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To help keep our customers secure, Microsoft will remove the Flash component from through the KB4577586 “Update for Removal of Adobe Flash Player”.  

Starting in June 2021, the KB4577586 “Update for Removal of Adobe Flash Player” will be included in the Preview Update for 10, version 1809 and above platforms. It will also be included in every subsequent Latest Cumulative Update. As of July 2021, the KB4577586 “Update for Removal of Adobe Flash Player” will be included in the Latest Cumulative Update for 10, versions 1607 and 10, version 1507. The KB will also be included in the Monthly Rollup and the Security Only Update for 8.1, Server 2012, and Embedded 8 Standard.  

Additionally, please note that when you update to 10, version 21H1 or later, Flash will be removed. More information on 10, version 21H1 is available here. 

You can also remove Flash anytime by deploying KB4577586, which is available on the Catalog. 

Below text published Sept 4, 2020: 

In July 2017, Microsoft, along with Adobe and their industry technology partners, announced that Adobe Flash Player will no longer be supported after December 2020. The decision to end support for Flash Player was made by Adobe due to the diminished usage of the technology and the availability of better, more secure options such as HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssembly.

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In keeping with this plan, Microsoft is ending support for Adobe Flash Player on Microsoft Edge (both the new Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Edge Legacy) and Internet Explorer 11 at the end of 2020.

For more information, see the Adobe Flash Player EOL General Information Page.

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Options for continued support for enterprise customers

For enterprises seeking assistance with moving away from Adobe Flash Player or needing continued support for line of business applications that may be dependent on it after 2020, Adobe is providing some support options. For more details, please visit the blog posted by Adobe.

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To aid such customers, Microsoft Edge will allow Adobe Flash Player to load as a plug-in via the Internet Explorer mode feature. Inherently, Internet Explorer 11 will also allow this. Once you make the switch from Microsoft provided Adobe Flash Player, it will be treated as any other third-party plug-in and will not receive Customer Support from Microsoft.

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