Missing Rsat Tools After Windows 10 Upgrade, (Error 0X80070005, Access Denied)


RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) for Windows 10 64bit (WindowsTH-KB2693643-x64.msu) installs without any errors but is nowhere to be found on a system. The only indication that something went wrong is the fact that installation completes in couple of seconds. Normally RSAT takes much longer to install. 


Windows Update Standalone InstallerUpdate for Windows (KB2693643)


It seems that at this time, in order to install RSAT you must have US English Language Pack on your system (I”m sure Microsoft will fix this at some point). Obviously, if your Windows version is EN-US already, this doesn”t apply as you already have US language pack.

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In my case Windows version was EN-GB. To install the US language pack:

Start > Settings > Time & Language > Region & LanguageClick on Add a language and add English (United States) Under English (United States) you should see “Language pack available” (if you don”t see this, check Note at the bottom of this article)


Click on Options and on the next page you will see an option to download and install the Language PackRestart Computer if prompted

Another way to install a Language Pack is via Control Panel > Language > Add a languageOptions

After installing the US English language pack, try running RSAT installer again. This time it should take much longer and your tools should appear in the Start Menu.


You can disable not required tools via Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows Features on or off


Note: On some system they may be no option to install a Language Pack.

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In this case you will need to install the Language Pack manually. Check this article for instructions.

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