The television LG 43UN74003LB, direct relative of LG 55UN74003, is a more restrained version of that Model to which we dedicate a Đánh Giá on our page a while ago. A screen, which while still being wide, has the same good qualities as its older sister, & that makes the LG 43UN7400 in a great proposal for those who seek to renew their television without leaving the savings of a life. Let’s see, khổng lồ begin with, in numbers what the product offers.

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Technical specifications of the LG 43UN74003LB television

Here is a summary table with all the technical details và extras of the LG 43UN7400:

Make modelLG 43UN74003LB
Size43 inches (108 cm)
ResolutionUHD 4K 3840 x 2160
HDRFilmmaker ModeHDR10HDR10 ProHLG
Aspect ratio16: 9
FrequencyTruMotion 100Hz / Dynamic PXiaoMi MI 50Hz
BacklightingDirect LED
Smart tvYes, webOS Smart TV 5.0ThinQ Artificial Intelligence SystemNatural Voice Recognition and ControlQuad core processorGoogle Assistant / Home CompatibilityHomeKitAirPlay2Web navigatorMiracast
Integrated WifiYes
BluetoothYes, 5.0
USB RecorderYes
TunersDVB-T2 / C / S2HbbTV
Soundtrăng tròn W 2.0 ch10 W Per ChannelUltra Surround
Dimensions without stvà (Height x Width x Depth)572 x 973 x 85 mm
Dimensions with st& (Height x Width x Depth)622 x 973 x 221 mm
Weight (Without / With stand)8.2 kilogam / 9 kg
VESA compatibilityYes, 200 x 200 mm
HDXiaoMI ports3 (2.0b)
USB ports2
Other connectorsOptical fiberLanRF x 2
CI + IntegratedYes, 1.4
Energy ClassCategory A +++ (70 W)Annual energy consumption 97 kWh
Contents / Accessoriesnguồn cablesRemote controlInstallation guide

The reference 43UN74003LB of LG It is an advanced television circumscribed within the base-medium range of the manufacturer’s catalog. A model that brings together good performance in a simple và effective design.

The LG 43UN7400 it is aesthetically thin, but it is far from the finesse of the models Slyên ổn high-kết thúc. Its style is sober, embedding the panel in a dark tone chassis, which does nothing to lớn disguise the TV frames.

Going into details

The TV settles with a practice base that supports the screen from the center with a curved open base. If desired, you can bởi without this accessory và hang the TV on the wall, using a compatible bracket VESA 200 x 200. The screen has a manageable weight, around the 9 kg, và a kích thước that advises placement between two people: 57.2 x 97.3 x 8.5 cm.


Number of ports & wireless connectivity

The LG 43UN74003LB It has multiple connectivity options. To the good wireless possibilities, made up of Wi-Fi 802.11 & the Công nghệ Bluetooth 5.0, they are accompanied by a couple of ports USB, & three HDMI 2.0b.

LG 43UN74003LB image quality and functions in general

The technology that brings the television lớn life LG 43UN74003LB It represents a set of the improvements achieved by the industry in the most recent times. Quality is guaranteed in this Mã Sản Phẩm when displaying the contents. The TV has a panel Led, with a diagonal of 43 inches and 4K resolution. It also has good viewing angles, up to lớn 178º, and a high frequency TruMotion 100 Hz. Together, the promise is a realistic experience, with great rich detail and vivid colors.


All nội dung in amazing clarity

Lovers of good cinema will find in this screen mã sản phẩm the best weapon with Filmmaker Mode. A system that brings the nội dung closer lớn the authentic cinematic experienceby showing them as designed by the movie makers.

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Movies with true cinematic effect

Its excellent imaging characteristics are complemented by sound to match. Designed to lớn provide more immersive entertainment, the TV features audio Ultra Surround. This system is capable of reproducing sound from multiple virtual channels, getting viewers lớn fully immerse themselves in the action.

Quad-core system that improves everything

He hardware TV works tirelessly khổng lồ provide the best user experience. The giải pháp công nghệ of LG 43UN74003LB, whose base is a processor Quad Core, takes care of reduce noise, improve sharpness or increase resolution of non-UltraHD images khổng lồ bring them closer to quality 4K.


The smart trang chính hub

As TV adapted to lớn standard HDR, the screen optimizes all scenes, filling them with details and much richer colors. Not only includes HDR10 & HLG, if not that it takes an extra step, by incorporating the HDR10 Pro, which elevates display enhancements. In case all this is not enough, the công nghệ of scene-by-scene dynamic adjustment of LG.

SmartTV & other notable functions of the LG 43UN74003LB

Finally we come to lớn a fundamental section these days for any television, its operating system. With the LG 43UN7400 we can enjoy a Smart tv that nothing has lớn envy other much more expensive models of the brand. That’s because it includes the same, and lachạy thử, version of webOS Smart TV, the exclusive software of the company. With the update 5.0, the Asian firm provides us with a much more quick, reliable and safe.


Lachạy thử version of webOS makes TV smarter than ever

Integrates the lathử nghiệm versions of entertainment applications & streaming, to lớn enjoy hours & hours of nội dung. It also incorporates the Artificial Intelligence LG ThinQ, with which khổng lồ control all household devices. And of course, it is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. The television offers us, therefore, all the advances in terms of driving & management, in addition to presenting simple và intuitive.

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Conclusions, availability & price of the LG 43UN7400

Choose the TV LG 43UN74003LB It is a smart decision, as it does not offer all the benefits of a modern sản phẩm at a really affordable price. Your design may not be the ultimate, however, the important thing is within the limits of your frame. high resolution, functionality very good, amount of Applications and contents at our disposal. All with technology to the last.

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