5: The last mini-game barrel cannon is hidden inside the ruined robot at the end of the level. Jump in with a little boost from Dixie Kong, or roll / jump from the opposite platform.

5-3: Fruity Factory

Puzzle Piece #1: Under the first licking venus flytrap, there’s a trapdoor you can slap open.Puzzle Piece #2: On the conveyor belts, jump up onto the fruits being moved near the top of the level and jump left to reach a hidden mini-game door.K Letter: Between two of the butcher knives on the conveyor belt, above a burning owl enemy.Puzzle Piece #3: When you reach the giant drills, jump onto the second drill and ride it up, then hop into the hidden alcove to the left.O Letter: Grab it while jumping across the sliced fruit platforms.N Letter: Just past the stack of square watermelons when you reach the thresher escape sequence. Use the swinging fruit to grab it before running too far.Puzzle Piece #4: Past the spiked paddles, reach the platforms directly above them where a venus flytrap is patrolling. Open the purple fruit on these platforms.Secret Exit: From the same place as the previous puzzle piece, roll and jump to the hidden area at the top-right of the screen,G Letter: When jumping across the stacks of square watermelons (and dodging spiked paddles) you’ll see this letter floating above the tallest stack.Puzzle Piece #5: Appears on a sliced fruit platform at the very end of the level. While rising up toward the exit, watch the left side for a small platform to rise up.

5-4: Panicky Paddles

Puzzle Piece #1: When you find the first venus flytrap enemy, jump on its head to reach the silver metal platform above and to the right. When you land on it a banana fairy will appear. Grab all the bananas from the fairy.K Letter: Underneath the fruit grater platform.Puzzle Piece #2: Dive into the purple juice after the first checkpoint (with the shark) and collect all the bananas that are moving around, seemingly at random. Get them all to find a piece.Puzzle Piece #3: When you reach the fruit bouncing off the metal platforms path, simply drop down and go through the single platform below. It leads to a mini-game.Puzzle Piece #4: Reach the grater that moves vertically (and spins the platforms) you’ll want to dive into the juice and swim down, then left.O Letter: Past the checkpoint, under the second dispenser dropping spiked fruit.Puzzle Piece #5: When you need a bomb to break through the target door, drop into the juice and collect the four bananas at the very bottom.Puzzle Piece #6: At the bomb-throwing bad guy, drop through the trapdoor and you’ll be able to enter the mini-game door directly below him.Puzzle Piece #7: When you reach the area with six platforms and six bomb dispensers, drop into the juice below and clear the seaweed at the bottom.Puzzle Piece #8: During the cannon barrel sequence, wait when you reach a line of spinning platforms. The puzzle piece is attached to the last platform in the line.Puzzle Piece #9: Underwater (or underjuice) you’ll need to take the lower path while dodging the big spiky fruit. There’s an open passage at the bottom that leads to this puzzle piece.N Letter: On the upper path of the strong current underwater area.G Letter: While moving across the treacherous path of bouncing spike fruit and spinning platforms over a bottomless pit, you’ll need to grab the last G letter while it’s underneath the spinning platform — Dixie Kong can help, or roll / jump from the platforms to the left.

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Secret Exit: Around the end of the level, under the cannon that launches DK to the exit. Swim down and fight the current with Dixie Kong’s boost swimming ability.

5-5: Jelly Jamboree

Puzzle Piece #1: Roll into the jelly wall to your left, right at the start of the level.Puzzle Piece #2: While hopping across jelly platforms, look for a climbable green grass wall to the left of some ceiling spikes. Climb up and open the fruit.K Letter: Bouncing from the green jelly, you’ll land in a cannon barrel. Wait for the barrel to line up with the K letter.O Letter: In the next bouncing jelly sequence, find it above a blue jelly bounce pad.Puzzle Piece #3: Next to the green jelly bounce pad, defeat the fat owl to drop into the cannon barrel below him. It’ll send you to a mini-game.N Letter: At the checkpoint, bounce left to get it.Puzzle Piece #4: When you reach the purple jelly bounce pads that swap between colors, you’ll need to go from blue to green to get enough height to reach the very high platform with this puzzle piece. Found a little before another barrel cannon.Puzzle Piece #5: Right past the next checkpoint, bounce on the purple jelly pads and get all the bananas in the area. There are two sets of bananas that will appear the second you activate each bounce pad.G Letter: Easy! After jumping on two green jelly bounce pads, the last letter will simply pop out.Puzzle Piece #6: Right after that, grab something to throw and break the hanging bag.Puzzle Piece #7: While crossing the level, you’ll jump across even more pads until you land on a small platform with a purple fruit growing on the underside. Ground pound to open the fruit and get the last piece.

