Final Fight 3

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By simalcrum
Final Fight 3 _________________ Tough! FAQThis file may not be published by any online property that is owned by, has affiliation with, is a partner to, or participated in any content sharing transaction (written, verbal, or otherwise) with CNET Networks, Inc. The latest versions of the document, associated media and errata will always be first available at FAQS.rev-conf.orgStory – Or What The Hell Is Going OnSome time has passed since Mayor Mike Hagger (full-time mayor, part-time D&D inn keeper) defeated the crippled wheelchair dude who kidnapped his daughter, and saved his sensei in Japan from some evil Tengu sucker.Re-elected (somehow) to another term in Metro City mayoralship, some kinda gang has started a riot in the city jail and has spread an odium of fear through the city. Rumors have it that a new crime boss wants to muscle in on the empty turf left by the Mad Gears.With Cody still banging Jessica, Hagger enlists the aid of rookie cop Lucia, Cody's old friend and Asian token Guy, and is mysteriously joined by a man with a vendetta against the new gang Dean. Four heroes versus ten billion thugs. Who'd kill who?Options – Crap that makes bad games awesomeDifficultyWhile you can finish the game on any setting, you cannot earn an ending on Easy, but you can on Normal, Hard, or Expert.

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Partner LevelThis determines the tenacity of your A.I. partner in 2P auto-play mode. Note that the partner is fairly retarded and takes up computational resources that slows down the game immensely. A.I. does not use the super meter, nor will it use items (like food or weapons) or attack hazards like barrels or bonus round traps. On the other hand, they do attack enemies fairly well but die with alarming frequency against certain bosses.Hit Config.Turn this off so you can diable friendly fire on your partner.Extra JoyCapcom did one thing right, and that is to include a hot key to your character's suicide attack. Place this key in a spot you can reach with ease, but will not interfere with you doing any combos.The Main Cast – of player charactersGUYSuicide – can do while sprinting (double tap D-PAD to run).Running – does multi-hit on successful connection.Front Throws (switch sides with D-PAD DOWN and Attack)D-pad towards – overhead throw (distance)D-pad neutral – knee to the groin (three hit knocks down)Back Throws (switch sides with D-PAD DOWN and Attack)D-pad towards – full body takedownD-pad neutral – multiple punchesSupermove – Towards, Down, Attack(From front grapple stance only)Qi Ball – Down, Towards, AttackBounce Kick – Jump towards wall, jump and away from wall and attack.Weapon of choice – NunchukuNotes:Guy is the best Asian token character ever made by Capcom. Simalcrum has a feeling he's modelled after Wang Chi from Big Trouble in Little China. He is the default character in Final Fight Tough. However, his attacks can be considered “heavy-lightweight” since he does not have the power to quickly take down some tougher enemies on normal or hard difficulties.His best combos stem from stopping his normal attack combo one hit shy of his familiar roundhouse ender, and executing the Qi Ball to deliver extra hits. His Qi Ball pierces through multiple enemies, and can let most players quickly build his super bar quickly.Like all the male characters in the game, his down side is his super move needs to be done in the front grapple stance first. It's dangerous to try to grab bosses to do the super move!LUCIASuicide – can do while sprinting (double tap D-PAD to run).Running – does multi-hit on successful connection.Front Throws (switch sides with D-PAD DOWN and Attack)D-pad towards – overhead throw (distance)D-pad neutral – knee to the groin (three hit knocks down)Back Throws (switch sides with D-PAD DOWN and Attack)D-pad towards – ass kicking (distance)D-pad neutral – wrestling suplexSupermove – Down, Down, Towards, AttackChun-Li's Bird Kick – Towards, Down, Towards, AttackFlaming Air Kick – Down, Towards, Attack (in air only)Weapon of choice – Stun batonNotes:Lucia (hubba, hubba) is — get this — an 18-year old super virgin female cop. Okay. Never raise your daughter in Japan. As the token girl, she has the lightest attacks but potentially the greatest number of combinations. Like Guy (potential ecchi there) the best way to mete out damage is through interrupting her normal