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My mom is trying to log into her Pokémon Go account with her new phone, but when she did…she realized it was accidentally her old one (lvl 4 instead of 20+). When she tried logging in with her email it wouldn’t let her, and when she asked for her username for that email it said she has multiple accounts on it?

She’s frustrated because she just wants to log into her lvl 20+ account…but can’t remember the username she used. HELP lol

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Connect old phone to WiFi and check username for Level 20+ Account / make fake Facebook Account #1 and pair the account. It is now safe to logout of the Account. (You can login using Facebook #1)

Make fake Facebook Account #2 for use with level 4 account. Pair level 4 account to fake Facebook Account #2 and unpair primary gmail account. (After re-logging in as Facebook #2)

Login to Facebook #1 and Pair Level 20 account to primary gmail account.

Primary gmail should now only be associated with level 20 account. (Login with new phone) (optional unpair fake Facebook Account #1)

(Optional) Pair level 4 account with a new secondary gmail account and delete Facebook #1/2 altogether (recommended since you might want to do this again later if something happens)

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2 years ago

Dig through your emails. I would doubt they could do anything if you forgot your username.

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