5-6: Frosty Fruits

Puzzle Piece #1: When you reach two tall platforms with two ice cubes, destroy the ice cubes and drop into the hole. It leads to a mini-game.K Letter: On top of a big chunk of ice, moving left and right. Use the bounce pad after sliding underneath it to get up there.Puzzle Piece #2: Pull the plug directly left of the checkpoint and collect all the bananas from the banana fairy.O Letter: Stand on the second giant popsicle and wait for it to lower.Puzzle Piece #3: Pull a vine switch to lower a giant popsicle. Before jumping forward, wait a little bit, then hop into the hidden area beneath the more obvious platform.N Letter: Floating above a fat owl in the section with the dropping ice cubes.Puzzle Piece #4: After dodging / sliding under a long hall of drills, you’ll reach a curved bridge. Drop into the barrel cannon underneath it to reach the puzzle piece.G Letter: When sliding down the ice path, you’ll reach another area with drills popping out of the ceiling. The letter is floating above the gap, right under the drills.Puzzle Piece #5: Tricky. At the end of the level, roll and jump under the level exit to reach a hidden area to the right with the final puzzle piece.

5-A: Beehive Brawl

Puzzle Piece #1: Start the level with Kranky Kong and bounce across the spikes to the left of the start of the level. Pull the vine switch and grab all the bananas that appear.K Letter: After climbing the vertical path of dripping honey, jump onto the first bouncing platform with the green climbable grass. The letter is right above this platform.Puzzle Piece #2: There’s a mini-game exit directly above the K letter. Jump from the second platform in this sequence.Puzzle Piece #3: After riding the second swinging green grass platform, jump up to more ceiling grass — then climb left and up.O Letter: To the right of the previous puzzle piece, floating above a spike pit. Use the bomb enemy to blast the venus flytrap, then roll and jump.Puzzle Piece #4: Launching from a barrel cannon, climb the green grass to your left to find a hidden mini-game door.Puzzle Piece #5: Drop down after riding the green grass carried by a bee. Right after that first sequence, there’s a hidden passage below the normal floor.N Letter: Found low during the second bee riding sequence.Puzzle Piece #6: After the third checkpoint, ride one of the large platforms covered in grass all the way to the right, and look down-right to spot a cannon barrel hidden in the trees. Jump into it and complete the little cannon challenge to get the puzzle piece.Puzzle Piece #7: Ride the upper swinging platform to the left in this same area. Pound to open the purple fruit and collect all the bananas.G Letter: Riding the platform that breaks off and bounces out-of-control, stick to the top when it finally lands near sturdy ground. Jump to the grass wall — the G is at the bottom of this wall.

5-B: Jammin’ Jams

Puzzle Piece #1: Before going under the crushers, bounce off the lizard / tomato enemy and collect all the spinning bananas.K Letter: Floating above the safe platform above the retracting floor below. Bounce off the enemy here, or the fish arrows, to reach it.Puzzle Piece #2: Jump onto the green grass growing from the right side of the first set of crushers and climb up to enter a mini-game.O Letter: Under the higher platform, in front of the spiked fruit dispenser.N Letter: You almost can’t miss it. It’s at the end of the cannon barrel sequence. Launch up onto the platform when it appears and grab this.Puzzle Piece #3: When you reach a long vine you need to climb down, jump into the opening to the right and complete the mini-game.Puzzle Piece #4: Past the next checkpoint, you’ll reach platforms with climbable grass ceilings. Get on top of the third one by bouncing off a lizard enemy, then open the purple fruit.Puzzle Piece #5: At the crushers ahead, grab a bomb from the plug under the triple crushers, then go back at throw it at the malfunctioning crusher. Destroying it will reveal a puzzle piece.G Letter: On the path to the exit. Use the conveyor of cannon barrels to grab it with the right timing.

5-K: Platform Problems

Puzzle Piece #1: Appears right before you reach the pink-ish spikes. Need to grab all the bananas to make it appear.Puzzle Piece #2: After jumping through another spike tunnel and hopping across three owls, ride the next vertical platform up, then jump far left to reach a hidden area.Puzzle Piece #3: In the area with multiple platforms moving back and forth, you’ll find this puzzle piece in an alcove to the left, in a spiked wall.Puzzle Piece #4: This one is tricky. When you reach the vertical area with four rising platforms, stick to the right side, then cross over to the left through the series of falling platforms. Bounce off the flying owls to get this piece.

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Puzzle Piece #5: Before the end, you’ll have to jump on three owls and dodge four burning-blue dangers. Grab all three banana coins here to make the last puzzle piece spawn.

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