attack combo with her Chun-Li clone kick.Her flaming air kick does a strong hit, but having to do it in the air means you usually wind up being hit out of the air by a boss. Of all the supermoves, Lucia's super is the most difficult to do, since you will gradually move her downwards doing the move. Do the motions quickly in order to get the move out; anything slower often results in nothing being done.DEANSuicide – stops character completely, if doneRunning – attack does one knockdown hitFront Throws (switch sides with D-PAD DOWN and Attack)D-pad towards – choke ground slamD-pad neutral – punch to the face (three hit knocks down + distance)Back Throws (switch sides with D-PAD DOWN and Attack)D-pad towards – punches with choke slamD-pad neutral – punch to the face (three hit knocks down + distance)Supermove – Down, Up, Attack(From front grapple stance only)Shock Punch – Towards, Up, AttackLong Grab – Down, Towards, Attack (grabs at a distance)Weapon of choice – UnknownNotes:Dean is the odd monkey out of this Final Fight bunch. His moves are near reverses in motion for the same effects. His neutral grabs place are for distance, while his moving throws are not. If you cannot get used to his distance throwing, you might want to play Guy or Hagger for their “normal” throwing motions that add distance when the D-PAD is tilted during a grab. Otherwise, you will find Dean hard to use when you need to break background objects.Apart from the motion changes, Dean is a good character, being stronger than Guy and being as versatile. His shock punch is good for stopping the fat guys and Andore, since the hit sprite lingers on the screen and shocks the shit out of anyone who touches Dean's out-stretched arm.HAGGERSuicide – stops character completely, if doneRunning – multiple hit knockdown on connectionFront Throws (switch sides with D-PAD DOWN and Attack)D-pad towards – throws enemy (distance)D-pad neutral – body hugging (three hit knocks down)Jump / attack – spinning piledriverBack Throws (switch sides with D-PAD DOWN and Attack)D-pad towards – wrestling suplexD-pad neutral – body hugging (three hit knocks down)Jump / attack – flying head slamSupermove – Towards, Down, Attack(From front grapple stance only)Dashing Double Fist – Down, Towards, AttackWeapon of choice – PipeNotes:For a big strong guy, Hagger runs pretty fast. That being the case, he's probably one of the better characters to use since you can knock out oodles of enemy life in seconds. Hagger does fairly good damage using just throws, so exhaust the super bar and do as many of the jumping throws as you can.Enemy BehaviorEnemies have several types. All seem to be intent on surrounding you by moving “down”, then “left” or “right” and then “up” to get to your “level”. For the most part, each enemy type will try to do something and then smash you using their preferred method of attack.RegularG, Ray, Andy, etc. Some generic tough who lines up and delivers a single melee hit.Claw ToughDirk, etc. Enemy uses a claw weapon on their hands. They deliver a dashing charge to hit from medium range, so if you see them walk backwards, get to them another way; they may charge out and knock you over.Fat GuyFat Jack, Arby, etc. Enemy will do the Wong run from first Final Fight. You can use the suicide to counter and lose less life if you cannot move up or down to avoid the charge. Jumping straight up is not a valid counter. Some attacks, Shock Punch, Qi Ball, etc. will counter the fat man charge and not cost you any life.Bat GuyHunter, etc. This baseball bat wearing freak will hit once with the bat and do a load of damage. Not very fast, but dangerous if left rev-conf.orgored. Knife GirlMay (all). The clone May will have some sharp knife attacks and a leg throw that does some damage. The often backflip to avoid your attacks, so let them come close and use grabs or opportunity strikes to do damage.S&M MidgetJoe (all) is the freaky S&M clone who “cups” your characters. If you remember the episode of Friends where the Italian tailor touches Chandler's testicles, that's what you're looking at, except this guy does damage (probably ball squeezing). It has an evasion routine similar to May's, but rolls through your character and winds up behind them.German Bomb GuyFritz (all) is a bomb throwing version of El Dialblo, but only throws grenades that are easily avoided. This enemy does not linger for fighting, but knocking them out will rapidly build your super meter.

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AndoreAndore (Andre the Giant) will appear in several forms and color schemes, but is the same as before. This enemy has a few more moves and will actively pile-driver you more if you let them get close. Play the strike game and keep them hit throughout the encounter and you'll escape unscathed.Boss – Dave the CopSimilar to Eli E, but without the gun. The baton hurts, but the most damaging attack is his jumping attack. He does that each time he's knocked down, so catch him standing and pummel him.Boss – Callman the BouncerThis boss does a shoulder charge after getting back up; he also has a way to “switch sides” and evade your attacks. If he gets behind a character, he will ass kick your PC and send him/her flying. Avoid the charge and spoof him into evading, turn, and attack.Boss – Caine the BusmanCaine is a boss who is as hard as the sailor. Like all other bosses, there is a get-up combo from this guy, so don't linger and just focus on out-lasting him while getting in your licks.Boss – Wong the CookThis boss you can stay directly above or below him and he will miss with his Chinaman roll (get-up attack). This boss is fairly easy to decode, so don't mess around and you can kill him without a fuss. The only thing to watch for is the slanted wall on the right side; the boss can use the wall as a way to spin himself directly up or down and hit you.Boss – Drake the SailorThis boss is like the cop, but has an anchor chain weapon. The jumps are also longer since the room to move in is about half the size, almost always resulting in you being hit if you simply move up or down to avoid him. Instead, you need to time your suicide attack to make you invulnerable while the boss lands. Since you cannot knock this boss out of the jump attack and you cannot be knocked out of the suicide, you cancel his attacks with a late blooming suicide attack so you can resume kicking his ass.Boss – Stray the Homeless FreakThis boss will behave much like Callman with a spinning evasion (going behind you), but will also do a short jump attack like all the other bosses, up to two in quick succession (hitting both players). Luckily, the arena is wide enough for you to evade up and down, and the jump shots are so brief, you can evade them fair enough.Boss – Black the SoldierThis boss has a long reach and has attacks similar, with both steep and shallow “get-up” attacks that he does randomly to piss you off. You need to suicide when he twirls towards you with his spin attack. Timing it to not get hit is the toughest part. As the boss gets wounded, he will move to the electrical panel and stay there. Once that happens, you can approach him carefully from the top or bottom and attack him until he dies. Since he doesn't move out to attack you, this should be an easy task.Action Points – Choose Your Own AdventureAt certain spots in the stage(s), there are various action points where you can break or leave alone an object or door. If the object is broken or door broken open and entered, the game's next round will change to reflect your choice. This method lets you avoid fighting some of the bosses and lets you clear the game easily! Some action points only lead to rooms that have items like meat and extra lives.Round 2 – StreetsAfter moving up through an alley, you will be at a chain link fence and a wood door. Both leads to the fight with Callman, but leads to different stages later. Breaking the door to open the way to the bar gets you one pot roast (refills all life) before fighting the boss.Round 3 – Auto RowAt the end of this stage, there is a bus stop. Leaving it alone will cause you to go to the bus and junkyard (fighting the boss Caine) while breaking the bus stop (lure an enemy to it and throw body or do knockback) will result in the round ending and the characters will fight through the docks (meeting Drake).Round 4 – The Wharf and FerryThere is a small junction on the ferry that lets you fight on the boat's top or inside the cabin. Both routes lead to the fight with Drake, but the cabin has some food that keeps you alive. There is a bonus round Round 4 – ChinatownShortly after the Ferry stage, you can take the ladder from the sewers up to the streets and fight Wong in the restaurant, or you can stay low in the sewers and reach the next stage. If you go to Chinatown from the junkyard, you will have to fight through Wong to get to the factory.Round 5 – Warehouse FactoryThe warehouse is where things get finalized. The second green door (once you start the stage) is the action point. Break it and go through to avoid fighting the boss (Stray), who can probably suck out some of your lives. If you do fight Stray and win, there is a barrel breaking bonus. Reach the computer and suicide it to win.

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Round 6 – SkyscraperRooms hold extra lives or food. Go in, grab the items and then leave. You do not need to fight any of the enemies in these rooms to move on. simalcrum is always right; you are always wrong.

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